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Drying vs Curing

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Chalcy, Sep 24, 2006.


    Chalcy Active Member

    Its getting to be that time so I've been reading up on drying and curing. The more I read the more confused I get between which is which and why.

    I've read silvernomad's post on curing http://www.rollitup.org/general-mar...t-curing-methods.html?highlight=curing+drying which I think is also from Ed Rosenthal's book, and I read Widow's methods in that same thread.

    I read this article on drying
    Drying The Marijuana Plant After Harvest and this article on curing from the same site Curing the Marijuana Plant. They seem pretty good. Then I go and read something else that contradicts them.

    My questions

    -- How are drying and curing different? Even the experts seem to mix the two up somtimes.

    -- Is it true you don't need to cure sensimilla?

    -- Expert growers, what are your methods of drying and curing. How long do you do each and WHY do you do it that way and that long?

    I know this is a lot of questions but all my reading has me more confused than ever on this subject. Widow's methods for both seem easy and fast and I'll probably give them a try, but I'd feel better if I understood what I was doing and why. Thank you all the good help.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Hi Chalcy..

    I never store MJ for any long periods of time.. so my method may not be right for you..

    1. pick buds and hang upside down on clothes hangers and do some manicuring
    2. after 3-10 days, finish manicure and place into containers.. glass jars, baggies etc..
    3. Everyday, the bags/jars are opened for 10-60 minutes, the buds are looked at and touched and inspected very thoroughly to make sure they are dry enough to maintain weight ($$$) but not wet enough to grow mold.. there is NOTHING worse than MOLD....

    This opening of the containers is something that is done everyday until the MJ moves onto its next owner.

    4. If for some reason the MJ gets to DRY.. yikes... Parsley is put into the containers for 24 hours.. this works very very well!!


    jackfrost Active Member

    would bread work the same as parsley? maby ill try it

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Here is what ya want to here. I hope.:-|

    Cut the branches off your plant remove all the fan green leaves. Hang the buds/branches up in the dark for 5 to 7 days. **What this does is get the bulk of the moisture out of the plant.

    Put the buds/branches in a air tight container. Open the jar once a day twice a day or once a week or every time ya get a bud out to smoke it. leave the jar open for 10 minutes and repeat this until they are dry dry. ** cureing is slowing the dryin process down to a crawl. So every time ya open the jar they dry a little. The slower the bud dries the better. If one had the perfect temp and a shit load of other factors and just hung the weed up and it took a month for it to dry one would not need to cure it because it dried so slow.

    Slow dried bud smokes smooth and smells great. When its drin the bud is releasing the shit that makes the weed taste bad and smell bad. It will only release the shit when its drying. Thats why slower the dry the more shit it can release from the buds.

    I hope it makes sense and ya get the idea.
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    Skate Hawaii

    Skate Hawaii Well-Known Member

    drying is logical. it means to dry the bud.
    im not exactly sure what happens when you cure weed but the weed becomes better tasting, less smoke, and a better high. do it for like 3 weeks for a prime smoke.

    mrhaappy420 Active Member

    wow- the lack of simple knowledge is astounding, and disturbing. Let me try to help out.

    Drying (more properly desiccating) is simply that- removing the water from the herb so that moisture does not influence the quality of the smoke. A properly dried bud's stem should snap, not bend. Don't listen to fools who advocate leaving your herb wet, as this is both dangerous (despite reassurance of it not being "too wet" for mold, such organisms are opportunists and will readily grow given half a chance, especially if it remains in a closed airtight jar for ~23 hours and 50min a day as some people advocate) and unscrupulous (sellers who sling wet herb are selling you a short sac + H2O. If the herb you're going to buy is wet, someone who doesn't truly care about the quality of this good plant is putting cash over care and trying to get away with it. By knowingly buying a soaked stash, you are supporting this kind of practice- pass on the stash).

    To best Dry your herb, remove any large fan leaves and uncrystallized portions of the upper, smaller, leaves. Then hang it upside down in a dark place (sunlight will cause THC degradation and also turn your herb yellow/brown) for anywhere from 5-15 days, depending on temp., air circulation, and humidity. Check on it every so often and when the nugs look like something you would want to smoke, break off a small peice and and sample it. If it gets too dry, to the point of crumbling, you can reconstitute it by placing a few nugs in a jar with a few iceberg lettuce leaves for half a day. Any H2O containing vegatative matter (parsley, orange peels, potato chunk etc) will work, but I like to avoid anything that has a distinctive flavor that could be imparted on my herb- I want to taste my hard grown organic love nugs, not some shitty GM, picked-green, citrus peel from half a world away shipped in curtessy of walmart. Lettuce has a high H2O content and has almost no flavor,so is perfect for this.

