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Convert male to female????

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by igstid420, Nov 14, 2007.


    igstid420 Well-Known Member

    This is way out of left feild but a long time friend of mine is a well experienced grower and i was told by him if you can succesfully remove all male pollen balls from the plant and leave it under 12/12 it will convert to a female or even a smokeable hermi..is that even remotly close to the truth? today was the 1st i heard of that. But in small hope i clipped all the pollen off my male and put him back under 12/12. figured hell its worth a try :mrgreen: but dont sound very promising to me

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    sounds rediuclous, but well worth a try.

    Goodluck mate, way to test what you hear!

    <3 growers <3

    mattynono Active Member

    please do let us know how it turns out, because that would be nice to know.

    traffic Active Member

    I doubt it will turn into a full-fledged female, but hermie might be a possibility. I wonder what the more experienced guys around here have to say. A smokeable hermie would be a huge improvement over a male.

    HotNSexyMILF Well-Known Member

    Seems ridiculous.. would cutting off your dick turn you into a female? LOL... I just don't see how cutting something off would change dna... hm.. but the hermie theory... possibly? If certain environmental factors can change a female to a hermie.. maybe certain factors can change a male into a hermie? Maybe we just haven't figured out what those exact conditions would be... gotta love this.. always new things to learn or 'discover'...

    igstid420 Well-Known Member

    i never said it worked now, lol just what i heard and i agree well worth a try, with no male pollen present it wont pollinate the females, now if male pollen reforns then ill just toss it, time will tell

    pacman Well-Known Member

    Has anyone hear take genetics in middle school, no it won't work, just like pulling your balls off won't make u a female

    wafflehouselover Well-Known Member

    thats too much trouble to even try something like that, just plant yourself some more beaners and get a female.

    billybob88 Well-Known Member

    Then how does a female marijuana plant grow nuts and pollinate herself? guess they didnt teach that in middle school genetics,

    420muthafuka! Active Member

    this is kinda close to the subject matter, some young boys that are in choir get there balls taken out before they hit pueberty so their voice stays high

    BTW- this is just what ive herd

    pacman Well-Known Member

    females can become hermie from enviromental changes but thats not genetics and i thought thats what we were talking about?

    BSIv2.0 Well-Known Member


    Yes its possible. A male plant can be "turned" female.

    A female can also be made to produce pollen.

    There are plenty of books that discuss it.

    Not all hermies are naturally made. Sometimes breeders induce it.

    Chemicals and light poisining are a few ways to do it.

    pacman Well-Known Member

    who turns there plant hermie on PURPOSE? it ruined one of my strains i wouldn't understand why ud want that, especially from a breeders standpoint,

    billybob88 Well-Known Member

    very correct BSI.

    Whats to say environmental changes or chemicals or light poisioning cant turn a male into a hermie. if it can do it to a female who knows right?

    Breeders use pollen from a hermie and pollinate a female to produce feminized seeds.

    BSIv2.0 Well-Known Member

    People that want to produce fem seeds....Turn a female plant hermie. It pollenates itself....The resulting seeds more than likely will produce female plants. But herms/males still pop up in the right conditions.

    Then they sell them to people not knowing. At higher costs. Thats the business.

    Dutch Passion...One of the 1st to bring Fem seeds to the market...Advertised them as FEMALE SEEDS....But because grower's dont always keep optimum grow conditions....herms and males popped up too.

    This led DP to change the name from FEMALE SEEDS to FEMINIZED SEEDS.

    *Nitrogen quantity
    *Humidity/Moistness of seedbed
    *Color of light used
    *Length of lighting period

    Even taking cuttings from a fem seed produced female can result in a herm or male cutting.
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    BSIv2.0 Well-Known Member

    Its already a fact...A plant's sex can be altered...
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    billybob88 Well-Known Member

    rep for bsi.

    buttledge89 Active Member

    i don't know if its the same for marijuana plants as it is for humans but after fertilization we are all female by default and its not until a certain protein becomes present that starts creating male features. So i don't think that a male can become a female only a female become a male.

    billybob88 Well-Known Member

    Very nice tidbit of info butt.

    But nowadays we have TurDuckEns Grapples, seedless watermellons, the list goes on. whos to say someone couldnt do it? I think it could be done.

    BIGMIKE13 Well-Known Member

    gibberellic acid is used on a female plant to force male flower production to self pollinate and produce seeds.....fem seeds

    dont think it is worth trying to convert male to female or even possible.

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