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Cooking, How To Make Cannabis Cooking Oill

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by rollitup, May 27, 2006.


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    This article will show you hot to make non-perishable cannabis cooking oil. I would rather use this than making butter as this oil can be stored for a long time with no worry of going bad, plus its easy to carry if we are having a marijuana cook off. Do this one time and you will be able to make lots of brownies and cookies mmmmm.

    Plus the high is a lot different when you cook with it rather than smoking it :p

    Specific things you will need:

    • forty-eight oz Canola cooking oil
    • 1 large-sized cooking pot
    • One oz of marijuana nuggets or a 1/4 pound brick weed (or as much trim as you can fit in there.)
    • 1 steel or metal strainer (to filter out the oil)
    • 1 funnel will fit in the Canola bottle

    1. Take the bottle of canola oil and poor the whole bottle into the pot.

    2. Then turn the stove on and put it on medium, place the pot on the stove and keep it on there till it is hot, DO NOT LET BOIL.

    3. Now take the marijuana / shake crumble it up into small bits, put all this into your pot.

    4. Now every ten minutes or so stir the pot for the next two hours, the trick is not to let it boil over just to keep it hot. If it starts to boil just lift the pot up and let it cool down a bit & turn your heat down a bit. Once or twice of this you will find the exact heat.

    If you let it boil over the oil will turn black and it will taste like crap :fire:
    just keep stirring and you will be fine.

    5. Keep doing this for about two hours, after a bit the oil might turn a little bit green and brown. This is all normal, and means that the resin extraction is working properly.

    6. After two hours take the pot off the burner and let it cool for about thirty minutes. Then take the pot and pour the oil through that metal strainer, do this a couple times to make sure no leaf bits or anything ends up in the final product.

    7. LAST STEP, you're almost there, take the filtered oil and funnel the final product into the canola oil bottle.

    To Store:
    It's the same as regular cooking oil but try to keep out of light as the light will take some of the effect out of the THC. Just put in a regular closet but don't get the two mixed up :)

    When Cooking:

    Use the directed amount for cookies and brownies etc, don't forget though that you're dealing with a potent cooking oil so don't use too much.

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    Splifferis Active Member

    i know where my next ounce of mari is going :weed:

    crassus Active Member

    This sounds like one of those oils that you can pour on a plate and then dip your bread in. Maybe tonight it will be Italian food.

    crassus Active Member

    What is with this post everywhere for loan sites?

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    spammer i got rid of him though... and I had to disable guest posting.. the few bad seeds ruin it for the whole crop.

    Draknar Active Member

    Awesome recipie for the oil. Just wondering, are stems good for extracting resin from at all?
    P.R dude

    P.R dude Well-Known Member

    Ok so lets say i dont want to make a whole bottle of this,just enough for the brownies or the cake or whatever.So my question is"How many grams of weed do i need for each cup of oil?"

    :leaf: :hump:

    silvernomad Well-Known Member

    Have you tried this with Olive Oil, as i am not a big fan of Canola Oil as it is a GM product?

    xbandaix Active Member

    I have not only read this, but I have tried and proven it. Peanut oil, if you can use it, is the best for making oil. I have made many batches of oil, and have found it works much better and produces a better product. I also suggest using a crock pot. they make them in many sizes. This allows you to slow simmer the oil, not boiling it, and for longer period of time depending on the quality of ingredient X. You can use a large quantity of stems from good quality plants. They contain alot of crystals. I also suggest, if you use a grinder with collection tray, use the keif powder. That is ultimatly what you want to use, and there is no need to strain. 2g of powder will work perfect for one bottle of oil, then dilute oil needed for cookies/brownies by half. i suggest recipes that call for 1/2 cup as opposed to 1/3. Betty croker has an oatmeal cookie bag mix that works great. And remember, always make a batch of square cookies for snacking on later.

    shayymus Active Member

    What about vegetable oil made from soy?? That's what i have on hand and was wondering if I should go buy someething else.
    Also I saw one recipe in which the gross green stuff left after it's straind can be put in high concentration alcohol for 1/2 hour and strained again and added to a brownie mix.
    Waddaya think?
    LMK ASAP please.


    prairepup Active Member

    I just made my first butter then I read this. I think next time I will be trying it instead. Sounds nicer and more widely useable.
    Sir Psycho Sexy

    Sir Psycho Sexy Well-Known Member

    people say not to but im not sure why. I actually just made some brownies using olive oil because it was all we had. i'll let you know how it goes

    Jbrowngreen Well-Known Member

    it works, it just most olive oils(virgin and extra virgin especially) have strong flavor ogff olive to them which can make a person cringe (olive brownies, yuck!) but if it was a blended olive oil you may not have tasted the olive to it. also olive oil is not as heat tolerant as others so when you bring it to a certain temp(much lower than say peanut, sesame or soybean oil) it also gets a burnt taste to it

    vivera Member

    Can you make this oil with as little as an 8th of beasters or does it absolutely have to be more?

    ilovetree Member

    You can use an 8th but it has to be really good bud.....olive oil works but it tastes really bad.....i just made a batch of betty crocker brownies today with an 8th of mango kush and it was amazing
    Iron Lion Zion

    Iron Lion Zion Well-Known Member

    If you want a dumby proof way of doing this just throw butter/oil in a crock pot, add a cup or so of water, turn on low, add your bud, let it simmer on low for however long you want (6+ hours at least I would say), strain, place in fridge to separate the butter/oil from the water and you are done. No chance of burning/boiling anything.

    You also want to use whatever butter/oil you can find that has the highest fat content in it (thc is soluble in fat).

    vender Active Member

    I am going to try making cooking oil from combo of bud and leaf. My question is do I need to dry / cure the herb before cooking in the oil? Can I use fresh herb?

    Benassi Guest

    I'm definitely going to start cooking with oils now. Butter is just way too fucking messy. I still loved my pot butter chicken linguine pasta though... WOOOOOOOOO!

    STillAintRite Member

    For people who like to make goodies ever so often this is a great way to get a good body high using only stems and seeds.

    ~ a zone of stems and seeds ( if you are truly a stoner this can be from about a months worth of smoke)
    ~ 1 cup of canola or cooking oil


    Poor the oil into a small pot. Mix in the seeds and stems. You can also add a little shake if you like. Cook on the lowest possible setting making sure to not let it boil. If it boils turn your heat all the way down.:fire: Cook for about an hour and a half. Stirring frequently. Then sift the oil into a mason jar to store for up to one month.

    The best boxed brownie mix to use is Duncan Hines. This mix calls for 1/2 cup of oil, substitute with your ganja oil, mix it, cook it, and chow down.:weed:

    quietlike Active Member

    how much cuttings do you need for every 8th of buds?

    Also, Ive only been using the small cuttings directly around the buds (with the trichomes all over them), am i missing out on a ton of extra cuttings? Or are they not as nearly as potent, less effective and not worth it? I've tried a tincture as it doesn't seem like it worked. It sounds like I'd know if it works or not.

    So I want to try the cooking oil. Other than foods, can it be mixed with massage oil and used for pain relief, or would that have to be a totally different extraction process? Ive never used massage oils so I don't know how that works.

    A quick reply would be great, I just harvested. Thanks!


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