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DIY Heat Sink

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by RainerRocks, Mar 3, 2013.


    RainerRocks Active Member

    I just found this idea on another forum and thought I post it here.

    Good idea for people who like to do DIY or who are
    short of $.

    Buy some C-channels at Home-Depot .

    Line them up next to each other and drill holes across C channels then slide a metal rod thru holes and bolt together. Two or Three rods should secure it well enough.

    Not a bad idea plus you can cut to any size you want. Also you can connect some airplane wire to the rods and use it to hang your heatsink.

    Metal Rod goes across -->|_||_||_||_||_||_||_|--> and out this end..attach some washers and screws to secure.

    I didn't know what C-Channels were when I read his post so I did a quick search on C-Channels
    and found these. Clear Anodized Finish C-Channels using 6063-T5 Aluminum. This Metal is used by alot
    of heatsinks makers. There is better out there but I haven't look to see if it exists for C-Channels.

    PS: Give Thanks To seaf0ur from another forum.

    guod Well-Known Member

    U-channels...one of my first tries.. about 3years ago
    left and right 16W(1W led), 21W(3W Leds) for the other on a switch

    a Mix of Cree, Osram, and chin. Leds
    Drivers build in,
    led1f.jpg led1fd.jpg led1r.jpg led1rd.jpg
    full 50W (red)
    blue 45W
    still working for a friend of mine for clones

    RainerRocks Active Member

    That's great guod ...figures if anyone were to do this it would be you..lol

    You are the best !


    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Old post but I have to ask...how hot did this get?

    caretak3r Well-Known Member

    I hadn't seen this - I'm cheap and like to use stuff from the hardware store so it definitely get's my interest. Seems like a decent solution especially if you are pairing with active cooling (I like cheap 120MM 12v case fans personally)

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