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creatine and B-12 for drug test?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by yamahaman91, Sep 25, 2008.


    yamahaman91 Active Member

    so vie got a drug test on the horizon (summer job searching) smoke a bowl a week ago, so i don't think i'm in to much trouble. i've heard of diluting your piss to get a negative result, and an article i read says vitamin B-12 will keep your piss yellow and the creatine levels are measured to make sure your not dilutiing it.

    so I've got this creatine bodybuilding stuff from wally world and a multivitamin that says 133% daily value of B-12. if i start on creatine and double dose the vitamins a couple day before the test, will it be enough to pass.

    vantheman169 Well-Known Member

    alot of civillian jobs do test for dilution, my wife had a job that checked for a certain amount of Creatine to be in her system. And she had to sign a piece of paper saying she would not drink more than 8 Oz of water. We had some home THC tests that we bought off ebay, and she took one, the night before her drug test, she had not smoked for 7 days, and she failed that test. But after ddrinking more than a half gallon of water, and taking a creatine supplment (complex i think it was) and mixed that nasty stuff with water and some Crystal light to add some flavor. And she took some Viatimin B complex for color, and guess what she pissed about 4 times before going into the test, and 5 days later she was hired! It works bro, just though you would want to know. Also you can get THC tests on ebay for 10 Test strips for 12 bucks or so. Good Luck!! And she passed the DILUTION part of the test! I am still proud of myself for the research i did on that one! I have passed drug tests in my day and never had a dilution test to pass, but yay it works! lol :leaf:
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    vantheman169 Well-Known Member

    Oh and on top of that if you smoked only a week ago, depending on how much you smoked before that and how frequent, you can pass a piss test no problem now, my advice, is get the tests off of ebay and make sure they are up the the Federal Cut Off limit of 50 NG (nanograms) samsha i believe it is called. Good luck!

    jro413 Active Member

    wat if they take hair samples!

    vantheman169 Well-Known Member

    then ur screwed get some shampoo i have heard it works. Dont know from expierience though. But most places dont do Hair tests cuz its expensive!

    bradlyallen2 Well-Known Member

    In urine whay is actually looked for is creatinine which is a byproduct of the metabolism of creatine. It is directly related to the efficacy with which your kidneys create urine. Unlike other minerals such as sodium and potassium which are found in urine in a manner that varies with that of your serum plasma (blood), normal kidneys produce a predictable amount of urine creatinine per a given volume of urine, thus thwarting any attempts at dilution. So to answer your question, no, taking excess creatine will not increase your urine creatinine levels so you can dilute the sample back to normal. It will likely end up stored in your muscles where it acts as an intermediate fuel source bridging anaerobic metabolism and the aerobic pathways.

    bradlyallen2 Well-Known Member

    As an aside if your drink lots of water and urinate lots of times prior to your test your sample will still have creatinine in the proper proportions but MAY not contain sufficient THC metabolites to produce a positive for marijuana

    vantheman169 Well-Known Member

    Bro you sound like you know what your talking about but i know from FIRST hand expierience that my wife passed a DILUTION and THC test and pissed 4 or 5 times before taking the test! It said on the paper work that they test for 20 NG or somthing like that, anything below and she would have to retake the test. So believe what you may i know what has worked for us. So we will keep doing what we know works. Cheers!:leaf:

    droogz Active Member

    As a side note if you are going to drink the creatine powder mix it with whole milk instead of water. It tastes allot better. I used to take it when lifting weights at the gym.

    zelfna90 Member

    dude i know this is two years old but whole milk induces fat to the body unless there working out i would go with the water
    unshaved pubes

    unshaved pubes New Member

    what are you a hippy?!?

    zelfna90 Member

    I'd like to think so

    dopeoligist Member

    The best thing you can use to pass a drug screen is buy these water purification tablets from wal-mart. They are called potable aqua. You dissolve a tablet in a bottle of water. Drink the the whole bottle, then follow it up with another bottle. then in your 3rd bottle use another tablet...you dont have to keep using tablets every other bottle, but some people rather it that way...anyways after taking the tablet pee at least 2 times prior to the test.

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