    Curing (or maturing) your finished herb is a art all unto itself. Some previous posters are semi-correct: curing is, in it's most simplest form, a slow extended drying process. However, I can not recommend the "just open your jar for ten minutes a day blah blah blah" kind of stuff. That only results in herb that has hints of ammonia from degradation and a ripe environment for toxic mold if you are not careful.

    What Curing actually does is allows the plant, which is still alive after cutting, to gradually use up all the sugars and starches and other nutrients within it's tissues. This is only done when the cut plants are away from sunlight, otherwise photosynthesis will continue to happen,making more sugars, and a harsher smoke. Ideally, you would cure your plants by having sooo many plants that their combinted release of H20 from drying would raise the hummidity enough to prolong the 'dry' for around a month (think of the pictures you may have seen of tobacco shed down in the south where bundles of plants are hung in the open rafters of attics/sheds- temp. and hummididty could be controlled by opening or closing windows/vents as needed to produce a supple leaf that burns clean with little ash and a clean, rich smoke). Unfortunetly, due to the current legal sysem we find ourselves in, this kind of supper curing is alomost impossible to pull off. Instead, you can simmulate the same conditions by placing your herb in a brown paper bag (never plastic!) somewhere dark and leaving it for ~14-21 days if not longer. The dark stops photosynthesis, and the paper, which is pourous, prevents the hummidity from getting too high causing mold concerns. Check on your herb occasionaly to see how the cure is going and to turn/move the buds, allowing even drying. I've had herb cured this way that stayed in the cure proccess for over a month, and was phenominal, while dried herb from the same plant, ready after only 5 days, was mediocre, producing a harsher, greener tasting smoke.

    Remember though, once the herb has throughly dried through, despite using either a dry or cure process, there is virtually no real way to start the cure process again! That is why patience is a virtue! Ofcourse, depending on where you live, such a long curing time may not be practicle (if you live in a desert for exmple). A way to prolong the cure is to double bag the buds- the thicker the paper the slower evaporation will occur.

    Hope this has been informative. Remember, never buy wet herb, and never try to sell it either! You are just bringing bad karma on yourself by doing an injustice to this fine plant that we all know and love! Namaste!

    smokeh Well-Known Member

    bottom line is...

    u need to dry ur weed. hang in the dark with good air circulation. once the stems 'snap' when u try to break them and not bend. they are done drying. after drying u move to curing.

    trim all ur bud. no leaves/stems etc. put them all in air tight jars. open the jars once - twice a day for about 15 - 40 minutes. do this for at least a week.

    u wont regret doing it. its the main part of growing weed!

    drying obviously drys the buds out.

    curing cures the weed. if u didnt cure, u would get a rubbish taste and a rubbish smoke. it was be harsh with probably a grass taste to it. u wont get the full potential of ur bud without a proper dry and cure.

    roxistar Well-Known Member

    This is the right way to do it ^^^^

    Step 1: Dry buds by hanging them or laying them out on drying screens. This should be done in a cool (ideal temps 60-70 degrees) dark area (stops sugar production; photosynthesis) with good air circulation. The amount of time depends on the humidity (ideal humidity less than 80%) and temperature of your drying area and the density of your buds. Stems should snap not bend. Never use heat, light, or excessive DIRECT air (fans pointed on them). All of those things will cause harsh smoke and crumbly buds.

    Step 2: Put your buds in brown PAPER bags, don't over fill. This does two things; it stops photosynthesis (sugar production), like the poster above explained, and it allows the buds to continue to dry but at a slower rate. The paper bags will help absorb excessive moisture from the buds without overdrying because it remains slightly humid inside the bag but not enough so to cause mold (unless you do not dry them properly first). The amount of time depends on the humidity, dew point, temp, and the density of you buds.

    Step 3: Put buds into mason/canning jars, it's important to not over fill them. Open jars daily for a 10-20 minutes to allow air exchange (also called burping).

    Step 4: Take out some buds, smoke.
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    henrystyle Active Member

    See thats the thing. I dont have the time to open those jars everyday. I think Im going to try the paperbag method. sounds easier. According to above your using both methods. I thought once they cure in the paperbag there good to go. After the paperbag shouldnt you be able to store them in the glass jar without opening it everyday?

    Legacy187 Well-Known Member

    My buds are hanging to dry that I just cut yesterday. I will do the paper bag method and then the jar method. Hopefully I can smoke by the end of the month. Thanks for the tips!

    henrystyle Active Member

    So MrHappy-- Your saying I can go from harvest straight to the paperbag without hanging it to dry?
    Embryonic Bloom

    Embryonic Bloom Active Member

    Hey, I this is my first grow/harvest...

