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Convert male to female????

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by igstid420, Nov 14, 2007.


    BSIv2.0 Well-Known Member

    Agreed..a male plant cant be forced to become female.

    A female plant wont "become" male...It can be made to produce pollen/pistils.....It will herm.

    I think thats where the we start mixing things up.

    A male is a male....But a herm can have its male flowers removed and continue to grow and produce bud. Thats more than likely what was told to the original poster.

    An unsexed plant can be forced to become a herm too.

    But a COMPLETELY male plant is a male plant to the end.

    What is interesting to me...Is that there is a way to produce REAL 100% female seeds. It takes alot of work/time/knowhow....But can be done. Thats seeds that do not carry the herm trait....And will only be female.

    The coveted 100% XX female.

    DaCDaC Well-Known Member

    lol,this just sounds to confusing to accully be worth the trouble.

    BIGMIKE13 Well-Known Member

    a true stoner...:joint:

    igstid420 Well-Known Member

    guess ya didnt read the part about me having 2 females from that crop huh?

    igstid420 Well-Known Member

    very good info, thnx :-)
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    ive heard of certain strains that dont hermie i will look for it and paste what i find
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    While on 12 12 in the middle of the darkness period give the plant an hours light. Messing up the lighting regime helps to promote hermies. Is the dark period that makes a plant start producing its sex. Messing with the dark period confuses the plant and can turn it hermie. So i would suggest to do this u got nothing to lose.
    Bear's Blunts

    Bear's Blunts Well-Known Member

    hmm thats a new one for me , never thought about it but i guess it would be possible to get a hermie and not a female

    Potterpan Active Member

    great info.

    funkdocKT Well-Known Member

    ive heard of a doctor in thailand that will convert males to females for the low price

    lol...couldnt help it

    Ganjadav420 Member

    I just got done watching a video on Hightimes.com and its from the guys at DNA seedbank and they said that their are chemicals that can be used to change a male into a female!!!!.....Sounds very strange but I want to know what chemicals there are that will do that. any ideas???? anyone???

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