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Drooping Dry Leaves but soil is moist

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by projump, May 18, 2008.


    projump Well-Known Member

    I have a plant pic below. Plant was wateded 5 days ago and soil is moist I really dont think it is over watering but it could be, I will wait untill soil is bone dry on the top inch. But because the leaves are dry I am thinking it could be underwatering in 1 gal pots I would think I am watering correctly every 7 days or so, or when soil is dry. I am using MG and I added some nutes to maybe fix the problem a few days ago and its almost worst then it was before, I used just a little nutes. The leaves are dark green and I know that could be a nute diffency. Let me know what you guys think.

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    projump Well-Known Member


    projump Well-Known Member

    update, My ph is ay 7.4 because MG has a PH of 5 so I think the PH should be ok.

    strey Active Member

    i had the same problem a few days ago. im using a dual flor-o and on the ends its a lot warmer than the middle and the ones on the end did the same thing and urs i think u may had ur light a little to close. rule a thumb i have read was "if the top of ur hand gets wamr and hot ur to close hold it there a for a min or see how hot it is if its warm ur proly to close ur hand really shouldn't feel much heat" hopefully this helps. i move my light a lil higher and so far no more dry dead leaves..


    p.s. what kinda light is that ur using in the picture? it looks like a incandecent growing flood light? if so those can get pretty warm...
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    projump Well-Known Member

    I am using CFLs I am trying what you said, but the CFLs are so cool, that i dont think that is it. I just hope it works out. I havent watered it in over 5 days but that is because the top inch is not near bone dry yet, and I think if I water i will end up over watering, I think I just need to hope I over watered and it will be ok.

    crotalus Active Member

    I wait until the top 2 or three inches of the soil are dry before watering, but that usually only takes three or four days. Maybe your soil doesn't have good drainage. you do have holes at the bottom of your pot right? try watering with well-airated water if your not doing that now. a lot of people like to add peroxide to there water to increase the oxygen in it. i've done that a few times and havn't had any problems, but i would suggest reading up on it before trying it yourself. If your only using cfl's and your aren't burning your plants then i doubt that it is a heat problem (unless your growroom is just really hot). and if you can feel any moisture in the soil at all then i really doubt its underwatering.

    projump Well-Known Member

    well the MG soil holds water really well. My holes are the standard holes that came in the bottom of the pot and I am using perlite in the bottom of the pot for air. Now the top soil is not dry but its not wet its in the middle moist. I am just going to hold on until it gets dry because I was not doing that before and now the plant looks like it does. If its under watered I hope it will not die. But I should just wait until it gets dry and its been about 5 - 6 days and its just not bone dry.

    projump Well-Known Member

    I have redish stems too, Im lost with this. I have some books, but i am still lost.

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    the droopyness is not a big deal. It can easily rebound from that. its probable from heat( to close to light or lack of ventiation. I left the fan off one night, next morning...all droopy. Plants breath so they need fresh air of the right temp. And the red stems I've looked into as mine were red & now they are purple! Its no big deal either. lots of people report red stems but have no problems because of it. It's either natural for the strain you have or somekind of nutrient related thing, but again its common and nbd.

    projump Well-Known Member

    I have the fan on a timer with the lights that could be the problem now its in a closet and I have a door that has slits in it for the air, but when I am ready for 12/12 i want to seal the door so no light can get in, but will that cause a ventilation issue? If I have fans on in a light prof room will that cause vent issues? I dont think it will, and I know I am suppsed to keep all light from getting in and out. I will have it off at night so nobody will be using lights outside the closet anyway

    ClosetFather Well-Known Member

    i think you are waiting a couple days to long to water... If thats a 1 gallon pot, and not even filled to the top with dirt, then you should be watering more often tha once every 7 days. I have a 5 gallon pot and my soil gets dry (top 1-3 inches) every 7 days. You have 1 gallon and it should dry out quicker. It doesnt have 2 b BONE DRY. just crumbly dry top couple inches of soil. I would water a little sooner than waiting 7 days in between waterings.

    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    Lowes carries a meter to test ph/light/moisture for 7 bucks....make the trip bro...best investment ever...besides a good bong that is!

    projump Well-Known Member

    I have another set of pots that are 6" and they are now bone dry on the top and these plants are not droopy, but the large pots I have are not as dry as the small, so that must mean something, that Maybe I should be waiting longer, this is MG soil and it holds a alot of water, Well I am going to water 1 and compair it with the others.

    projump Well-Known Member

    Ok I watered one of the 6" pots and one of the gallon pots, lets see what happens, tomorrow I will water all the plants if things look good. But once again that MG holds water like anything, I watered untill some water went into the catch tray.

    strey Active Member

    how ur babies doing? ne pics?

    projump Well-Known Member

    I am new to this, and I have a few qustions on PH. It sounds to me that their are different ways to correct PH problems, 1 is to get the water PH to be such that the soil ph will correct, (soil has ph of 5.0 so using water ph 7-7.4 will get you soil to ph of say 6.5/

    The other is to use the PH water at 7.4 and just adjust the contents in the soil to make the PH correct using lime or other items to bring the soil up or down.

    and I was told that you can add epson salt to correct the ph too.

    I am doing the 1st methold where I am setting the water PH to 7.4 to yeald a 6.5 ph but my soil is not taking it down enough so I will be using a water PH of 6.5 lets see what happens.

    babylonburn Well-Known Member

    it could bee ph.../heat stress/...or it needs to be transplanted....or overwatered/underwatered...

    KAOSOWNER Well-Known Member

    First i dont think it is heat related, Maybe overwatered, Those ph/moisture/light meters for seven dollars are crap, crap, crap. They are basically only good for moisture. The ph meter on that is so inaccurate it is funny. Red stems can be an indicator of phosphorus deficency. First thing i would do is flush my soil until the runoff or drainage reads a correct ph of between 6.2 and 6.8. Even though i believe you are over watering i would still reccomend getting the soils ph correct first. That perlite should be mixed in with your soil not just in the bottom of the pot, better to use rocks at bottom and mix the perlite in with your soil. also wait till the soil is dry more than an inch down especially if you dont have good aeration the top layer drys out way faster than the rest it is exposed to the light and air. A good method to know when to water is to use light pots, then water feel the pot weight and dont water again till pot is light. I also dont think it is caused by stagnant air.Hope this helps and all grows well

    nickfury510 Well-Known Member

    :hump::hump: listen to him..hes on to something

    projump Well-Known Member

    If the water is the wrong ph then the run off will never read correctly.. But as far as over watering, I really felt that is my issue but after 7 days and the soil is moist an inch down, i have to think that I need to wait more then 7 days, but people are telling me NO every 5 days.. if I wait 10-12 days people will be telling me its UNder watered, and this is whY I think its all PH issue, and not the water.. But I could be over watering but I could be under watering.. So at every 7 days you are going with over watering, so I will try the 10 days to water.

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