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does cannabis help with back pain relief ?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by ineverveg, Jun 4, 2012.


    ineverveg Active Member

    im not trying to be funny or upset any1, nor do i want to provoke a reaction or stir it up!

    here's the thing, i have smoked for 20 years and i never noticed any pain relief, at the minute im suffering a bad back and knee and my headache never gets better after smoking ,but i do get them bad. and no i haven't researched strains for this but i smoke a bit and its all different and i grow different strains but never found a pain reliever by chance.


    I fully believe that cannabis will help people with muscular disease and epilepsy ect ect ect, but i watched a program called american weed and there were people on there getting scripts for things like a bad back and torn muscle. by the same token there were lots of people that were getting real help and good advice from the stores.

    watching some of the patients smoke up at home, they were just getting stoned and loving it ,and some even claimed instant 100% pain relief which i find hard to believe, however proceeded to smoke up two or three bongs after they were apparently free of pain lol. they talked about different strains and how they buy for the high and taste rather than pain relief.

    i hope that they allow mmj in the uk soon and i will be first on the list hopefully, i hope that america goes fully legal and the world follows, my dream would be dutch style coffee shops worldwide lol

    im just looking for opinions not arguments ok, and maybe a recommendation for a nice indica back pain strain lol


    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    Yes, some strains are bettert targeting symptoms than others.


    lordjin Well-Known Member

    Pain relief? Three words: OG Kush. And not the kind grown from seeds.

    I had neck and upper back stiffness for ages until I started growing and smoking OG regularly. It's a powerful muscle relaxant...

    It's all about the quality of genetics. Sure, I've smoked plenty of shit that wouldn't do much good for a seriously ill patient. That's why it's all about type and quality. I doubt a non-legal environment could have anything to approach what we have in a medical state.
    H R Puff N Stuff

    H R Puff N Stuff Well-Known Member

    i have degeneritive disc disease and yes it does help for pain ,inflamation and prevents spasms i used to take celebrex twice a day tramadol in bettween celebrex doses temazepam for sleep because of pain and spasms during sleep oh and two years after taking these lisinopril for high blood pressure daily wich were caused by meds then liver problems so off the celebrex now naproxin gained 30lbs. said screw it got my dr. rec for mj now i lost 40lbs. no more need for high blood pressure meds and the only pain med i take is tramadol maybe once a week when there is a long day at work i do construction.
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    lordjin Well-Known Member

    I was prescribed steroidal treatments for my herniated disc as well as endless hours of painful physical therapy. I was also prescribed a long list of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication for my bipolar disorder. High quality medical cannabis is all I take now. It's all I need. Is it a magic bullet for all my ills? No. But it helps. A lot. And I just smoked some.
    Hugo Phurst

    Hugo Phurst Well-Known Member

    I find that my extract mixed with a small amount of 151 rum, makes an excellet tintcure for pain.

    For me it's totally different than smoking.

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member

    Heavy hitting Indica based strains work pretty good with pain. Do they stop 100% of the pain? Not always. Do they destroy your liver and other organs like Opiates and other 'legal' prescription drugs? Nope. Strong edibles work very well as they are time released pain meds instant of instant put you down like you would get with toking. Also, tinctures and vaporizing work well for me, no cancer causing agents and super easy to do. Most medical patients are learning that strains high in CBD/CBN are ideal for them as the THC levels are not as high and they still get pain relief without being stoned off thier butts. Cannabis truly is the real 'wonder' drug of the world and that's why big pharma and the government keeps it illegal. Not much longer you bastards!

