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Drying vs Curing

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Chalcy, Sep 24, 2006.


    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    This man right here... this man... right here!!!... just basically simplified the entire process for everyone here. Not only did he sum it up in lamens terms for everyone to understand it (if you don't get it now.. there's no hope.. you shouldn't grow if you can't understand it after reading his explanation).. but he even put it in such a simple form.. that even I can understand how it works now.

    The truth is out now.. on how the drying/curing process is truly done. Now everyone should be happy.. I know I am!!! I now fully understand it..

    Excellent job bro!!! +rep for ya.. this is by far the best post I have seen in a LONG ASS time. Magnificent!


    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    Firstly, Why should he be suspended?!?! He's telling the truth man.. all curing is.. is slowing the drying process WAY down to almost a snails pace.. in order to produce a smooth wonderfully tasting smoke.


    Secondly.. if that's you.. in your little neat animated avatar picture.. your an idiot. I would never ever show my face on here.. let alone show my face with a joint lit in my mouth. But eh, hey.. its kids like you that end up getting busted because your too immature and ignorant to know any better.

    just saying....


    skem64 Member

    brilliant post mr. happy...thanks a bunch for that!

    skem64 Member

    Some of the best smoke I ever tasted was from a plant that had been left in the attic for 12 months, no bags, no jars, no nothing....my mate forgot it was there!

    lemongrass Member

    when drying and curing, can you catch a high by touching it? i have RA, fibro, IC, anxiety, and bulged disc w/impinged nerve so my hubby ageed to give me a hand by helping but isn't a smoker, yet felt some wierd effects? shld he wear gloves if he dares to try and help me again? and can anyone tell me if there is something i can do to enhance the taste, i added some lemon peels to my 1st grow and right now its curing... (on my 1st try with a few seeds i had from previous use) i grew 3 females??? what r the chances of that happening? but so far its very decent marijuana ( i dont smoke crap) ...another week and it shld be ready!... i only put 1 female to bud while the other 2 are still in the flowering stage,and yes i am a qualified, approved and registered mmj card holder and patient of az....any advice, info wld be gladly appreciated.

    NW2AZ Member

    Thc can be applied as a topical so im sure touching enough of the oils and lettng them absorb into you skin could get you high. Also fresg mj has thousands of trichs waiting to burst with concentrated thc amounts so handing the flowers as delicatley as possible is always a must.


    Thebogie Member

    I also shred a few brown paper bags in the doc. Shredder and place the bud and shred in a brown paper bag. Great cure.

    dirtysnowball Well-Known Member

    hmmm hang the plant upside down with all the leaves attached in a ventilated area, or on a tree branch... wait a month, take it down leaves will come off easy, buds dried

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