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Crazy Sex Stories. No Fake Stories Please.

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Sexuality & Philosophy' started by 323cheezy, Oct 20, 2008.


    KaliSmok3 Well-Known Member

    haha first time anal stpry always good lol.

    i remember my first anal....she didnt like it at all lol.

    Wikidbchofthewst Well-Known Member

    Stoney wins, for making me laugh until I couldn't breathe

    tipsgnob New Member

    I picked this drunk girl up one night and I was trippn on blotter, she wants to go to her place. I was driving a 1970 corvette at the time and used a set of handcuffs as a theft deterant, put them from the shifter to the steering wheel. Well, she is playn with the cuffs and when we get to her place she brings the cuffs inside. She handcuffs herself to the bed and we have a good old time. When were moving on to different things she wanted me to unlock the handcuffs, but the key was in the car(remember I am trippn my ass off and smokd a big fatty also), so I get my clothes on and go out side to my car to get the keys, this apartment complex is huge and I have a hard time finding my car, I finally find my car and get the key and head back to her apartment only I can not find it...I do not have her phone # and do not know her last name. I looked for over an hour and it was 3 am, so i left. Several months later I was at this party and out of nowhere this good lookn chick comes up to me and is calln me names and slaps the shit out of me...guess who? I asked her if I could have my handcuffs back, but she just cussed me...

    323cheezy Well-Known Member

    wow thats classic tips..... i wonder who found her ass all naked and handcuffed...lol
    she probly shit the bed....lol

    tipsgnob New Member

    her roomate found her about 6 am...so 3 hours wasn't too bad.
    Her next door nieghbor was a metro cop and he unlocked the handcuffs...

    Wikidbchofthewst Well-Known Member

    this story sounds vaguely familiar...:razz:

    although I don't remember the part about the metro cop...

    dum Well-Known Member

    I've read that story before. It's one of the funniest ones for me. If I were left chained to a bed I would probaly start having a panic attack.

    Glad this tread got back to its roots

    smartsoverambition Well-Known Member

    wow, i don't think i could deal with that, wow, just speechless.

    is it wierd between yall? wow that's my thing 2 stew on 4 the day

    xmissxaliex Well-Known Member

    oww poor girl dude. i only did that once and it hurt really bad so i had to have Colin stop. fuck. lol...oww..

    ALX420 Well-Known Member

    my first anal sex story.

    i was seeing this girl.(brunette)
    she had a hot friend.(blonde)
    brunette offered a threesome, i couldnt say no.

    the brunette that i am with says "if you get her high she will do anal."

    so, being curious, i got the blonde high.

    shes riding away.
    all of a sudden it gets a lot tighter and warmer.
    she starts wailing and cuming all over the place.

    i love weed.

    323cheezy Well-Known Member

    damnit stoney you stole my thunder..... i guess the girls always side with the girls.....but banging a guy who banged a sheep is old news too me...lol.....
    if u would of had a 3some with the guy and the sheep....now that would be crazy.... lol.... but overall it was tastefully told and i appreciate that you put the time and effort into it to give us a good laugh..... i wish i could say that about everyone else on here.............
    lets keep this tastefull ...i dont want this thread to be about getting anal or i made this chick nut.....or i busted a nut on this chicks head.... i mean that shits cool but it not crazy too me (no offense alx or kalismoke....to mention a few) ....
    hey im not the law or anything but lets keep it interesting...
    i still think my story three pages back was the craziest so far....lol...
    and alle ..... you should start a thread called "respect the cock"....lol

    peacemane420 Well-Known Member

    hahahaa damn son

    respect to the vaja?
    si senor

    dum Well-Known Member

    I like the one on like the second page about the video camera and foot tickling.

    then the came 3 times in ten minutes (although I liked all of your stories, they never miss.)

    then I don't know

    KaliSmok3 Well-Known Member

    ok well i guess i can throw another one up now...

    So i was dating this girl for a few months right...me her, my buddie and his date (which was my gf's friend) decided to go to the monster truck show in town. So we get a BIG bag of tha droski and smoke tha fuck out whilst downing a few cold ones before we go. So when we get there the dam nthings sold out so we have to go back home and just party the rest of the night. When we get there my friend thinks its a good idea if we all watch some GGW (Girls Gone Wild) while we get fucked up...later on that night hes trying to smash the blonde hes with so me and my girl go do our thing in another room...ok sao were gettin it on, shes riding it pretty good and the door opens. In comes a big ass dildo flying at my head and lands on tha bed. Im like WTF?! They come in naked and were like Hey yeah lets have a foursome....mind you that i do not ever want to see another mans member...i try saying hell no, but they just come in anyways... so here we are me and my gf fuckin on the left side of the bed and they are right beside us...he dicides he wants to get some chocolate syrup. While hes gone i had stopped fuckin and looked over at this girl beside me, when she starts kissin me and jackin me off all when my girl is beside me haha. So he comes back in with Hersheys syrup and we pour it all over both girls titties and whatnot...watch them lick it off of each other and then i had to jump in that lol. Anyways someone ended up knockin on tha door and my friend went to go answer it, the blonde chick gos and shuts the door and locks it...now its just me my gf and her covered in chocolate :mrgreen: was the expression on my face... i fucked the shit outta both them in any postion imaginable...one of the best nights ever lol.

    323cheezy Well-Known Member

    man kalismoke you get alott of ass.... i never even get close to the shit you do.... i guess you know how to handle bidness.... i envy you..... but i dont understand why your chick was so cool like that ....my girl would be like "fuck that bitch .....she cant have no cheez".....and i guess you didnt care if that guy touched ya girl or i guess he couldnt.....but overall thats definately crazy....i need to move to your neck of da woods...lol.... ill take your word for it kali.....(man white people are crazy...lol....kiddin):bigjoint:
    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    I know, right...I'd have torn that girl a new ass if he was my man.I guess I'm not the threesome type.

    KaliSmok3 Well-Known Member

    yeah i mean im being honest...lol..she was cool with it cause they were friends and i think that all the beer and chronic may have had some input on that haha, and yeah ive had alot of sex...nothing to brag about tho...after a while ppl will call you a man whore. And we dont want that do we?
    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, you do, lol.:fire:

    KaliSmok3 Well-Known Member

    hahaha...its been said but i take no pride in it lol...

    aussieblunt Active Member

    alrighty well here is one.

    i was at this party, smoked about a jay just to get me cruzing and a whole bunch more people rocked up. we all had some drinks and hit the lounge room for a good ol' hoe down. this girl kept giving me "The Look" so we had a bit of a dance together. as the night trailed off me, her and this other dude went into a spare room to get some sleep. the other guy then got up and left the room so i made my move. it worked to the point of me taking care of her (which i LOVE do to) and the guy came back into the room. i dont know how anyone didnt notice seeing as she was so damn loud and he at this point was still awake. so i continue doing what needs to be done and after i finish her off i go up for a post cum chat. i said something like "i noticed you checking me out the whole night, i figured you wanted something like this." and she said "what can I say, I have a thing for indian guys." seeing as im white as a piece of paper said "what? im not indian... wait, who do you think i am?" turns out she thought i was the other guy, which is impossible considering he weighs like 50lbs more than me and has a fucking beard. she freaked the fuck out, went and talked to the party host and the indian guy laughed his arse off and was high fiveing me all night. she eventually found it funny.
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