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Eagle 20 vs. Powdery Mildew: Day One

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by davidmoore, Feb 26, 2010.


    davidmoore Member

    I have some beautiful ladies growing on week 5 of the flower cycle. Ive tried everything from Baking Soda and Water (Dont laugh), Serenade, Sulfer and now on to Eagle20.

    The retail vendor praised it however colleagues deny its results.

    Will my plants wither and die if I use Eagle20?

    I used 1/4 of a Tablespoon of Eagle20 in 1 Gallon of water applied by a spray tank with a wand.

    Does anyone have experience with Eagle 20 or extreme powdery mildew?

    I just applied to my plants. We will see how they are when they wake up in the morning.

    davidmoore Member

    There still seems to be some powdery mildew still showing. Im going to wait a few days to see if it disappears and apply more eagle 20. So far so good.

    I dont see any plant damage. '


    Quemado Member

    How did your plants do with the Eagle after the second ap.

    davidmoore Member

    Fantastic. No more powdery Mildew. My crop is done and dried and great! I suggest anyone use it should you have a bad breakout. On my next crop I bought a bigger dehumidifier, I use Dr. Doorite to prevent and I use a sulfur burner once every two weeks to prevent. So far so good.
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    Quemado Member

    I did one ap yesterday before lights out. Does it only need one application? If not when should the next ap be applied. I need a dehumidifier my rh is waaay to high. Any recommendations on that?

    phyzix Well-Known Member

    I spray liberally with 10:1 water:milk solution every two weeks for PM, cheap and works well enough. Seems I'm on a tighter budget than you though.

    usinwatts Member

    I agree with phyzix 1part milk 9parts water works good
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    davidmoore Member

    Dont apply the Eagle 20 in the same week. Wait for another week or so and see how bad you PM breakout is. In terms of a dehumidifier, make sure you get one that allows you to adjust the desired humidity. For example don't get one from Target that just has on and off. Get one online that has a digital control panel so you can set the desired amount to say ....60% or 50% or whatever you want.

    davidmoore Member

    Milk and water work great when you have a few plants that might have it. Unfortunately when you have a massive crop with a major breakout, milk doesn't do a crop good.

    Elove11 Well-Known Member

    milk and water haw..it almost looks like dust right?
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    Milk and water just raises the pH, high pH environments are
    inhosipitable towards mildews and fungus-a-mungus.

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    bro you hit your weed with eagle with less than 21 days of flower left?? Eagle has a 21 day residual.. its in there for 21 days... its a systemic pesticide kills the pm from within the plant

    adidasks8 Member

    Please clarify, so the Eagle 20 killed the existing PM or did it keep it from spreading?

    Do you still use it preventatively?

    ogreballerina Well-Known Member

    High PH water alone will kill PM....all I ever used for PM was hight PH water I bought from a organic food store...50 cents a gallon.

    PH at 8.4 will kill PM...

    No damage to plant or buds..

    Don't use use PH Up or any other Ph adjuster unless you can filter it...

    The water I can get comes in any PH and is filtered...

    Also lower the RH and increase air movement...

    adidasks8 Member


    davidmoore Member

    I now use E20 as a dip before transferring from veg to flower. I also use it as a foliage spray mixed with some Maxi-crop after week three of flowering. This usually stops it from reforming until about week 7 or 8 of flower. At this point I will spot spray and remove leaves that have it. I must mention I also use dehumidifiers to keep the RH even. Fluctuation of RH usually leads to PM growth.

    To clarify, it killed the existing PM and it kept it from spreading.


    meaTLOaf420 Member

    DM please for your safetey and for the safetey of people smoking your herb... DON'T use eagle 20 in flower at all!!!! Maybe a week or two before the flip but not after. Pure poison!

    Also you should treat like this and it WON'T come back(but you need to do some hella cleaning to remove spores)-

    Treat Rooted clones that are already planted in media. Wait three weeks and treat again. Treat all plants at same time even if no pm showing. If done this way you won't see it again.

    I still do treat clones after planting anyways so it doesn't creep back up on me In flower

    Victom Active Member

    so if it killed the existing PM and kept it from spreading,systematically.

    why do you have the need to keep using eagle20,and why does it come back around week 7/8?

    are your mothers not systematically cured?

    Lit_Reflex Member

    Eagle20 may seem really cool and all until you try spraying it on cannabis grown for the market in Colorado and you find yourself in a situation where your plants wind up quarantined and your reputation is shot.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2016

    kenya123 Well-Known Member

    if you used eagle 20 at week 5 of flower throw the buds out!im not joking!eagle 20 is not to be used in flower ever,ever....it can harm you

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