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Crossing Auto-flowers

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by Cliddy, Jul 22, 2009.


    Cliddy Well-Known Member


    Ok, so I am growing lowryder, afgan kush (auto flower), lemon skunk (auto flower). Now as they are all auto flowers if I was to cross them would the seeds also be auto-flowering?

    Thats all. Thanks

    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    yeah as long as there both autos they will be..what did u have in mind? im breeding with autos right now too..meangreen

    Cliddy Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of crossing my lemon skunk with afgan kush. And low Ryder with lemon skunk. Then cross those two and see what I get. What are you crossing atm?

    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    that sounds kool..i crossed a auto ak47 male with a indica dom bagseed female..im not looking to make it auto flower just want to shorten the flowering time and make the plant smaller..so far from the F1s of the cross i found a really short female and a male that looks just like the mom for the next cross...meangreen

    hoss12781 Well-Known Member

    so have either of you gotten results from your auto crosses? Just curious because I made my female MI-5 (short stuff auto strain) pregnant with Auto-Assassin pollen last night in the hopes of getting a solid mix of the two.

    hoss12781 Well-Known Member

    bump it up folks

    Oldreefer Well-Known Member

    Crossing strains of autos is just what breeders do to get other strains.......I'm pollinating an auto assassin with a lowryder 2 atm.....just like a box of chocolates, never know what ya gonna get....

    taint Well-Known Member

    Do you all growing auto's understand what yer doing to the gene pool?
    Do you understand that auto's are a greater threat to growers than leo?
    Do you understand that there's nothing auto's can do that cut's won't do..............cept autoflower?
    20 years from now finding a non auto's gonna be a challenge.
    People don't always know/tell the truth regards them seeds yer buddy just sent.

    blustarr57 Active Member

    That would be my concern also.

    H2grOw Active Member

    While I do see your concern for keeping photo period genetics free from auto genetics, I think you are talking about a worst case scenario.

    The only thing I see happening to the gene pool is that it is getting deeper. Mother nature thrives on genetic variation. Even if autos become the dominant form of cannabis, the genetics for photo period plants will always be around. If it were a simple thing to eliminate a species by contaminating its gene pool, Scotland would have been full of English people by now.
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    hoss12781 Well-Known Member

    haters gonna hate
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    taint Well-Known Member

    No hate just a third gen. breeder of dogs.
    I would suggest a class in genetics for those of you who lack the knowledge yet insist upon making comments based upon....................nothing.

    H2grOw Active Member

    Speaking of comments based on nothing, what evidence so you have to support that an introduction of auto genetics into the photoperiod pool will completely wipe them out? Is there another case you can cite that shows something going extinct because of an introduction of new genetics? Using dog breeding as an example, Are labradors gonna go extinct because some people breed them with poodles? Not likeley since there will always be people who will breed purebreeds only. The same is gonna apply to growers.

    taint Well-Known Member

    Well actually the similarities between dog and weed breeding are striking.
    Both are unregulated,based solely on whatever the person says it is.
    Both deal in lines of the same species that have extreme diversion in appearance and function.
    Both carry the ability to be rather easily manipulated through selective breeding in a relatively quick timespan.
    I will ask you this,is the lab of today anything like the lab of 100 years ago?
    Has the instinct to hunt/work been bred out of the majority of"breed" dogs?
    Do recessive genes stack up over time only to become prevalent in the future,just look at rednose pits.
    So yeah dude,I can speak both from experiance with breeding both dogs and weed...............can you?
    Cuz if you can I'd love to debate this with ya all damn day.I'm old and like to argue as long as it's a semi intelligant kinda arguing.
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    Saerimmner Well-Known Member


    H2grOw Active Member

    ok, you do make some valid points, but MY point is, it is not gonna be the end of photoperiod plants. The genetic makeup of pot plants (or dogs) is always gonna be changing as long as breeders are involved. A dedicated breeder will keep the traits he likes best and preserve those genetics. Too many paople are fans of the 12/12 plants for them to be in danger of being wiped out by autos.

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    Fuckers are crossing Sativas and Indicas as well! WTF people!!! Pretty soon there will be no true indicas and no true sativas. We should flat ban the practice of hybridizing natural strains. Bad bad people.

    (this is sarcasm)

    Ruderalis has been around longer than the other two. Pretty sure it is not suddenly going to overtake the world.

    hoss12781 Well-Known Member

    good God I've sparked another heated debate. Hey while we're on the subject experts what kind of cross would this produce, and what would its effect be in the gene pool? llamma.jpg Seriously, all I'm looking to do is breed plants that I have because I don't want to keep ordering foreign seeds and do not have the space to grow photo period plants. That and not have to buy my weed from drug dealers.

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    I thought with mixing an auto and non auto, only 1 in 4 will express an autoflowering gene because its a recessive gene? Therefore how could it possibly "wipe" out the photoperiod genes? Your going to get alot more expression of the photoperiod gene that you are the auto gene.

    EDIT: And dare I say, with extended breeding, could we not get autos with a 4 week veg, high potency and high yield? Wouldnt that be a vastly better plant than one that is limited by photoperiod?

    taint Well-Known Member

    Only in the beginning,as time goes on and the gene becomes more prevalent it will express with a higher frequency.
    You cannot take cuts or keep moms with autos so no it aint better.
    The timeframe for an auto to do it's thing is actually longer than most cuts take to finish,then there's the whole potency/yield issues.
    The fact of the matter is I allready am seeing people on other forums asking questions like,"why is my plant autoing when there's supposedly no auto in the pedigree"

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