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Day 22 of flowering, lots of yellow leaves.. HELP PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by potberto, Nov 28, 2009.


    potberto Active Member

    Hello - I know that some yellowing during flowering is OK, but I just wanted to be sure this isn't too excessive. This is my first grow and I've come this far - don't want to lose it!!!

    About the grow - Personal medical legal grow. Closet, 400w HPS, soil.. Nutes are the GH Flora series (micro, bloom, grow). I also add a bit of molasses and Instant Karma to each watering. Daytime temps in closet are 75-77, night time, 65-70. The PH is between 6.5 & 7.0 on all plants. I also LST'd the shit out of them.

    I have three plants - a Master Kush from seed, a Frisian Dew from clone, and a Northern Berry x berry from clone. The MK and FD seem to be the yellowing ones, the NB has a tiny bit but not much.

    This is day 22 of flowering. A few days ago I did not notice the yellowing, guessing it happened over the last 3-5 days.

    Last night I gave a TINY amount of just the Micro (5-0-1) to a gallon of water - maybe two drops of it, and I watered the two yellowing plants with that..

    Master Kush:

    The Frisian Dew:

    A little bit of bud porn - the buds look OK!!

    Master Kush:


    And the garden - three plants, in front is the FD, back right is MK, back left is NBB.. See how the FD and MK are definitely more yellow/lighter?

    Yes those are strawberries and tomatoes sharing the love :)

    Anyways, thanks for ANY and ALL help guys.. I just want to make sure I am doing this right!!

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Looks liike its need of some nitrogen

    miteubhi? Active Member

    Nitrogen would be the key here. Also, if you don't have enough calcium, magnesium and iron, the nitrogen gets locked out. Try some cal-mag if you haven't used any before and give your girls a nice drink of some nitro rich food. Give 'em a week and they'll be doin' fine.

    Peace and gravy

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Watch the greenhouse threads on you tube and do has the best do this can be sorted if a little work is done once a week.All you have to do is flush the plants once every so often i flush once a week during flowering and the plants stay green till the end.I flush each plant with around 5 ltr of water till the froth that you will get on the top of the soil goes.Then i leave then in say the bath for around a hour and then make a new batch of nutrients up and then ph it and feed.This means that the plant is getting ph'ed nutes every feed.And the bonus with this method is that you only need to feed once a week let the plants dry right out before you re~feed this is how to get the best root systems.I gurantee that if you do give this a go the plants will thank you for it and you will have no where near has many problems.And b4 any one says it no all that water will not harm the plants.I also do a nft grow this means that the grow medium is constantly wet with a film of nutes running into your plants 24/7.

    potberto Active Member

    Ok, this morning I flushed them with a few gallons each of fresh water, then gave them a feeding with a healthy amount of N in it.. I guess now just gotta wait and see.. If that's what the problem was - how long do you usually see it take to turn around and go green again? Thanks

    potberto Active Member

    No one?!!

    If an N deficiency was the problem, how long will it take till the leaves go back to green?

    This morning they still look about the same...

    Also, a nice pic of the main MK bud from this morning.. Day 24 of flowering.


    Any help is appreciated!

    fedar Member

    Check your Ph meter. I think this is low Ph problem. This is NOT nutrients problem.

    emmaegdy Member

    if it is a nute problem try a bit of potassium nitrate ( but be very careful with it) if it aint just make sure your Ph is at proper levels

    potberto Active Member

    Thanks for the help so far..

    Got some cal-mag today, I'm going to give them a little of that in case it's a Magnesium deficiency which my research says it's possible.. Also tested the PH of the soil - right at 7.0

    If both the N feeding and the CalMag fail to bring the leaves back to green, I will pull it from the pot and check the roots/repot if needed.. I really don't want to do that though if I don't have to - so I'm waiting to see what happens now.

