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Deported Veterans

Discussion in 'Politics' started by abandonconflict, Feb 8, 2018.


    abandonconflict Well-Known Member

    Yes, those words are together. A lot of people enlist before they've become citizens and believe that it makes them a citizen automatically if they get an honorable discharge. It should.

    This personal friend of mine decided to start something in Tijuana to help them out. He was deported a long time ago when he ran afoul of the law but was pardoned for his minor crimes. His organization has become a lifeline for others who share his plight. and he recently branched out to Ciudad Juarez.

    What many people don't realize is that the stress and trauma brought about by military service often leads to troubles like addiction and delinquency. These guys served the US in uniform and do not deserve to have our backs turned to them.

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    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    "Americans also dream"

    abandonconflict Well-Known Member

    Yeah sometimes I mess with him about how I'm more Mexican because I go there by choice. The thing is, he is trying to come off as a conservative because he thinks it makes him seem more patriotic but he's terrible at it.
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    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    That's treasonous.

    abandonconflict Well-Known Member

    It's sad that someone who put on a US military uniform feels the need exude anything at all to appear as a patriotic American in the eyes of the descendants of white settlers in occupied Aztlan.
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    kelly4 Well-Known Member

    That seems like something I would make sure is true before enlisting

    abandonconflict Well-Known Member

    I agree with your sentiment but recruiters can be persuasive and misleading. They already prey on poor communities and Dreamers usually do find themselves desperate in the only country they ever knew, speaking the only language they ever knew.

    Whatever the circumstances, if someone is accepted into the military and does their service honorably, it is deserved.

    The president is a draft dodger, just for juxtaposition.
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    captainmorgan Well-Known Member

    Cadet Bone Spur is a highly decorated bowler. How would he have maintained his average if they had sent him to war?
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    abandonconflict Well-Known Member

    I had two immigrants in my squad. That's two out of 9 infantrymen that I deployed with twice to Afghanistan and Iraq between 2002 and 2004. Their blood looks like my blood but maybe it's just because I am of Mexican descent too.
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    abandonconflict Well-Known Member

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