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creatine and B-12 for drug test?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by yamahaman91, Sep 25, 2008.


    anzohaze Well-Known Member

    It also take a week for results. Omni cleanse for hair shamppo
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    Good question but no,they only only test for a minimum level I think it's 20mg/dl anyways everyone produces different amounts of creatinine depending on metabolism and kidney function along with diet.but no one should ever be that low.federal drug test standards say anything below 20mg/dl is diluted.but they have no upper level they test for.if it's over your good under something is funny.As to the level being super high anyways you have to keep in consideration you are diluting all your urine so it's not a large creatinine coming out because that will be diluted too.but as for chancing coming up dilute its better than chancing dirty.don't forget the odds are they will not be in the bathroom.pre employment is almost always unobserved.it's probation,criminal,worker compensation claims that they make sure to watch.still dilute but be ready with clean urine.you will feel dumb if you go thru all this water and have a chance of failing and they end up not going in with you.and no even if it came back as diluted it may be invalid but cannot be positive if nothing is found
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    And don't worry about hair, it is A VERY expensive test.it also shows no more recent than 2weeks, they consider that the time it takes to grow length of hair that is testable.and goes back more than 6 months.I really would put no faith in a shampoo.that cannot penetrate into the hair to kill traces.if so it would trash your hair and it
    Would be falling out.that is tested by straight up microscopy
    And histology,study of tissues.you are not fooling that unless you shave your head.but it cost about 100x
    What urine test will.don't worry unless you are applying to work with president or making well over 150,000 year and a job with high liability for human safety.
    Florida homeGrown

    Florida homeGrown Member

    ###UPDATE #C :-) Just an update I found out today that I did in fact pass my test.this test was observed and I put my money where my mouth was.All though I know this is the best chance there is to pass the test, there never it's a guarantee, and I couldn't help but be nervous.But I'm so against bullshit advice, especially when it can compromise someone's freedom when for legal reason.I wish I could post this info on the top of the hit list for how to pass.so many people don't need to go through so much worry and dangerous stupid advice like drink bleach or vinegar.good luck everyone!

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