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    lambofgod Well-Known Member

    I think your over thinking it, no offense. I don't think in these terms.

    I grow bomb fucking nugs...not to be full of myself or anything, but it's so simple to over analyze these things that it becomes a mess. The only need for hydrogen peroxide IMO is after a flush, when you plant will become bogged down with water (which doesn't happen with coco, or virtually never happens) so in that case I used it much more in soil then in coco, in fact I've NEVER used it in coco. I haven't seen a need to. Also I use protekt which cant be combined with H202, cannazyme nor Rhizotonic can be combined with it for that matter, two of the most widely used products with coco. H202 kills of all the good bacteria those products build up.

    But don't take it from me man, I just stick to the back of bottles.

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    I am looking to start growing in Coco/Perlite combination. I'm looking for some advance on what Coco to use and what nutes work really good for it. I looked into going with DynaGro, Florablooom (Heads nute Formula), Csn17. The cocotek by Gh is some coco I looked at, is this any good? Have been a soil grower organically for awhile, looking for better yields and I was told coco is the way to go. Also can I use regular spring water with coco and when I nute my plants in Coco? Do I have to precharge and water my coco before use? Newbie to Coco and hydro but have a greenthumb. I appreciate all help.

    tightpockt Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I really appreciate the answer. I've pretty much already decided to do what you said. I'll just bump it up a little at a time and see where my ceiling is. I really like using Jack's. It's cheap, it has a great reputation among gardeners in general, it's super simple and it's always worked great for me. I'm not a spokesperson for them or anything, it's just what I use and I like it. I never really bought into the "cannabis specific" nutrient hype. I'm calling them tomorrow to see how they recommend using their product in coco and I'll post any advice they give me. Also I want to ask them about their recommended dosage vs. what the ppms actually are. I'll post whatever response they have to that as well. Also, CNS17 looks promising and I like their stats...I might pick up a quart and do a side by side with Jack's. In general I think following good gardening practices trumps over priced nutrients.

    jstone1633 Active Member

    Anyone use Botanicare nutes in their coco grows? Specifically their organic lines? What other organic nutes does everyone use with their coco grows? Feeding schedules? I like the idea of organic. I don't know anything about coco. My main question are concerned with adjusting pH and what to check in the runoff? ​


    lambofgod Well-Known Member

    Yes I use botanicare nutes and their coco. Using the Botanicare Original Pure Blend (organics) is just not enough IMO.

    I have both bottles in front of me and I'll type up the specs.

    Original Pure Blend Grow (organic) 1.0-.5-1.0
    Original Pure Blend Bloom (organic) .5-.5-1.0

    I'm not typing out the ingredients but it's all bat shit, bird shit and fulvic acid.

    Here is Botanicares CNS17 line (synthetic)

    CNS17 grow:3-1-2
    CNS17 bloom:2-2-3
    CNS17 ripe: 1-5-4


    now considering the price per bottle of the Original Pure Blend, the ratio's are horrible. Just using Botanicares organic 2 part as a stand alone is expensive.

    Now you can buy both the organic and synthetic line and blend them yourself OR go buy Botanicares pure blend pro, which is essentially just a mix of the two.

    If you read back a couple posts you will see that I say:

    The idea of organic is awesome don't get me wrong, but in the long run when it comes to numbers synthetics win.

    As for not knowing anything about coco, well your in the right place...start reading.

    As for ph....simple 5.6-6.0 or whatever let it vary slightly...and no need to check any runoff water unless you start seeing problems.

    lambofgod Well-Known Member

    I use the cns17 line, along with dyna grows protekt, I'm also thinking of doing a full run of dyna grow here soon, to see how it sizes up vs botanicare. As for the coco bricks any which one works, just depends if you want loose coir or chips. I again use botanicare. As for pre charging, it's not a must. A couple posts back I did say it does have advantages over not pre charging, and beaverhunter hits on this topic very well through-out this thread. If you can go with RO water, the $100-$200 investment in a filter is well well worth it.

    Yep damn skippy...want better yields?? Coco is where it's at...

    jstone1633 Active Member

    The website describes the pure blend pro line as being a premium, natural, organic plant food. Is it really a mix of organic/synthetic?

    Bootytoot Member

    I have been trying to finish in flower with ok results. The same crap happens with magnesium def purple petioles,stalks, necrotic patches. Was using sensi bloom switched to cutting edge solutions hoping for better luck. Any need for epsom? They reccomend 5m micro/10m bloomHand watering in 100% coco, any tips tricks reccomendations greatly appreciated.

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    1st round with coco, skywalker 7 days from pull.

    420person Member

    you said, "I did finally try it, soaked a 5kg brick in 4 gal of water (as normal) but with 4ml/gal of cal/mag+ along with an extra 1ml/gal of my grow nute. I must say I did see an instant difference from just popping them in plain coco. Took off much faster, much more vigorous!"

