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Does anyone have a botanicare recipe to share?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Hippietrip, Jun 30, 2011.


    Hippietrip Active Member

    I'm currently using the Pure Blend Pro Line, but have a tough time finding the right dosages. When I try to stay in typical ppm ranges for different stages of growth it seems the plant are underfed. However, the recommended dosages (ml/gal) seem incredibly high. Can anyone share their successful experiences with Botanicare? Thanks for any help.

    backwoodsburner Active Member

    i use the full line of botanicare products and i use the reccomenned doses with great sucess. follow the directions and you will be golden. 5 to 15 ml per gallon depending on phase.

    potsticker Active Member

    Pure Blend Pro has a lot of organic nutrients that can't be measured by a ppm meter. You would do well to start with half the recommended dose and slowly increase when your plants tell you they're hungry. I've used grow, bloom and LK with hygrozyme and blackstrap molasses for the past 3 years and love them. No chemical taste at all.

    DesertSativa Well-Known Member

    Are you growing in soil or hydro? I pretty much use everythign they make with great results in their soil. I have a good recipe for soil if you are interested.

    Hippietrip Active Member

    ooh, yes please! I pretty much have the whole pure blend pro line... PBP, LK, CALMG, HYDROPLEX, SILICA BLAST, SWEET...

    I grow in a soiless mix. I mix my nutrients by the gallon. If you have a recipe that would awesome! Thanks for any help!

    hydroponickush Member

    I need it too for soiless!
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    So you feed low and it's too weak, and you feed at recommended dose and it's too hot?
    I'm no scientist, but why don't you just feed in between your "too low" and "too high" dose?

    As you should know, plants of different sizes need different nutrient concentrations. No one here grows the same strains as you, so no one can give you a "one size fits all" feeding schedule.

    Start at your "too low" dose and gradually bump it up until they look happy. You might need some calmag if you're running PBP. Better yet, add dolomite lime to your soil mix so you dont have to keep wasting money on liquid nutrients and guessing at which concentrations to add them.
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member

    IMO, botanicare's "recommended dosages" are all confusing and BS anyway. It says one thing on Kharma and PureBlend, but if you look at their brochure for nute schedule it says something different if you use the two together.

    IMO, botanicare is good, but pretty expensive once you factor in the dosage requirements. For pureblend probloom I would go up to 25 mL/gal, plus 5mL/gal of Hydroplex during the peak of mid-flower. Compare that to 5mL/gal for Dyna-Gro.
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member

    If you are using tap water, the calmag will be undesirable. Use 2 to 5 mL/gal of hydroplex. 5 to 10mL/gal LK. I use Dyna's Silica @ 2-5 mL/gal. Sweet is undesirable IMO.

    intenseneal Well-Known Member

    I use the Pro Grow and Pro Bloom for soil in FFOF and Happy Frog. With these soils I have found no need to feed the Grow and if I even feed 1 ml of Grow I got nute burn. I will start with 1 ml of Bloom at transition and slow try to work my way up to 10 ml if I dont have nute issues. When I used cheap soil I could feed pretty much full doses by week 2 of veg. IME you have to feed a sweet to really bring out the smell and taste even if it is basic natural sweetener of molasses. I use GH Sugar Nectar, GH Berry Nectar and Grandma's Organic Molasses. I have done plants with sweets and with out sweets and there is a difference for sure.

    zer0ed Active Member

    here is "super stoner's" recipie which is a modified version of the "stinkbud" recipie

    lk= Liquid Karma
    pbp = pure blend pro

    super recipe for veg using botanicare pro( per gallon of water, in ml)
    pbp grow 8
    lk 3
    calmag 2
    aquashield 6
    silica blast 4
    great white 2 scoops for 25gal
    then flush with 150ml clearex for 24hrs before rotate to flower

    i am using pondzyme now instead of greatwhite, price difference is huge.
    pondzyme with barley
    on the pondzyme i use about 1/3-1/2 a scoop for a new res then about 1/4 scoop every 4-5 days. hands down it beats greatwhite before the price difference.

    start at 5.2-5.3
    PH 5.5-6.1.

    750-1000 ppm

    super recipe for flower weeks 1 and 2(per gal of water in ml)
    pbp grow 5
    pbp bloom 5
    lk 2
    calmag 2
    aquashield 3
    sweet raw 4
    silica blast 3
    great white 3scoops to 50gal
    then flush with 150 ml clearex for 24hrs

    super recipe for flower weeks 3-5(per gal of water, in ml)
    pbp bloom 10
    lk 2
    calmag 2
    aquashield 3
    sweet raw 6
    silica blast 3
    hydroplex 3
    great white 3scoops
    then flush with 150ml clearex for 24hrs

    super recipe for flower weeks 5-8(or til finished)(per gal of water, in ml)
    pbp bloom for soil 10
    lk 2
    calmag 2
    aquashield 3
    sweet raw 8
    silica blast 3
    hydroplex 4
    no great white
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member

    There's no need to run great white with every feeding. You only need to add microbes once or twice during a grow, unless you are for some reason killing them off.

    graab187 Active Member

    I'm interested!

    azores Member

    I think that he's talking about aeroponics with no medium, just net pots and neoprene collars. The microbes can't reproduce in that environment. So except for those that stay on the roots, the rest need to be replaced with each res change. That's my understanding anyway.
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member

    Microbes in aero seems like a waste of money to me.

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