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creatine and B-12 for drug test?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by yamahaman91, Sep 25, 2008.


    anzohaze Well-Known Member

    It also take a week for results. Omni cleanse for hair shamppo
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    Good question but no,they only only test for a minimum level I think it's 20mg/dl anyways everyone produces different amounts of creatinine depending on metabolism and kidney function along with diet.but no one should ever be that low.federal drug test standards say anything below 20mg/dl is diluted.but they have no upper level they test for.if it's over your good under something is funny.As to the level being super high anyways you have to keep in consideration you are diluting all your urine so it's not a large creatinine coming out because that will be diluted too.but as for chancing coming up dilute its better than chancing dirty.don't forget the odds are they will not be in the bathroom.pre employment is almost always unobserved.it's probation,criminal,worker compensation claims that they make sure to watch.still dilute but be ready with clean urine.you will feel dumb if you go thru all this water and have a chance of failing and they end up not going in with you.and no even if it came back as diluted it may be invalid but cannot be positive if nothing is found
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    And don't worry about hair, it is A VERY expensive test.it also shows no more recent than 2weeks, they consider that the time it takes to grow length of hair that is testable.and goes back more than 6 months.I really would put no faith in a shampoo.that cannot penetrate into the hair to kill traces.if so it would trash your hair and it
    Would be falling out.that is tested by straight up microscopy
    And histology,study of tissues.you are not fooling that unless you shave your head.but it cost about 100x
    What urine test will.don't worry unless you are applying to work with president or making well over 150,000 year and a job with high liability for human safety.
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    ###UPDATE #C :-) Just an update I found out today that I did in fact pass my test.this test was observed and I put my money where my mouth was.All though I know this is the best chance there is to pass the test, there never it's a guarantee, and I couldn't help but be nervous.But I'm so against bullshit advice, especially when it can compromise someone's freedom when for legal reason.I wish I could post this info on the top of the hit list for how to pass.so many people don't need to go through so much worry and dangerous stupid advice like drink bleach or vinegar.good luck everyone!

    Newcomer8101 New Member


    Newcomer8101 New Member

    I have a urine test coming up very soon. I have failed the previous home test I took & would like to know a specific name of product to buy. I don't know anything about the powder or pills. Checked target & couldn't find it there. What do you recommend doing?
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    Wal-Mart for sure has it and any gnc or vitamin store. It's called creatine monohydrate and is either a drink mix powder or also comes in tablets.it's always in the pharmacy area by the whey protein and fat pills.any brand is fine,powder is much cheaper,or larger amount than tablets but same thing.just read back in this post on how to take it.

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    creatine and creatnine are NOT the same thing. creatine is a precursor element of adenosine triphosphate(ATP) and creatnine is a renal waste product. funny thing- the only guaranteed way to increase the creatnine levels in urine is dehydration. the "dilution" test you are referring to tests either for the creatnine levels or the specific gravity of the specimen.
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    You are right but creatinine is a waste product of creatine,which and is created as by product of atp production which is what fuels muscle movement,no creatine,no atp,no atp, no muscle movement,no muscle movement no blood creatinine,then no urine creatinine(after kidneys function) .so no not the same but creatinine is created after processing creatine.I'm a Registered M.A. and my specialty is urology.that's the reason I'm so knowledgeable in this subject.there is so much B.S. info on drug tests out there,people drinking vinegar and other crazy things out of desperation.that's why it's so important for people to understand the only way to pass a lab test is thru urine dilution,however if the dilution is caught due to creatinine levels below federal mandate levels of 50ml/dcl I think off top of my head,(exact amount is in my previous post)and only way to mask dilution is by overloading water with creatine to increase urine creatinine (creatine is main ingredient in flush and detox drinks) all extra creatine not used by body is excreted by urine.

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    what the hell is an MA?
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    Ok since you're obviously a fucking retard Google it.I'm trying to help people here with real information,go troll somewhere else and stop contributing to all the stupid useless information that keeps people from finding what they need to give them the best chance of passing a drug test.fucking Lame.

