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Did i purchase the correct lights for my plants?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by CaliforniaTHC, May 9, 2012.


    CaliforniaTHC Active Member

    Hello, I bought three flourescent lights with 4ft chains on them, here is a link: http://www.hhydro.com/Electronic-Shop-Light-4-T12-T8.htmlAnd I'm looking to grow some indoor bud, possibly cheese, I'm looking for a rather high yield as well, as well as a cost effective lighting system. Before I was interested in some 1000W LED Grow lights but a friend recommended the flourescent lights. If you guys know of some 1000W lights for like eh like 150$ max please let me know, or are the lights I just bought already fine?

    herballuvmonkey Well-Known Member

    Invest in HID. You can grow with the T12 flouro but your not going to get the type of yield that you will get using metal halide and HPS. Its simple science. Look at your PAR ratings for your lights and compare. PAR is the amount of correct light/radiation that your plants get in the spectrum that they can use. HPS will give you the best. As far as size 400w for a room up to 16 sq ft. 600 for up to 64 sq ft and 1000w for up to 100 sq ft.
    Brother Numsi

    Brother Numsi Well-Known Member

    Difficult to get a good yield with FL lighting. You can try adding 4-6 65w CFL, but there's never a guarantee on a good yield even with HID...just better odds. It sounds like you are talking about 1-2 plants here, right?

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    Good luck!!

    missnu Well-Known Member

    Well I have to say what everyone else is already if you want to grow some plants those will do great, but if you want to grow super awesome plants that just are breathtakingly beautiful and grow daily then you need some High intensity lighting...MH or HPS, or both...or a CMh that is in between? Whatever of those you choose, they are the best for growing plants like ours...I mean small plants like windowsill basil and what not will just flourish with flourescents, but our plants are a little larger and need a little more light than can be effective and efficient trying to use cfls

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