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DWC vs EBB & FLOW? pros/cons?

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by twiztidserkilla, Apr 10, 2009.


    twiztidserkilla Well-Known Member

    Hey. lookin to get good feedback on the pros/cons of EBB and DWC systems? i have the parts to make either one and want to start making it tomorrow.

    Basically wondering.. Which yeilds more? Which grows faster? Which is easier? which is more dependable?... and any other gripes or rants you have about either setup.

    Would love to hear ffrom people who have used both setups... Thanks for all of your help!
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    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Rollitup

    I had this very debate with myself several months back, while it was more expensive on the short term, i settled on ebb and flow for several reasons;
    -by not having the roots submerged 24/7 they will be healthier and less prone to rot.
    -Its much more convienient to have a reservoir seperate from your plants when changing water/cleaning it.
    -the experts generally agree that active hydro will out-yield passive hydro, and my growing hero Al B Fuct grows ebb and flow.
    -its much easier to do a perpetual harvest sea of green (in my opinion) with flood tables

    I'm definitely happy with my choice and would reccomend it to anyone.
    I take plants straight from my aerocloner into the tables under 1000w hps @ 12/12
    They flood 3 times per lights on for 12 minutes and go unwatered when the lights are off.

    Its only my first run, but even with the tiny, unhealthy clones i cut i should yield between 10-25 grams per plant.

    I can't say enough good things about ebb and flow.

    As i said, im still pretty green to hydro, but if i can help you in any way feel free to ask.
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    twiztidserkilla Well-Known Member

    bump.... any other opinions????

    nasd90 Well-Known Member

    I am a newbie too... On my first DWC Bubbler grow and the shit is out of control. I think if you're talking accelerated growth for larger plants the debate may take the face of DWC vs AERO. For SOG setups, I'd have to say Ebb&Flow...

    But I do like the SOG setups with Ebb&Flow...

    Check my grow out if you like... plants just got big quick. The more air the better. I have about 2 airstones per res with no root rot whatsoever. Been running pretty smoothly and am just nearing the end of the 5th week of FLOWER.

    Hope this adds a bit... Peace.


    onthedl0008 Well-Known Member

    Think about ur decission carefully. Both methods are great and will bring u the same results as long as u have ur machine functioning on all levels man. Id love to do Ebb bro. Just dont have the room.
    These same principles can be applied to any style of growth.
    4 plants/sq.ft
    Rooted clones directly into 12/12. ( Preferably Stem Top Cuttings )
    Lollipopping ( If Needed )
    So its really ur option. If u have the room Id say go with EBB.
    However root rot can happen in any system if the res is not taken care of and maintained properly.

    With all this in mind. U can easily grow Sog in dwc.Im doing it now. 18 gallon tub. 3 sq.ft. surface area space. 12 plants per tub. 1/2 to over 1 oz./plant.
    Sometimes the roots like to be submerged it all depends on the air in the tank and doing simple routine water changes. Also neccesary for every method of hydro.

    Hope that helps.

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