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    a guy without lab training, a degree of any sort, and no science training passing himself off as an expert on lab results. that's fucking so money. good one kid.
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    And you don't even know what and ma is? You're a idiot.just not know that kills any credit u thought you had.quick lesson M.A. medical assistant,P.A physician assistant. Heard of that one? Another letter with A. In it. No kid here,A.s. degree before I could even apply to the medical institute.and 6 months full time in clinic without pay before certification.Any urological visit begins with a urinalysis and microscopic examination.My job entails diagnosing and treating cancer patients,I actually make a difference in the world,doubt you can say the same.so years of experience in clinic not behind a computer stealing pictures from Facebook of your imaginary girlfriend.you're obviously a loser to try interfering with others learning,which you obviously did in high school if you made it that far.Be mature for once and troll somewhere else.

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    I know what an ma is, just never thought I'd get such a laugh out of one confessing to be an authority on anything besides writing down what an actual medical professional tells them to or setting up a mayo stand for an actual medical professional to perform a procedure.

    Sorry man, but when you have the job with the "a" behind your certification, you aren't the one callin the shots nor are you the one that's relied upon for being the knowledge base. I have a job where I have a bunch of people with the "a" that do the menial shit I don't have time to. But, if it works for you, keep on keepin on brother. I had one of those "a" jobs a year or two, and they are great for those on the way up.

    And you are right, I'm sure a ma makes more of a difference than a flight RN/ER RN/paramedic. Namasté
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    Your a douche bag,straight up bitch,taking an important thread and and being more interested in the man writing it.get off my fucking nuts.when I got my A.S. (do u know what that one means) I got my EMT and getting my internship was the most boring months of my life,sitting in a fucking truck 90% of the time.if ANYTHING actually happens I Did Bls ("Basic" life support 99% of calls) so I was pretty bored being a glorified taxi driver.taking people to the hospital where Dr give the orders and nurses do everything.unless Dr is a surgeon nurses do all the work.which is why I stopped being a taxi driver you are so proud to be,which probably is lie anyways,but hey whatever.and emt do great important work in supporting patients until they get TREATMENT from me.the A you are thinking of is CNA which is about 2 week class compared to my years.My duties are same as an LPN (which actually I am according to my state licensing,but being hired as M.A. position I do more duties) which if you are rn you would have been first unless you did nothing but school straight through in which you have no actual experience,only book studying.and a cna ass wiper would have more skills,so get this u lame,just because I burnt your troll ass on the comments about atp you want to question my knowledge.when I worked in lab while going to school I was a "lab tech".while doing my hours for emt I did Mobile phlebotomy.so at that time obviously phlebotomist,using same school credits for emt I challenged the lpn and was licensed.and am a few months away from becoming a RN.I've worked for years now in urology department at USF in central Florida.one of the best in the country.so even if you take all my clinical experience out of the equation,I have almost the same certifications as u,(if you are telling the truth)besides lab tech but that's nothing special.which brings back to the point,I'm giving true factual advice on passing a drug test.the ONLY was to pass a drug test is to have no drugs or metabolites in your urine sample.if you are dirty the only way to accomplish that is thru dilution.and the only chance you have of masking the dilution is by being above the cutoff for creatinine (specific gravity is other obstacle but usually not problem as long as nothing is added to sample etc.bleach.) and increase in urinary creatinine can be achieved by large amount of creatine supplement.This is the main ingredient in all the money back guarantee detox drinks sold at convenient stores for $25 that contains $3 worth of creatine and vitamin B for color.so go troll somewhere else,you have embarrassed yourself enough on this thread already.have some class and just got away.NOTHING you have said has contributed to this subject.only showing that no good thread can last long without some loser jumping in and throwing shit in the way.troll somewhere else please!!

