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Does anybody have the real Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by legaleyes13, Nov 19, 2012.


    Jogro Well-Known Member

    For what its worth, Kyle Kushman was a guest on Danny Danko's High Times radio program and he specifically tells the details of how he made the strain. Unfortunately, I forget which episode number it was, but it was one of the earlier ones, and all the episodes are up on the HT website for free download.

    If I remember right, the part about him getting a cut from a guy in Vermont who grew it in a Strawberry field is true, as is the part about him thinking the strain was worthless until he actually tried it. The VT strawberry was crossed with a haze or haze-hybrid to create the clone only line.

    I don't know if "the cough" (clone only strain thought to be Haze x NL#5) was the haze parent, but it might be.

    Anyway, if anyone really needs to know, Kushman has a website "medicalmarijuana.com" and he does post there and take questions, so if he hasn't already posted about this, you could probably ask him directly.
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    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    The cough out of Colorado is not the haze parent. Pretty sure it was a true male haze plant. And kyle's new website is Kylekushman.com
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    colocowboy Well-Known Member

    Strawberry cough was not a clone only, it was strawberry fields crossed to original haze male. The strawberry fields was the clone.
    Strawberry cough was an f1 hybrid that the parents have been lost for. Hazeman is supposedly be breeding from the original seed stock.
    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    If you want to take that definition, no strain ever is clone only. Because they all came from a seed. The "clone only" strains are usually that because they far exceeded their sisters in performance and overall quality when being grown. There is a reason the other ones aren't around, they weren't as good. Especially when growing out an F1, the genetics can go all over the place. I would classify strawberry fields as an extinct heirloom strain. Strawberry cough is her star, clone only progeny.

    colocowboy Well-Known Member

    no shit!?

    Well as long as you classify it all us other dumb asses can sleep easy tonight!
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    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    Yep, you can. Glad you called yourself a dumbass though so I didn't have to look like an asshole.

    colocowboy Well-Known Member

    Nothing in this world could stop you from looking like an ass hole man!
    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    Yep. I'll be in your parts shortly, come see me at the cup this weekend. Check out how much of an asshole I really am

    colocowboy Well-Known Member

    For the record you didn't say anything of value above, nor did you sort anything.
    I'm not sure what you have up your ass, but rest assured if you talked to my face like that it would be my booT!

    **Wow, tough guy talking shit across the internet. Oh come find me where I will have my crew and security to protect my HUGE VAGINA! Your a cunt, a large gaping twat!
    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    Dude. That wasn't tough guy talk at all. Read into whatever you want. Thanks for stating that I said nothing of value. I'm sure everyone else agrees. Maybe come smoke a joint of strawberry cough with me and Kyle at the cup? Will that hold any value to you or are you an uber heady Colorado scenester? Probably only smoke on the avid sprayed, PM infested dispensary weed.

    GanjaGreenGables Active Member

    I like Sc. And i recently had an aquaintence grow this beautiful strain. But after reading this thread it could be a hybrid of sorts. Smelled good..looked good.. but not so much the.strawberry taste.

    F...the dumb talk, name calling. it does nothing but take up bandwidth and belittles our cause and thats to.grow amazing weed.

    Thanks for the quality info on the thread minus the irrelevent.
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    colocowboy Well-Known Member

    I would love to think that you weren't being a self stated ass and that you didn't just extend a friendly hand as you take another swipe. I have seen you do this same antagonistic bull shit to others around here, I'm not the first and I doubt the last. You know nothing about me, way to read a whole lot into a screen name. Nice to see how you rep yours!

    All I said was jogro was right and filled in the details from some article I read and I get you talking some shit about whats a "clone only anyway". Where did I levy an argument of genetic state? Simple statement of what I read the original sc parentage, which really inferred what you so aptly stated but were kind enough to rub my nose in.
    Sorry, did I miss something here?

    **Oh and I said that you could get what is supposedly legit from hazeman, which I guess is also worth a flogging!
    Sorry to have muddied the water....

    GanjaGreenGables Active Member

    ^^^:)Well im flattered and amused somewhat. My name is intended to be non threatening,non bias, and unoffensive. I rep it well.

    Ganja Green Gables is a color actually. Secondly your comment about antagonistic & its relation to others is also irrelevant. How is this revelation valuable to the thread?

    Whats love got to do with it? Why does me knowing about how you are in life pertain to strawberry cough, and the origination?

    I showed you respect first because thats what an OG does. Your lack of respect for the "free information" from "Rare D Mi" was shown when you replied with you virtual chest puffed out all haughty like..

    As men we have enough to deal with in America just on a day to day. And since i dont know who you are connected with ill remain cool on here. And its against policy for me to speak my own.

    But ill be making myself known to other RIU members in person and if your still sour about it then we can discuss it in person like men should. Id rather gain your knowlege then act like 2 hens cluckin.

    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    all I did was correct your illogical statement. Strawberry cough was not clone only huh? But it is now? I would venture to say it was ALWAYS clone only, because none of the other seeds in the stock produced the same expression. You added something to a thread based on things you've read on the Internet, I am stating facts from first hand knowledge of a strain I have been smoking for 12 years and growing more than half that time.

    My offer is genuine. Come find me this weekend at the RD or river rock booth and I will take you to Kyle and we can puff some cough.

    Hazydat620 Well-Known Member

    I know this is kinda old but can anyone who grows the legit SC tell me if three finger leaves is a trait?
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    Lokibean New Member

    Please tell me someone is kind enough to help me get a clone of this. I am very eager to get this strain as part of my collection. Please help me make this happen. [email protected]
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    blowincherrypie Well-Known Member

    Ahhh TokerPennis... Good to see you again

    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    Dinafem has Strawberry Cough... I think they even claim it's Kushmans' cut. Been looking at it for a while. Curious if anyone has grown this- ?
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    Pass it Around

    Pass it Around Well-Known Member

    You can argue all day and night even til ww3 starts and it won't change the fact that your all being way too silly over a "lineage" who cares if he got it as a seed who gives a shit if he got it as a clone. What matters is where you can get it and how to grow it. My advice is to never start with heavy nutes KKSC is a plant that if it gets stunted at all in the beginning it will turn out a shit product. If you keep it mellow through its life and keep it nice and lush green without over ferting you will be rewarded with some of the sweetest buds around.
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    Breko Well-Known Member

    I see this thread is old but since it came back.... Anyone know who's breeding with legit SC?
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