    And I definitely hung my stuff upside down.
    I rigged a wooden fold out cloths drying rack
    with string, and a " safety net/board " under it..

    Then I covered it with a blanket,
    to help keep SOME light out..

    (( I topped, and still have my plant growing in the closet,
    so I didn't want to hang it in there w/ the light going on & off.. ))

    My main concern here is,
    I'm kind of thinking I'm going to skip the paper bag step..
    I feel guilty cause I already bought the bags...

    But it gets so dry, and warm in that room when the door
    stays closed all day... and the stems all definitely snapped,
    instead of bending when I tested them...

    ( before anyone scolds me,
    I do try to keep a desk fan running in that room )

    So I should be fine right?

    I just put that bud in mason jars.

    I definitely won't be forgetting to open the jars every day!!

    But I'm curious if it would be crafty of me to maybe
    cut out base from a paper bag,
    and lay that at the bottom of the jar,
    with the buds on top of it?!?

    If I keep the jars in a dark place,
    it's just as well right?

    Is the paper bag step really that crucial,
    if everything seems pretty dried out??

    I didn't do all my trimming at once,
    some stuff has been drying for a few weeks..
    as for the rest, about a week...

    I just felt like venting,
    but if anyone has an opinion on my exploits,
    I'd be happy to know about it!

    - Thanks!

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    Im not gonna get into the whole process of how to cure or how to dry your chronic, its already been covered. One of your questions is, Why cure and what difference does it make? right?

    Have you ever smoked some bud that people just dub Hydro, reguardless of what strain it is, reguardless of the method that it was actually grown with wether it be soil or actually hydro, its still called dro because of its uniquely dank characteristics. That one of a kind DANK smell that you can spot from a mile away, bud that looks so awesome n sticky that when you touch it it practically leaves a fingerprint? Clean smoking, to the point that you can taste that "first toke" taste in each and every hit, until the bowl is practically cashed?

    -This is all achieved through proper curing. If you want buds that have these characteristics i guess the first and most important part would be to buy great genetics because without the genetics your not gonna achieve all of these desrieable traits in your nugs. But once you have that out of the way, if you dont cure your bud, your just not gonna get these traits, period. I mean, sure there may be a hint of one or two characteristics in your bud once you dry them out, but once you cure, if done properly, will give you everything you want. From bag appeal, to that one of a kind scent that screams $50 an 1/8th, and it even changes the potency of the smoke. Youll get a relatively different high altogether from properly cured bud as opposed to just dried bud. It makes ALL the difference in the world man. Dont skip the cure. Youve waited months for the plant to grow into the beautious thing that it has become, dont get impatient. Wait the extra 2-4 weeks and turn your bud into something you (and your friends) will talk about for months after its long gone, wishing there was more around.

    -hope that helped at least a little bit man :D

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    To be honest, i dont think you should skip the bag, even if you think the buds are too dry. Once they go into the bag for a day, check them again dude. The bag literally "sweats" out the moisture from the middle of the nuggets, and brings it out of the bud, allowing for a more full, even dry and cure. If you think you have some crispy super dry nugs and you need to skip the bags, just try it for a day or two man. youll be surprised at what happens. After the first day when you check them for the first time, theyll feel almost completely wet again. Of course though if you did overdry them during the hanging youll want to have them in paper bags for much less time, maybe only a day or two, but you want to bring that moisture out from the middle before you put them into glass. You want to sweat them just a little bit to even out the moisture before they get settled in for the long cure (or short cure, depending on how patient you can be, lol). Good luck with finishing your crop bro :D

    Scranny420 Well-Known Member

    Very nice! :bigjoint:
    sUpA nOvA D9

    sUpA nOvA D9 Well-Known Member

    The idea of adding freshly cut vegatation is to re-hydrate. Use your fan leaves to re-hydrate, or a piece of lettuce.

    guitarman7311 Well-Known Member

    K Im tired of all this curing nonsense. Drying IS curing duh. Just hang your plant in a dark closet. Of course after you trim all the big leaves off. With a small fan set to low not blowin on your plants directly, wait a week or two. Then lose the fan wait 2 more weeks. You now have killer tasting stony weed without all the, paperbag, open up the jars2 to 5 times a day till ur dead, bullshit. Take those mason jars and pickle sum cucumbers or sumthin. Dont believe me just try it.
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    weedicus Active Member

    yeah you do man, if you had time to grow it all i'm sure you can find the time to open the jar and smell it once a day
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    Scranny420 Well-Known Member

    ...or twice...

    weedyoo Well-Known Member

    agreed all of what this person said is what i do

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