Dry Ice vs. Bubble (Hash)

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    I have done pretty much everything, BHO gross and I did use the highest refined on the market and still ewwwww. when it comes to oil I'm saying iso but not like most ppl do it. Rather then putting it all in a pot n mixing it up try doing it like it was BHO just let the iso run over the ganja and through a filter to get the dust and crap out of it. It's a very nice final product that is amber in color and transparent. But between water extracted with bubble bags or dry ice extraction also with bubble bags I have to say water is most def the way to go. The reason why I prefer it is not only because the plant matter will breakdown and come through the screen with all that sweet sweet sugar mmm mmm it's a shame. Besides that I think it's a mush lower quality because the THC is degraded by the crushing of the trichomes while shaking the bags. That being said when I'm low on time and have trim and small buds just building up in my freezer, I resort to using the dry ice method.....:mrgreen:

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    Whenever I get my next operation together(havent grown in 8 years) I'll be doing the dry ice method...a LOT of it hopefully...might try the washing machine thing once, see how it goes...but tried bubble bags back in the day, once...weworked on it for a few hours, and the yield was...depressing, lol. like the guy earlier said, it probably takes several runs to get the bubble bag style down, and thats potentially a lot of lost product, and damn sure a lot of time, to get it mastered. you want to see some dry ice hash? Google Farmer John Fourtwenty, or youtube it rather, and look at his dry ice hash yield video!!!!!! 868 grams...I think I heard them say or read from them that it came from 8-10 pounds of starting material...even if that were straight kind nuggets...thats about a 20 % yield, and the kief on his table IS NOT green... if you have that much weed to where you can afford to make hash from 10 pounds of it, you wont do much better than that with any method...and depending on how finely the straight nugs were broken down, you could probably still get .5 to 1.0 pounds of bho if you wanted to spend the time, allthough personally I'd more than likely qwiso or qweso it, actually yeah both, purge that at like 120 degrees with a fan, then mix each type with an equal weight of the kief, and work them with a rolling pin between some cellophane, folding it back onto itself, repeat, omg I think I just...anyhow yeah, DRY ICE HASH!!!WOOT! cant wait :)

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    So what method best? I mean which one gives the most hash in the end extracted?

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    Can I use Bubble hash bags for dry ice extraction?
    I watched a video on youtube and the guy did the dry ice and then processed the same material via ice water method and got a shit load more hash.

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    Ive done both. Did bubble bags once and then dry ice hash ever since. And i used my bubble bags for the dry ice.

    The trick with dry ice hash is use a higher micron bag like 180 or 200. I use 220. When you shake...shake hard until youbstart to see the green flecks coming through then stop. Start a new batch.

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