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Cooking, How To Make Cannabis Cooking Oill

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by rollitup, May 27, 2006.


    Stargrow Member

    + rep nice thread I'm making oil AND butter my cookies are gonna be off the chain :)

    Stargrow Member

    making the oil now :)

    HaggisHag Member

    How much teaspoon-to-gram ratio is the recipe for a QP bud to the 48 ounces of canola oil in your recipe?

    lgscott5053 Member

    Just a suggestion, I made clarified butter by taking 1# of sweet butter(not salted) and placed in a non-metallic pot set on low heat and let the butter melt. I then skimmed the milk solids and foam off the butter until there wasn't any and then added the stems and seeds that I had run through a coffee/spice grinder into the pot and stirred them in. I left this mix on the lowest heat possible and, stirring occasionally, left on the burner for about 24 hrs. I skimmed off the foam and garbage from the top and then poured contents through a strainer lined with a couple of layers of cheese cloth into a mason jar. I left this on the counter until used up for 6 months, lid on out of the sun light. Clarified butter doesn't go bad, the milk solids are the problem that spoils the butter. To save a lot of work just go to your organic/health food store and just buy a bottle of Ghee (Indian Royal Butter) and just do the rest. You'll end up with very good green butter whats wonderful for recipes and toast.

    lgscott5053 Member

    I had an after thought which if you don't like peanut or soy oil, you might wish to try Grape seed oil. It is more of a neutral taste and also has anti-oxidant properties which should add to shelf life, strength and health benefits.

    linbao420 Member

    Someone once recommended that I many roll little js with cheesecloth and the ground up green to ease cleanup. if I stir regularly, would this be a good idea? anyone try this before? I never made it, so I don't want to try something and it not work out well. I'm baking my first batch ever this weekend.

    killz Member

    I made hashbrowns last night with MJ butter.

    I took an 8th of some pretty decent bud - but tasted like shit and made me hack up a lung. and added it to 3/4 stick of salted butter. I put the butter on low 1 until it melted and then put the weed in the grinder and then pour directly over the butter. I let simmer for about 45 minutes, or until I could see all of the resin running out of the bud.

    the butter turned green/brown and had a very soy, earthy smell to it.

    I then poured half the butter out into a pan and left the other half to cook has browns in.

    I ate them pretty quick since they tasted like shit.

    I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, sat in the recliner to watch tv and woke up 14 hours later and somehow made it to my bed.

    It was good - but I think a little too powerful
    kevin Bartholomew

    kevin Bartholomew Member

    Quick question guys, I cant get my hands on the best of bud right now, If I smoke one blunt of this stuff I have a nice high going though. Will it still make good oil?

    Scott187 Active Member

    made my oil last night and brownies with the oil, maybe a bit more potent than i should have made it but we will see. Just bashed a good chunk of brownie about 20mins ago....cant wait. Question as well. Whats the best way to store my leftover brownies? I just wrapped them in foil and stuck em in a ziplock and layed em in the fridge....should i use the freezer or will that kill the potency?

    1freezy Well-Known Member

    Use every kind of oil you want! Olive oil is fine just don't bake with it but it is great for Alfredo, pesto, an other Italian foods. I think canola oil linguini would be gross!

    GeeBers Member

    You can use any oil that you want, however THC is soluble in fat so in theory you would want to have the oil with the highest fat content right? I have used coconut oil in the past when using a recipe similar to this one. It's a little more expensive and sometimes hard to find (some grocery stores carry it, if not check a health food store like Whole Foods or the Fresh Market) but I find that it works verry well.

    For those of you who don't have the top of the line model when it comes to crock pots like me (mine only comes with a Low and High setting), you can follow the recipe first posted in this thread just keep your crock pot on Low and lengthen the time of cooking to 6+ hours.

    Keeping the temperature low and using a very high fat content oil such as coconut oil is also a great way to use your ABV (Already Been Vaped) weed!

    Also, here is a list from wikipedia of cooking suitable oils and their fat contents.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    Having never read the making of it, or seen it, or tried it, i would say you take a pot, chuck oil in it, chuck herb in it, stir it under heat for a while and then filter it? :D

    kingzt Well-Known Member

    Is it better to let it cook in the oil for log periods of time because I made some and let it sit on the burner for about 25 minutes with mid/low heat not letting it boil. I used it in a batch of Duncan Hines brownie mix and they were bomb. They were very strong I was medicated for about 10 hours and slept amazing. So does cooking longer make the oil more potent?

    Shreddi Active Member

    Took a teaspoon of coconut oil and about a 1/4 tsp ground bud, melted oil and added bud in small pan for 10 mins on med then low not letting anything burn or boil. Soaked it up with some bread and got loaded. Next time I'll try a little longer but you want to leach the oil out of the plant into the oil. I haven't eaten weed for over 30 years so this was cool. You always do more not less so be careful :).

    redlite03263 Active Member

    I actually used this exact recipe except cut it in half. I had shake from grand daddy purp, blue dream, and super strawberry diesel. 14.3 grams. into 24oz of canola oil. I then cooled the oil and took about a cup out of it. chopped up 3 gloves of garlic, popped in some basil, salt, parmesean cheese, and "italian seasoning" i had in the cupboard. Lemme tell you it's awesome! I used it for dipping bread. Also, I toasted a piece of bread and then smeared it with this dip and it came to be the perfect garlic bread and got me lifted for 12 hours. Actually i was sleeping...:o:clap:

    jkahndb0 Well-Known Member

    I simmer my buds/shake/trim in a pot of water for about an hour+ first..
    Then i filter out all the leaf material..
    Then i add the oil to the water, and simmer again for another hour+...
    The ratio of water to oil always being at least 5:1(you cant have to much water...), because if there isnt more water than oil the oil would be poppin all over the place...
    Doing it like this you can make small single use (4-8oz) batches of oil or big long term batches if you wanted too...
    After i let it simmer for a second time, i take it off the heat and let it cool to around 100 degrees...
    Then i pour the oil/water mixture into a Separating Funnel, to separate the Oil from the Water..
    Presto Pure Ganja Oil, but since i used an Oil/Water mixture only the good stuff is in the oil, and the unneeded chemicals can be discarded with the water...
    Making for an Odorless and Tasteless not to mention Clear byproduct...


    A Separating Funnel can be made by using a simple Ziploc Bag tilted on an angle... (if youve made ether, im sure your quite familiar with this..)
    Even if the mixture was 150 degrees the oil and water still would separate instantly,
    But its easier to manipulate when cooled down....
    Pour the mixture into the Ziploc bag, tilt to one side so one of the bottom corners is pointing down...
    Have a cup or bowl handy for this next step...
    Cut a small part of the tip off and let the water drain into the sink or a second bowl first, as soon as the oil starts to drain catch it with the prepared cup/bowl..
    And thats it..

    Its not as simple as chuck some oil and Buds in a pot and filter, but this way the oil will have no residual Pot taste, and when you cook with it anything you make will be indistinguishable from food made with regular oil...

    ForrestGreen Member

    Ok guys, I have a few trimmings still left over from my recent harvest. I was hoping to make some hash, but they are kinda dried out now, so any suggestions how to prepare the trim to extract the THC, or any particular method with ease?

    jkahndb0 Well-Known Member

    Bubble Bags....
    (google MattRize hash )

    gudkarma New Member

    jkahn is good canna peeps.

    u cool bro.

    JustCoasting Well-Known Member

    Have you tried this with Olive Oil, as i am not a big fan of Canola Oil as it is a GM product?

    Canola oil is a North American product. I don't know what you mean by GM.

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