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Co2, Yeast and sugar

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Juandivad, Sep 8, 2007.


    Juandivad Active Member

    Hi everyone, i did the yeast and sugar thing and its working, i got the reaction going right away, i didnt have to wait, just mix the sugar the yeast shake and it started bubbling right away, since i dont have a Co2 meter, does anyone know if it really works, if it really makes a difference in the Co2 concentration in the air of a small closet like mine. has anyone measured this.

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    UnEmploymentDude Well-Known Member

    lets just say I used alka seltzer tablets and noticed a huge difference in growth. And in a a chamber twice as large as yours.

    Are are you flowering?

    Godsp33d Active Member

    I've never heard of this method but it does seem like a logical idea. I imagine if you got a beg enough container, you could produce a steady stream of CO2 for at least a week at a time?

    Does anyone else have any info on it? Because I could actually use some advice myself on the CO2, I have a closet grow and no ventilation.

    UnEmploymentDude Well-Known Member

    You might want to add a vent before you start adding Co2.

    Juandivad Active Member

    Thanks a lot
    By the way im still vegging mode

    UnEmploymentDude Well-Known Member

    YOU ARE?! You dont need that much Co2 when in vegging, just for flowering. Save your yeast for later man.

    Salamandastron! Well-Known Member

    watch out though...that Co2 contraption can shoot up and out of the container. wont cause much damage unless it gets all modly on the plants...but just keep it a bit aways from the plants and a few feet below the light. ileft mine i nther nad the next day it had exploded yeast all over one of my plants and the light above. plus the heat of the light baked it right on, its impossible to get off after that. lol. just a heads up

    smokie2008 Well-Known Member


    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    It works, but nothing earth shattering.

    A 5 gal bucket might work ok for a closet grow. But the 2 liter bottle system doesn't raise the ppm all that much (less then what the plants can convert)

    StonedSurfer54 Well-Known Member

    DO-IT-YOURSELF C02 GENERATOR (for your closet operation)

    Every green leafed plant uses carbon dioxide in its daily life. 0.5% of our air is carbon dioxide. Plants are able to utilize up to 5 times the natural amount and can grow 5 times faster - provided that sufficient light, nutrients, and water are available to support the extra growth. Generally speaking, a plant will grow faster with added carbon dioxide in its environment.

    Yeast is a living, eating, breathing and reproducing organism. They consume sugar and water and excrete carbon dioxide and alcohol. Yeast is used in the production of alcohol. Buy some brewers yeast at a make-your-own-beer/wine store. You will have to get a large jug with a small mouth, a rubber cork with a hole in it that will fit in the mouth of the jug, and six to ten feet (your decision) of flexible tubing in which the carbon dioxide will travel. All of these can be found at the one store. You are basically reviving the dry yeast in the package so that they will eat the sugar you give it and produce carbon dioxide meanwhile. Ask the person at the store that you want to produce carbon dioxide for some house plants. They will give you what you need.

    1. Fill the large jug with slightly warm water. Not hot, not even warm, just a bit warmer than lukewarm. The warmth wakes up the yeast.
    2. Now add sugar to the water . One part sugar to every five parts of solution.
    3. Empty the packet of yeast in the jug and stir.
    4. After a few hours the yeast should be active and producing carbon dioxide. The production of carbon dioxide can be observed by actual bubbles floating to the surface.
    5.The only thing you have to do now is maintain the life of your yeast population. Dump out some of the solution and add fresh water so that is does not become stagnant. Add a few teaspoons of sugar. Do this every week or two.
    6.Theoretically, your yeast population can last for an eternity!

    There you go... i followed that, and I believe its a better solution than other costly ones... But then again... Its all preference here

    Hope this helps

    Good Luck!!

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    just4fun123 Active Member

    Just a tip...before you worry about sugar and yeast, maybe get some bigger lights

    espskillz Active Member

    you can also just spray seltzer water on them when the fans are off.

    highmynameism.j. Active Member

    isnt co2 harmful to us if it isnt all taken in by the plant?

    Gorlax Well-Known Member


    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Above 1000ppm is considered too much, but still not 'harmful'

    According to OSHA 5000ppm is the upper limit for a 8 hour a day 40 hour week.

    So, don't sweat it.

    StonedSurfer54 Well-Known Member

    nice tutorial

    snoopdog621 Well-Known Member

    i just bought a co2 anaylzer check the pics below ... it calculates when the ppms drop below 1500

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    snoopdog621 Well-Known Member

    it cost me 700 pound ./1400 dollars ... my grow room cost me 6500 = 13 000 dollars ... all this money went to waste tho as my crop has turned hemef :(

    snoopdog621 Well-Known Member

    i think it might be the strain im not to shore im new to this ... i kind of jumped in at the deep end .... and decided to grow my own vegstables instead of buyin them ... everything was going well till 2nd week of flower ....

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    snoopdog621 Well-Known Member

    i have started again .... but i gotta go through all the process all over again .. and i havent mastered geminatin yet i only get a 40% hit rate ... im more better at takin clones ... it will take me at least 4 weeks to build up a mother that can give me enough clones to fit my ebb setup ... :(

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