DWC Root Slime Cure aka How to Breed Beneficial Microbes

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    have you any photos? kind of sounds like you have new growth coming out of an existing problem?

    i would fill the system with water (with h202) let it run over night. then i would full replace the res with a EWC tea.
    what sort of water temps are we talking? do you have any light leaks? ANY.

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    Wondering if this tea mix will work for soil?

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    Sure. In fact, many of the organisms in the tea do not even activate in the hydro solution. And a soil environment will sustain them much longer, so you don't need to add it as often.
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    Thanks much for the response! I did use it in my DWC set up an it worked great. You saved my life an the life of my plants i used SOS ( super organic stimulator ), orca, great white, an ewc, so im thinking about making more and useing it on both my soil plants an my hydro plants soil to the left an old an new hydro on the right as u can see 2 of my dro plants got stunted for too long so i hate to say it im not even caring about em cuz their long gone im gonna pull em today an i got 2 other babies to go in their place. Thanks for quick answer. The only bad part of this that happened to me, an i think it was cuz it was so hot outside during the makin of the tea i made 2 gallons an ended with just about 1.5 gallons so i think .5 evaporated from the heat.
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    Does it matter where your res is when adding the tea? Interms of PPMs, or PH, an is there a better time of day to add it like either in tha AM or PM. At any point is it ok to add Hygrozyme or will that just defeat the purpose?

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