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Do not use "organocide"

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Mikey Hustle, Sep 19, 2009.

    Buddy Hemphill

    Buddy Hemphill Active Member

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    Onionburns Member

    You are right on. I use it up to week 4 as well. I get it concentrated from my grow shop and mix it at 2/3 strength or so and I have no mites at all.I don't spray anything else till they finish and I've been mite free. Do you use another product like safer or something?

    HeartlandHank Well-Known Member

    Try a natural pyrethrin bomb... I haven't had spider mites in a long time, but late in flower I use p bombs... You have to use the natural pyrethrins, not synthetic. No taste, no effect, just a few hours of light and it breaks down into harmlessness.

    I'm not sure why no one does this for mites... perhaps there is a reason I am unaware of.
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    biscuitkid Well-Known Member

    I know this is an old thread but I just wanna point something out, this guy was flippin about organicide, if u read the bottle it clearly saids not too use "indoors" lol I used organicide from day one since I had sprouts n I don't have any problems with pest....just my thought on it...
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    g.gnome New Member

    I made the same mistake a while back using this Organocide stuff from home depot in the exact same situation not realizing there was a deodorized formula.. not sure why I thought something that is 93% fish oil wouldn't stink.. guess i didn't read the label well enough.

    I did want to get you all's opinion on this though as some of the labels on these products and their directions are very misleading and really aren't referring to smokables when they say it's okay to "spray at harvest time." I have been using Azamax and from what I've read/heard about it, you can spray up until week 3 and then after that you would only want to use it as a soil drench or otherwise in your root zone up until day of harvest.

    Found this product description for organocide while i was researching.. and here again we have a company saying in their description that you can spray up until the day of harvest.. and again we have assume they are not considering any smokables. however, these organic oils do break down after 4-5 weeks and should be completely gone by harvest time if you keep your spraying before week 3.. thoughts?

    Product Description

    Organocide is an OMRI listed, nature-safe insecticide and fungicide for organic production. Derived from a unique blend of soybean extract and sesame and fish oils, Organocide is heavier and more effective than other oils, but safer to the plant. It will not cause plant burn even when used on hot sunny days!

    Effective on a wide variety of insects, mites, armored and soft scales and certain fungal diseases like black spot on roses and powdery mildew. Organocide replaces many "hard" synthetic pesticides and is safe enough to spray at harvest time or indoors*.


    Craig1969SS Well-Known Member

    Read the label, it's sesame oil not fish oil and yes it smells but the smell goes away

    EvasiveGrower Member

    The OP is crazy, clearly you have no idea what you are doing. LOL did you not research the product before you bought and used? "It smells like fish so don't use this garbage"

    How about you don't post garbage threads about your garbage techniques resulting in your garbage weed. Do more research before going full retard on the forums. This is a great product when used correctly as many others have stated. I myself have had great success with this product. Anyways maybe you learned a lesson LOL.
    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    I use Southern Ag Triple Action Neem before mid-flower and Nature's Care Insecticidal Soap plus their 3-in-1 Insect, Disease, and Mite Control if things get really bad. All from Home Depot for cheap. Hydro shops charge premiums.

    MasterSweets New Member

    Outdoor grower here. I know this is a dead thread revitalized but I did a quick google search to see if anyone had experimented with or tried Organocide mixed with neem in a single spray and this thread popped up number one. Just want to give my experience with the product. The fact that OP mentioned he lost half his crop to fish and the other half to mites should say something to anyone thinking for themselves. I've had great success with neem, as have most. As for Organocide I've had great results too.

    First used it for powdery mildew, which we all know can only be fought not beat. Organocide fought it as well as anything I've used. Also as we all hopefully know fish might be a bad smell to us but it is not a bad smell for our plants, in the form of this product or others. I not only get pest and mildew/fungus control, but greener leaves and happier plants from this spray. I'm sure there are better ones out there and I would love to hear about them. But for an organic pest and mildew spray, and for the cost, I have yet to find a better solution than this one.

    Also to OP, pay closer attention to your plants. If you saw the problem before it was in full meltdown you wouldn't be spraying flowers in week 5...
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    AAjax Active Member

    If I may I have eradicated gnats on the couple occasions Ive run into them with gnatrol and yellow sticky traps. Super easy and very effective. Go heavy (3tsp per gallon) on the gnatrol for 2+ weeks and they will be gone. Same BT as dunks but seems to work faster.
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    Craig1969SS Well-Known Member

    Where does it state there is a 40 day residual? On the front label it reads "Harvest the the same day" granted that would be for vegetables etc. The primary active ingredient is sesame oil. It's EPA exempt. Where did your information come from please

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    DoublebackSuperDJDave New Member

    I just read this on the organocide website.

    Benefits Ingredients/Packaging Versatile:
    Active Ingredient: Sesame Oil.............5.0%
    Inert Ingredients Fish Oil .............92.0%
    Exempt from EPA registration Patent Pending

    Item Specifications
    Item Number: 132566
    Universal Product Code: 679045119581
    Manufacturer: Organic Laboratories

    Dj530 New Member

    New grower here. I just picked up a bottle of organocide plant doctor. To deal with the beginning stages of powder mold trying to grow some big blue dream plants 67 days veged already from clone. and putting them outside in the couple weeks to veg more. Any suggestions on what ratio to use? IMG_20170331_231845.jpg

    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    I use it @ 1/2 Tsp / gall. For preventative once or twice in veg & haven't had pm since.
    Here's the info I got from e-mailing their representative. image.jpg That's Plant Doctor not 3-1 so others are not confused.
    The 3-1 should be only 15ml. / gall. Any more will kill your leaves. 3-1 will only prevent pm for about a month.
    Fish guts.

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