    How long do you guys think it should take for the leaves to go back green if it was in fact an N or Mg deficiency? Just wondering what deadline I should have where I will re-pot if it's still not green.

    Thanks again.

    jackdirty New Member

    ur leaves wont ever turn back to green only ur new growth will show signs of good health

    Dr.GreenBuds Active Member

    I'm just gonna put my two cents in. I think that you really didn't have a problem. you just have plants that are using more nutrients than your currently giving them. You should go ahead and give it some mag + cal, you don't really need it but i will help and you probubly shouldn't have flushed them. You just need a stronger ppm over all so instead of just adding N, P or K mix your water with more of your bloom nuts. DONT OVER WATER! wait until your soil dries out and add some budblaster or some other rippening nut will also help out alot. And some of the lighter green leaves will darken alittle but if they are yellow then they will be yellow.

    Dr.GreenBuds Active Member

    Whoa!!! you don't need to look at the roots at all that is not at all a root problem. A root problem would manifest as a sudden whithering

    c5rftw Well-Known Member

    magnesium deficiency. trust me... get some cal-mag+ or any magnesium supplement as soon as possible... had this exact problem... noticed NO further yellowing right after i added it, was a bubbleponics system though.... with my soil plants it take 2-3 days to stop..

    happens to a lot of plant... these leaves will continue to yellow and die and this is something you really wanna stop right away cause having all the leaves are vital to a bountiful harvest

    c5rftw Well-Known Member

    btw, yours is not that bad.... mine was really bad when i first needed it. Since your plants do show a nute. def. then your buds will like the supplement and increase bud size most likely

    pinkjackyle Well-Known Member

    i think tike had it right , a righteous flush 2 remove salts from the soil then flowering nutes . cal mag in small doses will b ok i suppose but too much cal locks out mg and vice versa

    potberto Active Member

    Thanks for the good help guys.. Then I think I've done what I can.. I did get some Cal-mag today, but I want to let the pot dry completely before giving them any more liquids. I just checked and they're getting there, but I think need another day or two to really get dry. Then will give another feeding of nutes, cal-mag, molasses, and instant karma.. That oughtta do it?!!

    Anyways, I'll just keep on keep'in on and see what happens. :)

    potberto Active Member

    Day 5 since I fed them and gave some Cal-Mag.. Doesn't really look any better on either of them

    My question now is do you think I should re-pot them? Could it be a root-bound issue?? The FD and the NL are in 2.5gl pots.. The MK is more like a 3.5 or so.. I noticed the roots at the top of the soil on the MK and the NL.. I covered them over with about an inch of dirt, but not sure how long that will last.. Is it safe to say they're root bound?? I'm pretty close to just getting three 5gl buckets and transplanting all three of them.. I just want them to go back to normal!!!

    ANY help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!


    jonnyquest Well-Known Member

    from experiments with other plants, root bound will never become an issue on cannabis, it is a myth, all transplanting your plants into bigger pots will do is stress them out, its unlikly yellow leaves will turn green again as they have been drained to feed the new growth, look up fdd for better info on rootbound being bullshit that people who dont have a clue will tell you, iv got 5 3ft plants in 1.5gl pots and they are doing great, hope you fix you problem

    potberto Active Member

    Here's a couple updated pics.. Go to page one to see the garden canopy and then look at this one.. No real difference :(

    These are from this morning:

    The Master Kush buds are looking nice:

    And the Northern Berry x Blueberry is looking mighty mighty tasty..

    Thanks again

    Slab Well-Known Member

    you didnt mention your run off ph or i missed it.

    you will have a lot of salt buildup from GH nutes as well as cal/mag def.

    using the grow and micro would have given you more than enough N.

    that salt build up will cause lock up. that is my guess.

    you didnt mention your run off ph or i missed it.

    GH not so great for soil, BMO is what I would use next run

    wanted to add, amazing flower development for 22 days. great work, focus on what you are doing right and don t muck up a nice grow with adding even More N

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