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    i know someone has no clue when they say "the dr gives orders and the nurses just do what they say" as an ER RN, 95% of the shit that happens in critical care, which is all i've done, is done before the dr ever sees the patient or before they write the orders. most of the time, i was the one putting the orders in after i did the work.

    i have no experience as a EMT-B, i went straight through and was a EMT-P. and they aren't taxi drivers. were you ever ACLS/PALS certified? if not, you were never of consequence as anything but a driver.

    your certifications can't touch mine pal. name your certs as related to patient care and i'll do the same. all you "i'm pretty much a nurse" people are fucking hilarious in your delusions. WHEN you are a RN, when you've worked a couple level1s, when you get your flight certification, when you become an instructor in all the trauma certs/ACLS/PALS/ABLS/AHLS and work a teaching hospital and get back at me dog.
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    TROLL ALERT TROLL ALERT!!! Your obviously a loser that got all his shit done in the military,right??? bet you ain't flown in anything besides your Prius since you got out right? Bingo fucking loser probably went to military cuz u were homeless,obviously had no life or parents kicked u out finally.But hey guess u like having someone tell u when to eat sleep,shit,yes sergeant! And live surrounded by men by choice! Just because someone signed up a week before you u do what they say.real go getter there!lmao. So even if you were a doctor you would still be A loser.and if u read I said nurses do 90 percent of work,Dr just sign shit unless they are surgeons.so thanks for messing up a good drug test thread you fucking loser get off my nuts pussy!!! U still have NOTHING to contribute for this thread.Just from the people thanking me for helping them pass their tests I get targeted by a fucking douche.go clean your glasses urkel,lmao

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    lol funny little kid. the names add just that right touch of "i don't know shit and just got shown the fuck up." now off with you to bed, you have a long hard day of setting up mayo stands and answering phones. oh that's right, you don't work on sundays.

    so what's your deal? you say such nice things about the military, you couldn't make it through bootcamp? or you couldn't make it through meps to bootcamp? because someone spewing so much ignorance of what it's like to be in the military without actually having been in...it's pretty telling.

    no, i did most of my training at a university after i got out. i got my emt-p while i was in. and i was in the navy, we didn't have sergeants. flew on plenty of helos as a sar swimmer, mostly on sh-60s, and when i was a flight RN it was mostly bells, last one was a 407.

    on top of being ignorant, you are also a homophobe. nice. i mean why else would you say i like being around all men. that is unless you are a homophobe. or maybe you are a self loathing gay dude. you should really work on your communication, it's pretty poor and your homophobia will bite you in the ass some day. until then, good luck mon amie.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016

    Greyscale001 New Member

    Everything FloridahomeGrown has said here to be true.

    TLDR: just do what he says. I loaded up on creatine for ~90 hours before the test (~6 rounded tsp's per day). I ate 6 tums (read elsewhere that this helps increase the liquids gravity..?) 1.5 hours before the test. Was taking b-complex for 1 week before the test daily - and took one 1.5 hours before the test. Took ~ 3 rounded tsp's of creatine with gatorade throughout each morning drink the day of the test and 1 of those was with the sample I gave them. Passed the test 4 days after smoking with a prior 31 days of abstinence.

    Here's my story and stupid I am:

    Smoked for ~5 years daily + 1 year prior, but smoked weekly. 150lbs 5' 8" and could lose a bit of weight.. I have a bit of a gut and don't hit the gym, ever - so there's some fat on me. I needed to pass within ~50 days tops, but aimed for 30 - was very nervous for a while... The first 2 weeks I could not dilute to pass to save my life; however, weeks 1 - 3 I did not test a lot, maybe 3 times per week max.

    Week 1 (day 1 - 7): started running 1.5 miles/day - which did not last long. First day did 1.5 miles in 22 minutes, 2nd, and 3rd days did 1.5 miles in ~18 - 19 minutes to sweat. Went for a few difficult hikes that week and the following week. Drank a shit load of water + cranberry juice (concentrate/no sugar, etc) , but I doubt this really did anything but to allow my body to flush metabolites out of my system after I've burned some fat. Really, I don't think drinking a ton of fluids does anything at all to help you unless you've just sweated a lot...

    Week 2 (day 8 - 14): Got lazy here, but did some hiking and ran 2 times (max) that week at 1.5 miles in ~18 minutes. Kept drinking a shit ton of water + cranberry juice for some reason.

    Week 3 (day 14 - 21):
    14 - 16. Worked out maybe 3 times early in the week. Kept drinking a ton of water + cranberry. Tested early in the week with flushed fluids, which was essentially water, and could not pass the 50ng/ml test.

    16 - 21. Stopped working out and figured water + cranberry juice flush was useless and just stopped caring. No end was in sight, but I was not trying to dilute.. I wanted to pass without having to worry about it.

