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Easy Way To Get Good Female Plants

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Adam, Sep 1, 2006.


    Adam Active Member

    I just got two White Rhino seeds and I want to know the best possible way to increase my chance of getting a female plant ?

    skunkushybrid New Member

    The only way I know of increasing the chances of getting a female plant is to neutralise the soil. Get a ph tester and some organic growth promoter from a local grow shop. You should mix the ogp with the water, follow directions on bottle carefully. Use ph to test the water, the water will change colour, use the chart to make sure the colour of the water matches the colour relating to the ph 6.5. Males prefer a more acidic soil.

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Well, one thing NOT to do is restrict the downward growth of the tap root. Seeds put out one main root, and it goes down faster than the stem goes up.

    If you don't give it enough soil to grow downward, like at least 6 inches, it will think that it is growing in crowded conditions, and might become male. In crowded growing, fewer females are needed.

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    Adam Active Member

    thanks for the info, I dont think I would even try growin with out your help.
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he is a sharp mofo. :mrgreen:

    hardroc New Member

    in the veg stage, more humidity, helps alot, and alot of nitrogen, best advise I can give ya

    ElectricPineapple Well-Known Member

    i just heard this from an old timer grower, but he said he knows a way to guarantee always female plants from seeds. he flowers one plant at a time, doesnt clone always from seed. he says the trick is right before you flower, instead of leaving them in darkness for 12 hours when you switch to 12/12 lighting, leave them in darkness for 48 hours. i dont know how this makes them all female but he says he does this and has never gotten a male. he starts to flower when the third tier of fan leaves come out. i havent tried this method out, just relaying the information. im going to do it with the 7 plants i have vegging right now and see how they do. they are all non feminized seeds haha.


    univativegrower Member

    I've heard that more light at early stages creates more males. Using a 16 hour instead of 18 hour light period could help increase the chance of the seeds being female. Also, as mentioned before, high humidity helps.

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    I would like to think this was possible, but I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it would be a widely known fact by now, and would damn near put the 'feminized seed industry' out of business, if it worked. Keep us posted. :)

    Potroast has the best suggestion, as I've read that many times before. Time to dig up some nice deep pots, and keep your fingers crossed. :wink:

    ElectricPineapple Well-Known Member

    ya like i said i just heard it from an old timer thats been growing for quite some time. he said he uses this method on a single plant for personal use and he has never gotten a male. im going to try this method, mostly because i cant see much harm in why not trying it, and see how i do. right now i have 7 vegging plant about a week and a half in and i just set up my 600w Mh conversion bulb in my digital balast that came in today. but i will post the results i get from this method

    MrSoloDolo Active Member

    In the Grow Bible by Jorge Cervantes, it is also recommended to leave the plants in a 36 hour period of darkness just before inducing flowering. "This heavy dose of darkness sends plants an unmistakable signal to flower sooner"

    He doesn't say anything about the 36 hours effecting the sex though.

    MeJuana Well-Known Member

    Just because you can trip up a male plant to be a female, doesn't mean you should. :)

    Courtesy of: 4marijuanaseeds


    In the cell core of a marijuana plant are 10 couples of chromosomes present. One of these couples will determine if the plant will be a male or a female. When the plant has two X-chromosomes it will be a female and if it has an X and Y-chromosome then it will be a male. The sex of the plant will be determined at the moment of fertilization. On this moment the female chromosomes will link with the chromosomes of the male. If the male chromosome that determines the sex of the plant is an X-chromosome then the plant will be a female and otherwise it will be a male. But the development of the plant is not completely determined by the presence of X and Y chromosomes. Also outsides circumstances can have an influence on this and because of these external circumstances a female plant can bloom like a male and visa versa.
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    jokou Member

    hey, I was just wondering how that turned out for you, Thanks.

    bbr642000 Member

    ive read that apsprin like bayer increases your odds of female plants.

    Purplekrunchie Well-Known Member

    You can't change a male seed into a female seed, they are what they are.
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    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    More room,
    more freedom,
    more the plant is at peace with itself,
    and more happy it will be to serve you in the end.

    chrono Active Member

    Hold on, i thought if you pick up a seed, jump up and down for 30 secs, do 4 continuous cartwheels, then spin 4 times counter-clockwise and quickly insert the seed into your anus leaving it there till the following morning 100% guarantees its female ??? is this not correct ???


    Purplekrunchie Well-Known Member

    Well I haven't tried that method yet, so until I do, I guess I can't discredit it.

    tafbang Well-Known Member

    not entirely true.. my homie smellytreez on this forum doing 12/12 straight from seed and in a party cup and got 3/3 females. old thread but just saying...

    thexception Well-Known Member

    Hi, let me preface this with not only am I a newbie to this forum, I am a NEWBIE period to growing, so having said that...when I read this post, I recalled reading something in my beloved growers bible indoor/outdoor by cervantes about growing more females. Sure enough, I quickly found it. I would think cervantes knows what he is talking about (I have been greatly impressed by the book) and I believe too, in fact the plants sex is not predetermined at just the presence of a seed (my opinion, based on this book & the knowledge of have accumulated thus far).

    The book says, environmental factors start influencing sex the moment the seedling has 3 pairs of true leaves (not counting cotyledons). So this jives with what the old man said. Couldn't find readily, anything about the dark period prior, but really seem to recall reading that as well, as another poster had mentioned cervantes said.

    So the influences after the 3 pairs are present, that I will try among those included to increase the odds of a female plant are: lower temps/higher humidity, more nitrogen & less potassium first 2 wks., more blue light, and fewer daylight hours 14 opposed to 18.

    This thread just caught my eye, & I thought I would chime in, because usually the old timers REALLY are the ones that know their stuff and every once in awhile if you are lucky, they share some of life's "gems of wisdom".

    Anyway, I am just trying to get something going from bag seed right now, for the 2nd time. 1st time around, germed 3, one root was like 2 inches long before I planted it (like grew overnight) the other 2 barely out of shell. Well that long rooted one popped up like nothing, grew like crazy, THEN reailized what stretching was, etc. So what I thought was my SUPER baby boy, was on its way to death stretching itself to a pitful thin nothing trying to reach my weak light that was WAY to far away. Then when I figured it out, I moved it closer (too close for that type light -grow-lux grow light), & burned his ass to death the rest of the way. Other 2 never came out of the soil. TRIED with grow light, just to start since was just testing it out, & have a low starting budget, know now I cannot even use that & will get some cheap CFL's to grow my few little plants this next time.:-P

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