    I'm using Canna Coir...think presoaking that would work just as well? Then would I throw in 1ml of my H&G grow?
    And are you saying I wouldn't need cal/mag for the entire cycle after that?

    wow if that's the case. because I did have low mag issues until I seriously reduced my cal/mag to about 1T per 25 gallons (good city water.)

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    spitsbuds Active Member

    remember that in cal/mag problems less is always more.......its something i leanrt the hard way. i never use more the 150 to 250 ppm hanna scale that...0.5 to 1 mill a liter or 2 mill a gallon of AN sensi cal/mag(the grow and bloom there ok magi cal seems better thou) and i grow with canna coco pro and use all canna range nutes so mag is a probelm. but since ive had the less is more approach ive not had a single problem. remember that to much cal locks out mag and potassium. so by adding more to stop deficiency youre making it worst. then you blame the cal/mag make then you add more and only make it worst. ive got a lot of good info some from canna themselves that i can post up if needed.

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    Lambofgod: If i cant go with ro water, what would be a better choice? distilled or spring water? So if i go with CSN 17 for my grow and bloom nutes, and use Dyna-Gro protekt at 1-1.5 Ml during vegging I should produce healthy plants. At what ML do u use your CSN!7 grow at during vegging? and at what ml do u use your CSN17 bloom at during flowering? if i orecharge my coco? what is a good solution to do it in and for how long and a thow much per ML??

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    That is a massive res 50 gallons for 6 plants? They must be huge, you must go through a your nutes like crazy.

    I think there is a bit of confusion everytime I use the word "flush" I dont mean the 2-14 day flush before harvest, I mean a quick flush done before adding your nutrients, in order to pull out some of the extra salts in the coco. Jason you're the first person Ive seen saying they do a flush every week, that seems like alot of flushing, and with such a big res no wonder your plants love it, your keeping it really clean.

    Ive been adviced by another grower on RIU to not try to max my ppm's like I have been doing, Im at week 5 of vegg and my plants look great with 1000ppm, I was told I shouldnt use that high of ppm even if I'm not seeing any burn because salts will buildup and eventually destroy my plants even if they are liking the high ppm at the moment. On other posts on here Im seeing advice given to try and keep your ppm as high as you can so long as you dont see any burn. I can easily keep my ppm's at 1000 with these plants and not get any burn. Should I be keeping my ppm's lower than this or trying to keep it at the max, and what should I be doing to ensure Salt buildup doesnt kill my plants?

    I apologize if Im making my questions sounds redundant, just trying to understand this conflicting advice

    tightpockt Well-Known Member

    So I've been on this kick lately about jacks classic....I like using it and would like to continue using it for coco so I decided to give them up a ring and ask them a few questions about their hydroponic line and supplements and what they would recommend for coco and a few other questions. I'VE BEEN CALLING THEM FOR TWO DAYS! It's as if they have zero customer service. I just keep getting one of two ladies answering machines.
    Get it together peters!
    Barneys Wife

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    spitsbuds Active Member

    jason 2011 becarfull flushing mate. its good you're using rizho. try zym to if you must flush then feed at normal ppm straight after as you're washing you're micro life out and remember micro life love eating salt. aslo that's one of coco great advantages is the micro so why wash it out.
    thedillestpickle..................................... good question. so many ways work for so many grower. me personally never flush maybe at the end. the best way to deal with salts is to keep topping up the micro life through using canna zym or great white. there is gravity to but never used it as you have to re adjust youre ppm and can easily burn them with garvatiy. i use zym from the end of the 3rd week in veg once my roots have massed and this will eat up the sallts. great white when used in flowering just munch the salts waay for fun... once i get to pre flowering i will start to increase the amount i feed in terms of mill. i keep doing this till i get a 10 to 30 percent run off. sometimes i will only feed enough for run off once a week if it seems in any way to stress you're plants9ive only seen it once) i feed everyday in flowering with 2 to 3 small feedings and make sure its the last feed that gets the run of. in veg i feed every other day with no run of. as salts are not really a problem them. you will get slight build up from the growth spurts from the coco. but nothing to worrie about. i use this method in canna coco pro for years now with great results

    spitsbuds Active Member

    well done.. as blueberry can be a tricky one. what lights did you use in you're tent

    420person Member

    Thanks- I learned this the hard way too. Someone told me to put the cal/mag in first (I ust Botanicare) and EC to .3 or .4. That's meant like 1T to about 15 gallons! But haven't seen problems since.

    I'll post this on the thread also but have you seen this product by Canna? CannaGr. Any thoughts?

    420person Member

    Anyone seen this product by Canna? It's COGr.

    Website says; The COGR range is a proven system that is rapidly becoming the method of choice for growing in coco slabs in Holland. At the heart of this system are compressed un-buffered slabs of coco that require you, the grower, to soak with the special COGr buffering agent and then feed with a dedicated COGR Vega feed during the vegetative stage switching to COGR Flores during the flowering period. These nutrients contain added humic and fulvic acids for improved nutrient uptake as well as silicon for increased resistance to pests and disease.
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    600 HPs, used all canna nutes.

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