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dwc - power outage

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by bjm201, Nov 10, 2007.


    bjm201 Active Member

    Question for anyone experienced with dwc.

    Obvisouly one cant always be around to tend ones garden 24 hours a day/7 days a week. What happens if the power goes out at your place?

    Obviously the plants could probably survive without lights for a while. I understand it may cause problems but wouldnt be a nail in the coffin I wouldnt think. What about the air stones though and the roots?? Without the air in the water wont this kill the plants quickly?? I suppose this is an advantage to a drip system or ebb & flow over dwc. dwc diy is obviously cheap and effective though. What to do...

    Sorry if that is a dumb question. I'm just the type of person that this thing always happens to:neutral: and I've learned in my life to hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. As is I'm already planning two different pumps for each res in case one should have a problem. That brings me to another question. Is there such a thing as too much air?? For example would it be advantagous to line the entire bottom of the res with air stones operating off a mutiple outlet commercial grade air pump? Or would that be a bad thing or not make a difference worth the extra cost??

    Thanks for all the help anyone can provide.:peace:

    dankie Well-Known Member

    battery backup?

    And es they will go down rather quickly without air.

    bjm201 Active Member

    yeah I guess it would be logical to think some of the smaller air pumps may have a battery back up option. I know nothing about electricity but I cant imagine a battery back up on an air pump that is 30-60 watts. am I wrong about that?

    bjm201 Active Member


    americantrent Active Member

    u will need an inverter if your to use batteries.

    JohnnyPotSeed1969 Well-Known Member

    lining the entire bottom of the res. will cause you more work when you are cleaning your tanks out. just buy a good, quality air pump and some decent air curtains and you should be fine. :peace:

    hazeyindahead Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, power outages are a bane for most indoor growers, best thing to hope for is a generator and those are expensive.

    No there is hardly a thing as too much air, the more oxygenated the water is in a dwc the more the plants thrive as they hardly get much oxygen through the water without, which is why root rot, bad bacterias and root death happens in poorly or not even oxygenated water, it will get stagnant.

    More air more growth, also use h2o2 :-D

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