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Dry ice with fresh undried buds and 90 micron bag, yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by echlectica, Jan 15, 2013.


    echlectica Active Member

    I'm running low on buds but I have a some plants hanging up drying can I keif while wet with dry ice? Maybe get a melty product with dryice? Don't really care just need to nt run out of smoke

    echlectica Active Member

    wow all them views and no one knows if you can do dry ice hash with wet material?

    vacpurge New Member

    you only plan on using 1 bag??!

    reminds me of this guy I knew who bought a 2 bag set... wtf?!

    the 1 bag was his work bag. the other one caught all the junk like 190 micron stuff. which he kept, then poured everything else 190 micron and smaller down the drain!!!!! I couldnt believe it lol. said all he got was green goo. lmao.

    so yeah. if youre using just a 90 micron bag. I would say no.dont know if too many people around here have done too many dry ice extractions?

    echlectica Active Member

    You only use one bag with dry ice its more like a kief siv rather than water bag. the dry ice keeps the trychs cold so they don't stick to shit thats all.

    vacpurge New Member

    hmm. interesting.

    rabbijones42000 Member

    i wish i could help, im about to try it myself and was going to try to work with the wet plant material, if you've already done it either way some advice on it would be cool if you know anything more about it.

    650baquet Active Member

    I've done dry ice...yep only one bag. But i have contemplated using multiple screens just sieving from a small bag into a larger volume bag so it would be easier. Say from a 1gal-220micron to a 5gal-90micron. If i make dry ice hash again it will be with a 76micron bag...maybe larger to increase yield a wee bit with addition of more plant material in the final product, then i would do a BHO soak in a pre chilled thermos with the left over beaten up material...lots to extract out of that still. I would also winterize the BHO extraction to further purge/purify.

    BUT! since you are about to run out of nug and just was something to smoke in the mean time. I would suggest using one of your larger bubble bags, i've used a 220micron before and come up with a pretty large yield but it does include a decent bit of plant material...was fine by me at the time, and the addition of a little plant material just made it a more full bodied high.

    I just don't know how well it'll work with super fresh/wet material, i would personally just tell you to do as small of run as you think you'll need to last you till the rest is dry to smoke. Take that material and throw it in the oven at the lowest temp...200F or less and let it really dry out to almost no moisture then perform your run. Keeping in mind the more dry the material the easier it is to make fine particles that may fall through the screen into your final product! mmmmm trying to think if i have any more input for now.....nope :)

    Save your left over material after sieving, it usually has plenty of smashed trichomes and oil in the material to be extracted via solvents...and because the material is so finely broken up most time i would suggest a method such as BHO due to it doesn't pick up chlorophyll like Iso or Ethanol washes.

    650baquet Active Member

    Can't believe no one really had time to atleast say...hey man go for it...or nope doesn't work lol
    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    NO! Fresh trims and dry ice will not do. Fresh trims and ice water technic is already a challenge.
    Anyway if you want to kief, DO NOT use dry ice doesn't matter the number of bags. To beat the S... out of your trims will NEVER produce quality.

    650baquet Active Member

    you don't have to beat the shit out of your material...i gently gently tap the side and top of jar for best results. but i still don't see myself doing any DIH anytime soon.

    (818)MedicineMan New Member

    I do the dry ice method. I use either my 120 micron or 73 micron depending on the strain. I mostly use the 120. I gently shake until I just start to see a touch of color in the sift. The left overs are used in a ice water run to get the remaining bits. I prefer to smoke the dry ice over the ice water stuff. Also because I did the dry ice shake first I only keep the catch from the 73 and 25 micron bags of the water run due to too much green in the larger mesh bags.

    Just do what you like and enjoy.

    Forgot to add that I agree that wet trim doesn't do well with dry ice. You will get a frozen ball of green.

    Kervork Well-Known Member

    First off, for dry ice you want to freeze your wet trim and then process. Processing dry trim doesn't work. After processing the kief, the material can be dried and then processed with ISO, butane etc. to get out any remainder.

    You could also cook with the leftovers. A run which produced 10 grams dry also produced a gram of BHO. Your kief will loose about half it's weight via evaporation. If you kief doesn't compress and stick together, you went too long.

    Trim does just great provided you're using trim that has resin. Your problem may be with the screen size. You need a fairly coarse screen. I use a 100 mesh silk screen which would be around 140 micron.

    (818)MedicineMan New Member

    The bold part is just not true. I can post proof if you need it. Using dry trim and popcorn buds is the way to go with dry ice. Dried and cured bud makes great kief too via dry ice. Wet trim has frozen up on me before. The only place I will use wet trim in is bubble bags.

    Also 120 micron is the largest size I would go with. Anything more and you get plant matter much faster.

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