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    indica strains work best for me and my chronic back pain.
    your results may differ.
    Guitar guy

    Guitar guy Active Member

    I notice that when I smoke it relieves my back pain. I had surgery last year that left me with extremely tense back muscles. The only things that work are either weed or xanax. I don't like taking xanax because I become a zombie so I smoke weed instead

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    I make cannabuter then make cookies and caramels to induce the pain relief....eating seems to give alot better pain relief than smoking or vapin...even the day after

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    it doesn't help me at all, but don't tell the state that :)

    BackyardBuds Member

    I honestly can't say that taking a few tokes relieves all of the back pain I have when my muscles are in an intense spasm and my S.I joint and lower vertibrae(L5) are not aligned...although it does help with most of it. I smoke to relax the muscles so I can stretch it out and get my spine, sacrum and ilium aligned properly....and the euphoric high helps me focus on the task. After years of seeing chiropractors, the adjustments have just become too brutal. It takes me 2 to 5 days to recover from a chiropractic adjustment and worst case scenario 2 weeks with multiple adjustments. I'll only make the call if I absolutely have to. And like lordjin says its all about genetics...find the strain that best suits your needs. Best of luck to ya.
    H R Puff N Stuff

    H R Puff N Stuff Well-Known Member

    when people ask does it really take all the pain away. i say no, but i dont notice i am in pain unless somone asks me, it takes enough of the pain away that i dont notice it and can get work done i have to concentrate in order to notice the pain if that makes sense no pain = no cramps =no spasms so it works for me great.

    Mindmelted Well-Known Member

    I have had 3 back surgeries and maryjane is the best at helping muscle spasms and to dull the pain.

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    i agree with you kush is great for muscle relief( i have hyperdistonia) another couple of great strains for muscle relief is super silver haze, and afgan(another type of kush) or even a heavy hiting purple strain like GPD.

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    LOL you realize anesthesiologists spend 3 post doc years working on just these type of issues. This is a very complex issue as pain is not just one simple thing.

    There are 3 major categories of pain, somatic, neuropathic and visceral. Somatic and visceral are easier to treat than neuropathic. Further depending on the initial insult you can begin with one type of pain and end with another so the character and quality of pain can change over time.

    Essentially Cannabis probably won't do much for visceral and somatic pain although it can be a valuable adjunct. I'm a chronic pain patient and after about 20 years began to develop a significant neuropathic component to my pain. The usual suspects don't really help much with neuropathic pain. Chronic opiate use doesn't work and you'll see adjunctive therapies; tens units, stimulator implants, intrathecal pumps, accupuncture, biofeedback and other medications not directly related to pain relief used to deal with neuropathic pain. All doing a generally poor job.

    That was when I decided it was time to try cannabis. Besides greatly alleviating the neuropathic pain component which Cannabis excels at it also did something completely unexpected! It potentiated my current morphine by cytochrome P450 interaction allowing me to lower my dose by 2/3[SUP]rds[/SUP]!

    So if you have developed a neuropathic component to your SCI then yes it will probably help you too. But even without a neuropathic component it's synergistic effect could help with your somatic component by allowing you to reduce the opiate quantity.
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    gioua Well-Known Member

    have had major back issues since 92 among many other issues 3 knee surgeries forearm has a 7 inch piece of steel in it been on ALL of the pain killers that they toss at you......... I just recently after 22 years of needing my meds (and this was not a short list) I talked to a person who referred me to use pot.. I have done that for 2 years and to this date got off all my rx meds. (what a hell that was!) my exp will difer from the rest but my pot tolerance esp with medibles is very very HIGH needing min of 2g every 4-5 hours (and smoking about 1 g every 1-2 hours) as I depended less on the rx and more on the pot I noticed my tolerance is lowering which is great...

    dont give up on the use of pot....... keep trying different things one of the best for me and easiest is to make canna oil and add that to the canna caps and take about 10 caps and it will last about 4 hours for me not needing a smoke during the time normally... but there have been bad days where I need a pain killer.

    so agree with the above poster that it does not kill all the pain..........but it makes me no think about it for awhile which is great
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    stickyicky666 Active Member

    its never helped me with any pain, it is nice to be high while your in pain though lol
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    It never takes pain away completely, just dulls moderate pain to a livable level for me.

    High quality bubble hash works best for me.

    DavidLogan New Member

    The cause of lower back pain is usually unknown or uncertain and is often difficult to find. It is thought to involve the muscles, ligaments.
    back pain relief

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