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Critique My LEO Encounter

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by Dalek Supreme, Nov 15, 2017.

    Dalek Supreme

    Dalek Supreme Well-Known Member

    State Trooper stomps on my rights, or doin a great job?

    I'm deeply sorry for not holding phone horizontally.

    What would you do?

    The one local cop said I was rude in a previous encounter. What it was is I did not play his 20 questions game.

    Here's another encounter with a control freak (Straw Man & special pleading me) about two years ago. Unfortunately I accidentally paused the first half of interaction.

    Video your LEO, and do not play the 20 questions game.
    Dalek Supreme

    Dalek Supreme Well-Known Member

    Come on you stoners... Not one comment even to say something silly?

    Here's one that just happened a little while ago. See how I'm so guilty of trespassing according to the cop.


    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    It sounded like you had the cocaine sniffles. Sorry, i didn’t have time for whole video. Seems like they hassled you but you were acting a little unfriendly as well.
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