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deciduous herbaceous perennial marijuana strain

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by dannyking, Aug 28, 2008.


    dannyking Well-Known Member


    Jriggs Well-Known Member


    jollygreengiant8 Well-Known Member

    i found this a few months back but totally forgot about it until now.
    never heard anything about anyone trying it

    calicat Well-Known Member

    Interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

    Jriggs Well-Known Member

    ill wait a season or so till i see a few -- non bised grow reports on em .. if i see what i like pre spring ill prepare em for a fe gorilla grows... and leave em for a year...

    NotMine Well-Known Member

    I agree if they do as stated that just might drag me back outside next year!!

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    very very intersting, but that esoteric hydroponics/doggies nuts/pukka seeds is the most overpriced growshop/seedbank going, i mean they want £445 for their g13!! theyre taking the piss, i bought one of their 8 pod flood and drain kits with some dutch passion feminised blueberry and white widow years ago as a newbie from their shop in guildford and it cost me an absolute fortune! but as a newbie i knew no different. for seeds i use Cannabis Seeds & Marijuana Seeds Feminised the same seeds half the price. the guy behind esoteric/doggies nuts/pukka apparently is the only citizen in the uk with a home office licence to grow cannabis, but id never buy from him again coz hes a rip off. id wait till them seeds are available in other seedbanks.

    nemad Well-Known Member

    i think its imposible.

    i found this strain very interesting ... but i just dont believe them.

    seeds r kind a expencive too...

    Blink Well-Known Member

    I bet those aren't even real pics of the plant. Auto-flowering, and perennial... sounds like ruderalis to me. If the claims are true I bet the thc is lacking dramatically and/or you get a small headache lol :D

    nemad Well-Known Member

    google says almost nothing about this weird plant. there is such strain or smth, but not marijuana. this bizare site is only one who is presenting this MARIJUANA strain

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    nothing surprises me with that company, theyre in it for thing, to line their pockets with your money, i mean look at the prices of the seeds they sell and compare to your normal seedbank, theyre stinkin theiving wankers. and to think so many newbies buy from them and get robbed, literally

    nemad Well-Known Member

    yeah.. ripoff.

    SHOOT2KILL66 The Gardener

    Reminds me of another Breeder lmao

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    wonders which breeder that is then?

    antiant Member

    What a fucking cunt that asshole is trying to sell those.... 125£ Unfuckingbelievable. I wasn' t even a member of this forum, but I had to write in about this "perennial autoflowering" strain. What happens when you don' t harvest ripe buds? The plant starts to gets stressed and may start to turn hermaphrodite, resulting in some of the buds turning into male flowers which will fertilise the female buds producing seeds. Eventually, these seeds will fall to the ground and may result in new plants. All this dickhead has created is a species that apparently will go hermie reliably. That' s a great leap for Cannabis breeding, congratulations you moron. Cannabis can be revegetated and bloom perennially. I know, for a fact, it happens in Tropical Australia. Good luck with that in Britain. Can' t imagine they grow much Cambodian Elephant up on the Yorkshire Moors. Any one who spend 125€ on buying what probably just some typical Asian Sativa deserves to lose there money

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