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Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by NeoAnarchist, Mar 5, 2008.


    NeoAnarchist Well-Known Member

    so i got a new job, and they require a drug test b4 employment, the guy i talked to wanted to make me do it today, but i knew id fail so i asked him if i could do it tomorrow, so the time is set at 8am that i have to take my test. I need some help tho, im broke and ive been looking up all sorts of ways to pass a dt and the most i came up with is buyin a 55$ detox kit, and i really dont have that much to waste, i need to know how to pass this without havin to buy anything, atleast nothing expensive. So any help would be appreciated. no bs answers tho, real deal right here. ideas that work. like garunteed

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    Dont show up.... you will fail if you smoked within the last 72hrs... unless you can have someone else take the test for you ...

    mzn710 Well-Known Member

    Well, as gross as it may sound, the only guaranteed idea i can think of is to get a friend to piss in a small container or food bag and then use that. You will have to keep the pot or bag in your pocket to keep it warm (or if they send you to the toilet to do it, warm it under the tap). Thats the only sure fire, free way i know about. You could drink shit loads of water, but they can usually tell buy it being crystal clear.

    anywhere311 Well-Known Member

    well since its tomorow i do not recomend excercising that wud def make u fail.. so wat u gota do is try to eat alota fatty foods from now and untill then to put new fat tissue over ur old so the thc wont come out in piss as much.. plus drink alota water tonight and like a gallon tomorow mornin and piss like 2 times b4 test tomorow so wake up early if its at 8

    NavajoGrower420 Active Member

    i heard this 1 worked.... drink a some arizona tea and a 24 oz rockstar before the test 2 hr. and another rockstar 1 hr before and it should work.

    WeFallToday Well-Known Member

    Get a freind you know that doesnt smoke [atleast in a awhile] get him to pee in a condom and put it in your pocket or tie the condom around your dick [depending on anyone is going into the bathroom with you]

    russ0r The russ0r

    Tsk Tsk Tsk. You guys every tried these methods for yourself before you give out info?

    Definitly an option is getting someone else's piss. Keeping it warm is key, using the sink in the bathroom is a bad idea becuase they will tell you not to use the sink. they will retest if they hear running water. You're not even allowed to wash hands until she gets the urine. Most of the time...

    Another method is dilution..i follow this article and have passed using it.

    however, i have used a drink that has also allowed me to pass.

    Good Luck.

    russ0r The russ0r

    lol... don't use lubricated condoms, and i dont reccommend this at all anyways.

    Being the first one at the collection office you go to usually helps alot, you're in and out, with no problems, and the collector usually doesnt stand by the door which gives you some leway.

    and for god sakes dont go in stoned, thats a guaranteed fail.

    firebrand18rjr Well-Known Member

    drink a shit ton of water, almost enough to where you start shaking due to water poisoning. yea it sucks, but clear pee always helps. go buy a bottle of b-12 vitamins, those flush your system and give your piss a yellow tint which will help the dt when the collector tries to say its diluted . trust me done it about 20 times when in drug counseling. everytime worked. flavored water like propel and gatorade work best .
    mr j2

    mr j2 Well-Known Member

    You're probably never going to pass trying to use any detox methods since it's tomorrow. But.. you could try taking a shit load of niacin the night before, drinking a lot of water today and A LOT before the test, take b-12 vitamins to make your pee stay yellow, pee mid stream, and pray. I also heard of people using some kind of jello powder mix in drinks right before the test. You can fail from using other people's pee 1) if they see you 2) if the temp. is too low. There are kits you can buy and strap onto your leg that keep the piss at the right temp. and they look like you're peeing when you use them. Check a headshop by you. Or you could try using powdered pee..

    NeoAnarchist Well-Known Member

    thanks you guys, my friend bought me some omni and told me to take it one hr b4 i take the test and drink 4times the size of the bottle, but ive never used it. The Niacan idea....that wont work, ive tried that one, took about 15 of them hos...still failed for THC. does anyone know if this OMNI EXTRA STRENGTH works?"??????

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