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crushed glass for slugs?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by phatptrck1, Jun 14, 2010.


    phatptrck1 Well-Known Member

    i have some plants that are getting nice and tall/thick, but slugs are still chomping down on all the new growth even with copper wire around the base. this really pisses me off, because daylight starts getting shorter fairly soon and i want my plants to build as many bud spots as possible before they begin to flower. they even gnawed through part of the stem on one of them! has anyone ever tried putting fine crushed glass around the base of their plant(s)? between the law, parents, and whoever the hell else, i can't believe my greatest foe is the slug.

    kronic1989 Well-Known Member

    salt around ur plants man, get to thinking! I can sell salt to a slug... Thats how hard I hustle.

    cadillacjack81 Well-Known Member

    Do not salt your plants!!!!!!! Jesus kid

    phatptrck1 Well-Known Member

    I'd never consider salt. i heard crushed egg shells "act as shards of glass", so I figure hey, actual crushed glass couldn't do any worse. and it doesn't release any chrmicals into the soil...

    Buddreams Active Member

    no? it's melted sand ...

    shizz Well-Known Member

    they make slug bait. lime works but u gotta do it again when it rains. coffee gounds work ok. they dont like garlic i dig up wild chives in the spring and plant them around my plants. also get rid of any place they live in the daylight. rake the leaves away logs stumps at least 5 6ft. they cant take sunlight of the day unless they have something to hide under. sand works when used to cover the 5 6 foot area.

    Buddreams Active Member

    oh shizz we got our self a professional.

    vallilynn Active Member

    corrys slug bait its pellets & you just put them around your plants, its safe but better it works, you have to reapply if it rains, they ate abunch of big holes until i place the slug bait

    RockstarEnergy Well-Known Member


    jfa916 New Member

    slug poison works great 4 me

    dam612 Well-Known Member

    ide say glass would work y not, and its not like its going to incorporate anything bad into the soil so its not going to harm them.

    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    just don't forget and mess with the soil, with your hand that is, after watering the glass may sink depending on what medium you are using, i agree with shizz, you must clear all debris within a six foot radius of your plants.
    problem is now you have a big marker for your plants to be seen with...

    KlosetKing Well-Known Member

    Diatomaceous Earth. GET IT. Provides low levels of silica to the plant, completely organic and non hazardous to you, pets, plants. ONLY thing it hurts is small soft bodied organisms, and i believe the way it kills them would apply to slugs as well. Basically its fossilized Algae that's crumbled up. to us its dust, but on a microscopic level, they are shaped like multi edged razorblades, that on contact with a soft bodied insect like Aphid, mite, etc, it cuts em up and dehydrates em.

    got rid of all my mutes and aphids in less than 2 days, and havnt needed to reapply since. worth a look. here is an excerpt from one of the first articles i found on google with a search of "Diatomaceous Earth and slugs"

    Diatomaceous earth (DE).
    After testing all kinds of slug barriers, Jeff Gillman, author of The Truth about Garden Remedies and professor of horticulture at the University of Minnesota, concluded that DE is the most reliable. "DE is a white powder made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, one-celled algae that have a skeleton made of silicon," Gillman says. "To a slithering slug, this lethal powder is extremely sharp and cuts their undersides, causing dehydration." DE does have to be replenished each time it rains, making it a better choice for climates where it does not rain frequently. (Note: Buy only untreated diatomaceous earth formulated for garden use, and wear a dust mask when applying it. DE made for swimming pools is chemically altered and not suitable for use in any garden, much less an organic one.)
    You can buy bags of Diatomaceous earth at Gardener's Supply or Planet Natural.

    mutzilla Member

    Just fill a keg cup with beer and but it in the soil so that the lip is flush with the ground. they will flock to it and drown, works everytime. unless you are indoors.

    sabaday Member

    the only problem with this is that if you have dogs there gonna drink it, and it's funny till you reailize, shit i need to take this thing to the vet. cause how the hell does beer affect dogs, and your vets gonna think your fuckning nuts. i would use a copper wire, not the rount kind but the kind with a flat edge so the snails end up cutting themselfs on it and dont go any farther.

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