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Do not use "organocide"

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Mikey Hustle, Sep 19, 2009.

    Mikey Hustle

    Mikey Hustle Well-Known Member


    For some fucked up reason I went with "Organocide" from home depot because my hydro shop was closed & I couldnt find neem on a Sunday.


    With Organocide, my buds hardly smell like bud.. They still smell like fish. The smell lingers around bad. it slowed the spider mites a little.

    Neem oil has very little stink. The slight smell is gone in a week. And it did a nice job on the spider mites last time.

    I just had to crop 2 weeks early because this garbage didnt get rid of the mites. Now I have BUNK WEED!

    Anyone wanna smoke up a 1/2 lb of fishy hay??? LOL.. I had to toss the other 1/2 lb because it was so infested with mites that it wasnt smokable, or it still had too much fishy smell.

    I had to spray them in week3 and week 5 of budding. I had no choice.

    Damn I should have just went with Neem.

    smppro Well-Known Member

    you should consider yourself lucky for getting rid of them the first time, they are almost impossible to get rid of, most people lose their crop, beside you shouldnt really be spraying anything on your buds that late into flowering, especially something that probably contains fish oils.

    [email protected] Member

    well im certainly glad i read this thread before hitting up my plants that are defo 3 weeks into budding. IM having an issue with fungus gnats. was told by the local and only nutrient guy in town to drench my soil in Azamax. did that yesterday with both rooms. seems i have an ass load more flying around than ever now. ill look at getting some of those yellow stickeys, i just got the dunks and will hit it up tomorrow. but in the mean time i was going to spray with Organocide. I was told by another guy progrower to use it. im certainly not going to be spraying buds with fishy stuff. didn't even think of that. i need to get neem aparently so seems much of the reading in a few forums.

    As far as spider mites though, hit the plants with Azamax, then used PestOut, then Azamax again. few days apart. Ive heard how hard it is to get rid of spider mites, but unless i forgot something to list, i've no more spider mites. but went instantly into the fungus gnat. and its been 6 days progressively getting worse. It does appear however much less activity in the soil.

    Well im glad i read this. cus now my assumption is, Organocide for the soil as it kills the larvea n eggs etc, but im going to have to go snag up some neem in a few hours..

    BTW, i saw an interesting write up about how you should bake your soil before using it to avoid infestation created by careless soil manufactures and passed on to you.

    If anyone has any suggestions can you provide a link for any literature. ive seen the predatory nematoads, yellow stickies, hydrogen peroxide 1 to 4 solution, one inch sand on top each pot of soil, mild natural soap pray, drying soil out for days till droopy leaves, B.T.I. (Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis), saw few of those in this link, very informative, worth a read for sure. http://www.420magazine.com/forums/p...ungus-gnats-how-kill-larvae-soil-n-e-1-a.html .... scroll to the dude named "trip".

    Before i go to town on these plants again, i need to consult the local nutrient guy. the store is specific to this growing. just seems he might have suggested something other than only azamax. clearly didn't solely fix the issue.

    I will report back any results. This is seriously an important issue that there needs to be a single solution for. Where's all the mad scientists? OH, my bad, was 4:20 out to lunch


    bish109 Active Member

    yea we have nats in our hydro grow and i was using that stuff in the soil half we have and the hydro half idk how its working cause you had to spray the bugs in the buds we just have them in the soil i was wondering what will happen if any of this gets absorbed by the roots of the plant?

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    man you all have to look into predatory mites for spider mites and predatory nematodes for gnats. I hate a huge gnat infestation and Azamax made my Larry OG's sad so I figured I'd hit them with nematodes. Same thing with predatory mites they mail you a package with their eggs in them and you just plant their eggs by the spider mite eggs and game over. Predatory mites win and then eat eachother.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    The fungus gnat larvae is worse they feed on your plants roots.

    mike91sr Well-Known Member

    Wow this was a dead thread...anyway, I'm using ladybugs for my mites right now. I'll see how they do, I havent found any mites but eggs are still present, waiting for them to hatch to see if they'll be gone before laying more eggs. The approach of using nature to control nature just seems.....natural.

    unohu69 Well-Known Member


    zo0t New Member

    lol br0 iz called organocide br0 and u bought it br0 then u iz use it br0 common Y U DO DAT ??

    SativAHHH Member

    this is a expensive process, around here predatory anything is pricey, and their are a ton more alternatives organically than a simple nematodes(which do NOT kill every bug you want,trust me, i bought 3 batches and on each harvest,guess what..only a majority got taken care of), im a proactive kind of grower, i dont let bugs regualte bugs, i get in there and learn and do things on my own, only way to get it under control, 70% rubbing alcohol and water(3:1 ratio) (example: 12 ounces of water, 4 ounces of alcohol) or the habanero spray on the super mite thread thats stickied above this thread..both work in combo with each other, time consuming: yes, effective:yes, organic:yes...the effort and time spent with your plants...priceless.

    SativAHHH Member

    y d0 u speel liek a 8 yer old? Y U DO DAT. english is not a lost artform, learn it for everyones benefit.

    zo0t New Member

    y0 cuz correkt spelling iz for pussy'0z and i aint no pussy'0

    dart420 New Member

    Just uneducated........

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    Dokotor Doom bomb for the initial treatment. Then every 3 days for 3 cycles a misting of DD Knockout spray or a quick blast from another DD fogger just before lights around the top of the plant, mites gone. Its all about breaking the breeding cycle and both products can be safely used right up until the day before harvest....

    MrMeanGreen Active Member

    Just some teenage oik dat finks it wel gud innit coz like dat is ow it is onda street innit cuz bruv blad, ja get me.

    I woudn't worry, when his balls drop he will suddenly start talking properly.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    Really I watched a fellow grower take care of his immunity built spider mites with predatory mites they are basically another mite that feed on spider mites.. He just planted the eggs by the spider mite eggs and BAM when they hatched they started eating the other mites and eggs and when they were all gone they started eating themselves. I mean 1,000 of them are under 50 bucks... I havent had a spider mite issue but I know a few who have and some of them build immunities to all sorts of shit ( Some not all ) .. All I know is spent 20 bucks on 1 million nematodes after spending a few bucks on azamax , a few more bucks on mosquio dunks , some more dough on Gnatrol , even more dough on Hot Shot Strips...

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    Who learned you how to spoke!!!!!!!!

    zo0t New Member

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    edit: n i iz spek liek dis cuz it makes me look cool!! talkin bout ballz n shit wtf :roll:

    learn 2b kewl!

    marc413 Active Member

    Ive used Organocide for a long time and I think it works great.... you just cant spray it past week 4 of flower, it has a 40 day residual
    Buddy Hemphill

    Buddy Hemphill Active Member

    If you spray pesticides during flower you are crazy.

    Thats not medicine.

    That ranks up there with selling paraquat weed.

    Do you really smoke weed that was sprayed with Organicide in week 4 ?!?!?


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