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Cyco Nutrients-Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by raptoid780, Apr 2, 2011.


    raptoid780 Member

    I just won a raffle at a grow shop and the prize was the $300 Cyco Nutrients Prokit. Also ended up with a bag of bat guano and 1 bottle each of Gen Hydro. bloom, grow, and micro. The Prokit has got like 12 (1 Litre) bottles plus the 100 ML Cyco XL bottle. Just curious about the quality. Haven't seen a lot of mention of it on the forums, so looking for some input. I'm familiar with Gen Hydro stuff, just not the Cyco. Thanks!

    SecretGreen Member

    Haven't used it yet but plan to. The people at my local grow shop are super hard over it. Use the calcualtor at cycoflower.com and let us know how it works.

    bish Active Member

    I have used this in veg and my plants once they hit bloom IT IS PHENOMINAL.Bbe prepared to have ph up on hand because it takes the ph down to between 2.whatever. Very low.
    My grow store guy came out with it in hand just as i was pulling out and he said you HAVE to try this.
    The results are AMAZING. I am not with the company, I am an old lady with a med rec and I am impressed with the extraordary results. by the way I currently use advanced so my crops are good, anyway. I remember someone said that house and garden shooting powder would take your water real low so I wonder if it is something similar, even tho cyco xl is for veg....

    ChucklesD Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking about trying it but it's kinda hard to find.since it isn't sold locally. I saw it on ebay for $260 with free shipping so it's probably a bit cheaper than goin to the store anyway.

    MasterHemp Well-Known Member

    I've been using Cyco nutes for almost a year now, i love the stuff!
    Great results always, i grow in coco and these nutes are perfect for coco growing

    Cyco Grow a&b, B1 Boost, fulvic, potash, zyme, swell and Bloom a&b thats my line up

    Heres a few pics from my last harvest using Cyco range nutes

    DSC06373.JPG DSC06155.JPG DSC06433.JPG

    Strain is White Widow - 400w hps - 280grams dried

    ChucklesD Well-Known Member

    Nice. So you didn't try the whole lineup? I hear XL really adds some weight.

    MasterHemp Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried XL yet, there was a deal at the time when i brought mine, $150 for 1litre bottles of all the nutes i mentioned in my previous post plus 40litres of coco peat for free :D

    sudynim Active Member

    cyco is awesome in a soiless medium(i run hydroton and ready grow) im in my first run with it and ive got 2 ft cuttings in 25 days but heres a bit of info thats hard to find....if ur running cyco(especially in veg) ull notice some odd coloration and spots. if ur anything like me ull prob be beating urself up trying to diagnose (itll look most commonly like a mag, cal, of k dif) and it is magnesium....add 2 tbs of epsom salt pr 5 gal h2o and thing should clear up, a little dr repair wouldnt hurt. hope this helps someone.

    phear Active Member

    cyco xl and rock super grow are the same thing.

    they are both amazing products you will have to adjust the ph.

    but it will make your plants HEAPS bigger! wont add any weight as such as you use it in veg but will make them alot bigger which in the end will add weight!

    i dont know whats in the little bottles but they are purely amazing hehe

    ChucklesD Well-Known Member

    There is another contest for the prokit at rogue hydroponics (roguehydro.com). They give affiliate credit so plz mention my username if you order something.

    bish Active Member

  12. Has anyone tried or know of any one that has tried Cyco Flower Part B yet? Its a PGR used in flowering but has not yet gained aproval where I live. I have big hopes for it as with any new synthetic hormone.
    Thanks in advance.

    phear Active Member

    a shop near me pushes it alot but ive been told by other shops that its not the best product. i personally dont like pgr's but i think shooting powder was what they said was the best to use.

    phear Active Member

    also from what i have found out now cyco xl is a copy cat of the rock super juice and is no were near as good as the rock 1 has to be in glass bottles its that strong but the cyco 1 is apparantly very watered down compared to it. just thought ide share what ive found out.

    also i have no bias on any product just strive to get the best results!
  15. I could tell you the secret ingredient in Shooting Powder... maybe :D


    phear Active Member

    well what is it lol
  17. I was actually hoping that most every one would chime in with 'that's no secret...'
    The secret ingredient is only found in a handful of, at least that I can discern. But really, no one else knows? Maybe I should keep just one secret.

    OGCYCO Member

    cyco is better than anything i have ever used!!!

    ChucklesD Well-Known Member

    I'm going to have to say OGCYCO = spammer

    phear Active Member

    yep funny the only post is to promote cyco which sounds like not many people like it!

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