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Dont bother with Original Sensible Seed Company if youre in USA

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by oddlifter, Feb 14, 2013.


    oddlifter Member

    Two weeks after ordering, nothing.

    So I placed an order with sea of seeds, came in the mail 7 days later.

    Still nothing from Original SSC (Day 24). Don't bother with them, waste of time and money as I have not yet gotten a reply from them about my "refund", if I do get a refund I will update this thread.

    VaporTrail Active Member

    I ordered from Original SSC a month ago got my beans in 13 days. There in the dirt now. Ordered from Attitude also 3 weeks ago got them in 12days. Going to try Sea of Seeds hope they get Sick Meds Green Crack back in stock.

    oddlifter Member

    They are refusing to give me a refund because they "have tracked the package to its destination" and miraculously, that destination is not where I am.

    Don't bother with them. Not worth it. I can only pray to God that nothing comes of this if you know what I mean. Disappearing packages have landed a lot of people in a metal cage for a while.

    oddlifter Member

    Really can't believe how unprofessional this site was. I can only hope others read this before making a purchase with them. Sea of seeds even has a representative on this website for crying out loud. Why would you go anywhere else?

    oddlifter Member

    I really need to continue and express how frustrated I am.

    If you are thinking for even a second of ordering from this company and live in the US, do NOT!!!!!!!!!!! I only wish I could go back in time and stop myself. Now I see why some companies ship to the US, they know that 1/3 will show up so they only have to send 1/3 and still make 3/3!!! Fabricated tracking numbers and everything. The one they gave me said my mailman left a notice at 8:58PM!! MY MAIL COMES BETWEEN 5 AND 6PM!


    VaporTrail Active Member

    I live in the US and had no problems tracking was not good once my beans got to the USA. But thats our USPS's fault. Sorry you had problems.

    starlight13 New Member

    I live in Co. and I ordered $700 dollars worth of seeds 2 weeks ago from OSSC and just received them in the mail box and they are all popping out of my germination station. Sounds like you work for this company.
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    Blazin Purps

    Blazin Purps Well-Known Member

    Very Sorry for your problems man I just lost some beans myself to customs, is it possible though that this is the postal services fault for losing/wrong delivery of the package? If you track it does it show you the same information the seedbank told you about it being delivered? BTW I have waited up to 28 days to get an order from the Attitude once but that was cause it was stuck in customs for a while and was delivered slow by the USPS not The Attitudes fault they shipped right away. Hopefully they just got tied up in the post and show up in the next couple days. Good luck dude! And about SOS I can think of a few places I would go besides them, going to take some time if ever to build back their rep for me at least

    bwest Well-Known Member

    The people that created the SoS website fucked up, and SoS shut the site down as soon as they were notified of the problem and fixed it.
    Sounds like an alright company to me. Not like SoS sold your info.
    Blazin Purps

    Blazin Purps Well-Known Member

    I have never purchased from them and most likely never will. Like I said their reputation was kinda ruined for me personally. I am not saying they are a bad company in anyway but I will never order through them though.

    HamSaze330 Active Member

    Ive ordered from them twice, once with guaranteed and got it, once without and got it.
    I just ordered from them again and so far alls good.
    I will say their tracking info on the site isn't always spot on I havent had any problems, plus they sent me a cool poster of all Privada Reserva's strains.
    filthy piglet

    filthy piglet Member

    I've ordered from original sensible seed co. More then 10 times and package comes between 10-14 days every time, never had a problem. Plants always grow nice, good germ rates, and tons of freebies.... I'm sorry you had that problem but it sounds like it was your mail carrier, and the fact that you didn't get insurance on your beans. Seed sellers get people trying to scam them saying they were missing this and that, or the package didn't come, so my advice to anyone ordering seeds is to always insure your mail if you want to know 100% that you will get the items, and that goes for any seed company.

    bakenast Well-Known Member

    whos been ending up in jail for missing seeds?
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    VaporTrail Active Member

    No one! :blsmoke::joint:
    Marty Wanna

    Marty Wanna Active Member

    might the OP be a shill? :-o
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    OrangeHaze Active Member

    Hate to say it, but I agree with OP. OSSC sent me photo seeds when I ordered autos. Said they would resend the autos and asked me to mail back the photos. I took a chance and sent back the photos and now they are ignoring me and wont send the autos.

    It really bums me out to report this cause I'm a huge supporter of small business, but they have been really shady about the whole deal. Buyer beware.

    mrgemstone1 Member

    i won a like and share contest on OSSC facebook page, i did not know i won until they messaged me and asked for my address, they shipped my prize on 10-30-13, on 11-13-13 i recieved 3 ossc blackjack auto's in the original breeder's package. i love me some freebies, so i placed an order which was shipped on the 11-14-13. will post when it arrives

    JCGreenThumb New Member

    Original Sensible Seed Company aka. Original-SSC. Ordered Himalayan Golden x 5 w/ one free seed, guaranteed and stealth, the order was lost in LA. After following up multiple times on the missing order, SSC apologized, said they don't have anymore Himalayan Gold Seeds, asked me to choose a new seed and they also gave an additional 20 Euro Credit. I Picked all fem., Tut x 5 as replacement for the Himalayan, Blue Mataro x 5 for the credit. They resent the package, received it in 10 days, labeled pictures, hand written in girly hand writing. They surprised me with additional seeds, Cheese Candy x 4 and Black Russian x 1 and Sweet Kush x 1, all fem. A little bummed it took so long but when the package arrived all that went away. Was nice to see a legit follow through on guaranteed shipping.
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    KushLyle Member

    This is a nice experience you got from a seedbank. Any chance they also deliver in Canada? The free seeds were given only because the original order got lost right? So normally they don't give out free marijuana seeds?

    Cascadian Well-Known Member

    I ordered some seeds through Original-SSC about 2 1/2 weeks ago. They just arrived with no problem, great stealth packaging.
    Orders can get confiscated from any company, always get stealth and guaranteed to be safe.


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