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The Green Rush debunked

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by atriumfall1, May 24, 2017.


    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    Why should my right to enjoy a gin and tonic, or a few tokes, at the end of the day, in my own home, be denied?

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    It's not, just don't invite any cops over. Who the hell's keeping you from smoking dope in your home? My issue was with the government being involved for the sole REAL purpose of squeezing tax money out of people. Wasn't anybody making them enforce existing laws if they thought it was a waste of resources. That was not the motivation, getting that sweet sweet tax money was.

    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    I'm hearing from my DC friends that the DoJ is gearing up to fight legalization initiatives in Cali and Mass. I'm not tyring to derail the thread into political disagreements, but just stating the chatter I hear from people in the know.

    Does anyone have any info from the ground in Cali or Mass? Will they open up to rec sales in 2018? What legal challenges have been presented in either of those states?

    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    I get mad at the loser who appointed Jeff Secessions.
    SuperHI TnT

    SuperHI TnT Well-Known Member

    So getting elected president is your definition of losing? Bwahaha

    Dutchieman420 Well-Known Member

    Yes Cali, we aren't sweating, cops still don't really care, and our medical right remain very very strong. We will never stop trust that. I oversee hundreds of pounds ayear don't trip

    Dutchieman420 Well-Known Member

    Some growers here don't mind Jeff sessions because moreinforcement makes prices go up I the legal medical world which from this end is good for everyone except non industry smokers but they alllive in the cities and make more money. I personally want it
    Legal 100% because I make my money growing and trimming large amounts which never really goes away

    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    A scumbag who grabs women by the pussies and brags about it is a loser regardless of how many elected offices they steal.

    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    That's a complete difference in the South where simple possession could potentially get some one a life sentence in prison. Cops are super vigilant too. Just about everyone who gets pulled over and stopped by local or state troopers will get their cars searched. They were nearly taking a car apart on the side of the interstate yesterday afternoon, and the two passengers and driver looked like they were in their upper 70s. Cops here don't fuck around, they're the equivalent to a gang. A bunch of jackbooted thugs out to ruin people's lives. America's great, ain't it!
    SuperHI TnT

    SuperHI TnT Well-Known Member

    I agree with you on the jack-booted thugs down here in Florida but I don't agree with you calling men who grab women by the pussies and then brag about it losers because I do that. I love grabbing women by the pussy. In fact it is truly one of my favorite pass times. Talking about the pussies I've already grabbed is probably my second favorite pass time. Don't you just love pussy and grabbing pussy. I'm with Trump on that one honestly. I really can't help it either because I actually have a set of glands that produces a hormone which makes pussies irresistible to grab.
    SuperHI TnT

    SuperHI TnT Well-Known Member

    What kind of a man doesn't like grabbing pussy? What kind of a man doesn't feel the urge to grab a pussy every now and then? What kind of a person doesn't get the urge to grab the opposite sex by the genitals? Women goose men all the time. They like to see what a guy is working with sometimes. I don't see anything wrong with men grabbing pussies and women grabbing dicks and balls...it's natural if you ask me

    LowRider97 Well-Known Member

    To bad Cali priced themselves out of a legal market. Black market is going to florish.

    atriumfall1 Member

    I have to disagree, I believe based on my research and observation that both markets will fail miserably. The fact is this last year almost 13 million pounds were estimated to be cultivated. However, only around 2.1 million pounds were consumed in California (est). The fact is going by those numbers they estimate that nearly 4 to 5 million Californians currently have Medical Recommendations (once again these numbers are not verifiable). The problem for Californias market on either side is that Medical is not currently taxed and neither will it be after January 1, 2018. Where are these additional smokers coming from? Even if the prices rise as we are currently seeing in the very few who are designing store fronts that model the Gap. The price of weed is never going back up. The dispensaries in most parts of the State have stopped buying grey market weed. To those who still do they are low balling truly Top Shelf cannabis down to what ive heard to be around 1400-1600 a pound. Cannabis Bench Mark seems to confirm this number. Green house and Outdoor is reveling in the fears that most dispensaries have which has brought an other wise stable market to a free for all. Ive seen Craigslist postings where dudes are marketing Units of top shelf for 900 bucks because they have a lot of it and no one is buying.
    The fact is the statement that says "The Black Market will Flourish" was the same statement made after the end of Alcohol Prohibition. Moonshiners however did not make their way to this mecca. The fact is the Cartels producing lower and lower quality weed will drop the prices down to bare prices (Mark my words we will see 1 dollar a gram wholesale) schwag flooding California. The problem wont be the taxes which could rise as much as 45%. The problem will be that people mostly the Growers whom have made a decent living on their small grows are now being pushed out by a confusing over regulated and completely idiotic good ol boys club of big business getting all the licenses in local jurisdictions. Leaving the small grower "the Boutique" stuff in the dust.
    So, to wrap it up the fact is I believe the market will flat line by March. Just as it did in Colorado. The only difference will be that the Colorado market prices went back up some. California will not. As long as it remains federally illegal without the ability for growers to export, the black market and the regular market are both strangled by one simple rule of economics. Demand

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