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Dope Farmer - little game to play with when bored...

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by DWR, May 10, 2008.


    DWR Well-Known Member

    Dope Farmer 1.1

    Become a dope farmer! In a game that combines the mechanics of Harvest Moon and the theme of Dope Wars, plant, grow and sell crops, synthesize illegal chemicals, and keep an eye out for the man! Increase your stash and pocket more cash!

    -Plant, water, and harvest a variety of crops
    -Synthesize a collection of chemicals
    -Floods, tornados, and police raids
    -Colorful and well crafted 2d graphics
    -Wonderful sound and music to enhance the experience
    -Submit your scores online to compete against other farmers
    -Easy installation and play
    -Grow marijuana
    -Grow coca
    -Grow poppy
    -Even grow mushrooms
    -Follow price trends/fluctuations
    -Play all game days - 30, 60, 90
    -Unlimited play! Play as many times as you want
    -Build a chem and meth lab
    -Submit your own name to the online high scores
    -Play in easy-to-hide window mode. Great for school or work!

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    Pseudonym Well-Known Member

    Damn it! My crop got flooded on the fourth day!

    DWR Well-Known Member

    haha i harvested staight before the flood ^^

    DWR Well-Known Member

    fucking shit i hit 90 day's with meth lab aso.... just restarted...

    SocataSmoker Well-Known Member

    It's ok, but definitely got monotonous as there's really no point to the game except to grow and sell. I tried getting a ganja farm all the way across but the game didn't even give me enough time to water all of them! Heh... glad I didn't pay for it.

    DWR Well-Known Member

    there's a serial key in the file ^^

    rofl... no need to pay ^^ glad that you didnt do it ^^

    cybadave Member


    You are Gabba Motsweki, a peaceful dagga farmer. One day the sound of helicopters fills the air: it's a SANAP raid! You jump on the back of your bakkie and ready your weapon. Thankfully Jah is on your side: between levels he will heal your crop and he will bless you with weapons upgrades - like the machine gun and the giant spliff! The object of the game is to shoot the police paratroopers before they are able to land and bomb your dagga crops. The game is over when the police have destroyed your crop.

    GibbsIt89 Well-Known Member

    THIS IS AAWWWWSOME! thank you ive bin playing the trial for a couple years now, uninstalling it when im out of days then reinstalling it a couple months later cuz i get bored again and wanna play it. Anyone know where to download the original dope wars game? not for palm, but after for PC?

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