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DWC/Indoors/General Organics Nutes VS. EbbNFlow/Outdoors/Canna Aqua Nutes A+B

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Ebb n Flo, Jun 8, 2011.

    Ebb n Flo

    Ebb n Flo Active Member

    So I am conducting a little experiment. I am not an amateur nor am I a pro. I'd say I'm in between an amateur and novice. Right below this paragraph I will detail each setup, lights, light schedule, res/nutrient feed schedule as well as nutrients used, pH, temps & humidity. This way until I get pics up you'll have a good idea of my working environments & conditions.

    STRAINS: KC Brains Mindbender, Grand Daddy Purple, Purple Goo

    SETUP 1:
    Strains- KC Brains Mindbender + Grand Daddy Purp

    System- Bubbleponics(5 US Gallon clear storage tote outside spray painted black with several coats, white snap-tight lid, 12 holes cut in lid containing 12-3" netted pots. Single outlet air pump with standard size clear tubing, plan on switching to a black tubing I found. Operating off the air pump is a 24" flexible bubble stone. Hole drilled in the tote lid for air pump tubing.)

    Environment- Indoors

    Light Setup- 3-100watt daylight spiral cfl's(6500k) & 1-75watt soft white spiral cfl(2700k), all underneath a homemade hood so the reflection is good.

    Temps- For the most part my temps stay between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit using a small fan in the growspace allows for good air circulation as well as wind to sturdy my plants main stems. Also there is no roof on the top of my grow cabinet so humidity and extreme heat are never much of a problem for me. Humidity stays between 40-55 mostly.

    Nutrients/Feeding- General Hydroponics General Organics line. Including Bio Root, Thrive Grow, & Thrive Bloom. Originally I ordered their CalMg+ but the place ran out and sent me Botanicare CalMg instead so that's what I'm using. My seeds were began in a propagation tray till they sprouted. Then they went into plain pH balanced tap water and they loved it! After being in that for 14 days I began my next res change with the GO Bio Root(1-1-1) (1tsp per US Gallon) for the next 5 days. Then on my next res change I doubled the Bio Root dose to 1.5 tap per US Gallon & Thrive Grow(4-3-3) (2tsp per US Gallon). They seemed to really like that the next 5 days which brings me to yesterday. I did another change over but added the Botanicare CalMg(10ml total in 3.5 US Gallons.Before adding the CalMg yesterday I only had the second set of leaves really showing however when I did my daily pH test this morning I noticed the third set of leaves and they are huge!! Nice dark green too!

    Water Conditions- pH level is steadily kept between 5.8-6.0 and I'm not sure of the tds/ec as I plan on buying a meter now that I'm using CalMg. Water temperature is between 60-70 F.

    SETUP 2:
    Strain- KC Brains Mindbender

    System- Ebb N Flow(18 US Gallon tote for bottom res. 8 US Gallon tote for flood tank. 260gph water pump set on a timer. 4-6" netted pots.)


    Lighting- The Sun (sunrise = 5:00am sunset = 7:00pm)

    Temps- normally in my area this time of the year it stays between 60-85F. Today it is a sweltering 92F but I roofed em some regular water so they are loving life right now!

    Nutrients/Feeding- Canna Aqua Vega A+B, Canna Aqua Flores A+B. Since I'm using an Ebb N Flow setup and because I'm still only about 3 weeks into veg I am only flooding my upper res where the plants sit twice a day and I am currently using 50ml of Formula A and 100ml of Formula B which to the directions is under feeding but its better than over feeding. I feed once at 7:00am and once at 4:30pm. They seem to really like the canna nutes. Plus I chose those as my feeding times due to finding out plants shouldn't be fed until an hour after sunrise(lights on) and an hour after sunset(lights off).

    Water Conditions- pH was set once before and once after res change and nutrients were mixed in every 5 days. The thing I like about Canna is the pH buffer it has in it. Like I said I set the pH and never have to adjust it. I still test the pH twice a day but its always between 5.6-6.0. ALWAYS!! Temp of water is always between 60-85F. No air pumps or bubble stone! Canna says not to use one and at first I didn't believe it but if you're dedicated to your grow and can guarantee you'll change your res out every 5-6 days then it'll be a successful grow.

    So that's my setup. I hope a few people stay current on this thread. Its an experiment to see which line of nutrients between Canna vs. General Organics is better(IMO of course). Its an experiment to see which kind of system I wanna stick with and I like the convenience of the Ebb N Flow but I like the simplicity and ease of the bubbleponics setup(dwc or swc). It is also an experiment to see if I prefer the KC Brains Mind Bender strain indoors or out. Says 800 grams per plant outdoors abut about the same per square meter indoors. So stick around and see what happens!!

    hobart Member

    I'm very curious to know how it's going with this, especially the GO line-up in the dwc. Are you experiencing any problems like slime on the roots in the dwc using the GO line?

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