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Do plants (including cannabis plant) produce carbon dioxide during the dark stages

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by iloveit, Jan 2, 2008.


    iloveit Well-Known Member

    Someone has told me you should not grow plants in your bed room because they produce carbon dioxide during the dark stages (and oxygen during the light stages) and this can be bad for your health.

    Is this true?

    blonddie07 Well-Known Member

    You would need your whole entire room covered with plants to have any effect on you. Plus your supposed to have an intake.. which is an open window and an exhuast... again the open window..

    canadiancowboy Well-Known Member

    Well I`d say that`s a load of crap.
    Mankind has been sleeping in the bush for thousands of yrs...and we`re still here.
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    iloveit Well-Known Member

    Yeah you guys are right I should have used my common-sense.

    Thanks guys.

    gonfishin Active Member

    Plants do produce CO2 when there is no light available. This occurs because the plants cannot photosynthesize their energy source (no light) and so they must perform respiration. Even though they do produce CO2 I believe the amounts produced are not large enough to do damage to you.


    kagenical Well-Known Member

    The only problem with C02 is suffocation anyways. You'd need to have an airtight room to suffer from that.

    swishatwista Well-Known Member

    Could having other plants around give off Co2 and aid in your plants growth?

    iloveit Well-Known Member

    Good question...

    Skunkybud Well-Known Member

    It couldn't hurt I can say that with no doubt. But how much plants would ya have to have to even gain the benefits?
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    n o

    Phyzix Guest

    Well you could fill your entire area with houseplants or buy some sugar and yeast, take your pick :blsmoke:

    Dibbsey Active Member

    amounts produced are enough to harm you because houses are an enclosed hvac system and even if it was enclosed people dont have their air running 24/7 to vent out anything anyways. Thats why a gas leak is dangerous in a house, because it builds up. NO SHIT YOU SAY? its the fucking same thing with living in a room with plants and sleeping in it at night. You are both producing co2 in an enclosed space. If your garden air recirculates and you don't have it exhausting outside you will run into lung problems. FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE HERE. Everyone thinks (just like I used to) that plants produce oxygen and we produce co2. But that's only the cause during the day. At night they produce co2 just like us.

    I can tell when there's high amounts of co2 the air just seems stale and really really heavy and thick without having a high humidity. Its the most annoying type of space to live in. It is not clean air at all.
    In every grow journal it tells you, you must have an exhaust fan and intake fan. They should mention the exhaust fan should NOT be where anyone sleeps and most preferably outside if you have a carbon scrubber on it. It should also be made aware why you don't want to recirculate grow room air where you sleep for health reasons. No one really knows about this shit and the ones that do haven't published enough on the subject to make people aware of it yet.

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