    Week 3 (22 - 28):
    23. Holy shit I can pass the 50ng/ml while being slightly hydrated, but I was not sure if this was true for non-diluted pee.

    25. Passed the first piss of the day! Finally got some relief. I wasn't sure what test I was getting - the 50ng/ml or the 15ng/ml, so this is when my next round of nervousness kicked in.. picked up 20ng/ml strips.

    28. Was able to dilute and pass the 20ng/ml test.

    Week 4(29 - 35):
    Day 30: Set up the test and found out it was the standard 5 panel @ 50ng/ml - not worried about it given I was able to pass the 50ng/ml with first pee of the day ~5 days prior.

    Day 31: Day of test: took my standard b-complex, pissed out the first pee of the day and drank 1 full glass of water. 1.5 hours later, peed - I think this took longer since my body was replenishing water. Immediately drank 2 full glasses of water ~22 - 24oz after peeing. Had to pee ~45 minutes later and drove over for the test. 1 hour later I leave the facility, excited that I can smoke again after 31 days!

    What you shouldn't do immediately after the test: smoke a bowl. Yep... I smoked ~4 bowls that day.

    Day 32:
    Smoked a tiny bit around 2PM and 1 hour later I get a call - I need to go back to take the test because it was too diluted... SHIT! SHIT FUCK, SHIT! OH GOD NO! (I think this is necessary here). They said I had until Monday (day 35 to retake the test) - that was the good news at least! The weekend saved my ass... also bought more test strips with 1 day shipping (worth it in the end)

    Continued to freak out. Called someone up and had their pee on hold just in case. Came up with a game plan: work out a lot, like a shit ton for 2 days, dilute, and figure out HOW to dilute properly (thanks to this post). I went for a difficult 1.5 mile hike with plenty of hills and I tried to jog most of the way to sweat. Got home and did 1.5 miles on the treadmill in ~18 minutes. Right after the treadmill, I turned on the shower and turned my bathroom into a sauna.. sat in that for 15 - 20 minutes until it was unbearable. Later that night I realized I had 1 50ng/ml strip left and tested after drinking ~24oz of water over the course of 1.5 hours.. was able to dilute!

    Day 33: Still freaking out, but went for another hike - this time, 4.2 miles difficult hike. Sweated a lot. At this point my legs were killing me and I did not do anymore running. At 12PM I bought creatine powder from a local fitness store and took 4 rounded tsp's that day... one with each meal and one before bed.

    Day 34 (Sunday): Still freaking out, but knew I could dilute and at least get another negative dilute result which would give me yet another chance to take the test and another shot at getting it out of my system later on. Drank ~6 rounded tps's that day and drank a decent amount of water - probably didn't help other than keeping me hydrated to help my liver filter the creatine powder (or something, idk I'm not a doctor).

    Day 35: I get the paperwork - the system says I have until Day 37 to take the test! Interesting... I confirm that day 37 is okay, but I've already figured I would need to dilute on day 37 anyway... so I schedule for day 36. This gave me ~30 more hours to load up on creatine and B vitamins! Drank ~7 rounded tps's that day.

    Day 36: Test #2 woke up and peed - did not test it. Drank 12oz gatorade with 1 rounded tsp of creatine and the b-complex vitamin to replenish my system. Once I was able to fully pee the 12oz out, I drank an additional 12oz of water with creatine to get things flowing regularly. ~45 minutes later I had to pee and I tested mid-stream - test strip was a bit wonky but I could tell it was negative (half line straight across)... still kind of nervous. Immediately drank ~16oz of gatorade with 1 rounded tsp creatine. Also chewed up ~6 tums.

    Waited another ~40 minutes before needing to pee pretty badly.. I wanted to test with the initial piss - if this was negative, then the rest is negative and I can drive over to take the test. Negative result! good, so I drove over and took the test. Within 15 minutes I left the facility. So 1 hour after drinking 16oz of gatorade with creatine, I had given my sample.

    Day 37: CLEAR! DONE! Seriously, I was so happy when it was over. Also so happy that I was given an extra day to load up on creatine in hopes that I don't come up diluted.

    Hope this helps someone in the future and learns from my mistakes!

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