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CO2; Heavier of Lighter than Air

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by emersonc, Jun 9, 2008.


    emersonc Active Member

    Okay, so I know that CO2 is necessary for plants, and can boost flowering production, But a couple questions on setup...

    1) Does the CO2 generally sink or rise? Meaning should I place the end of the tube above my plant or below near the soil?

    2) Also; when using the yeast sugar water and bottle method, do any of you let the pressure rise by capping it off then releasing it for more of a "burst" of CO2?
    Would this be advenatagous or pointless?


    edux10 Well-Known Member

    C02 falls to the ground. Get a fan to blow it back up. I am using co2 for the first time too. I am going to set up the regulator in 2 weeks so I am no expert. I have seen on RIU 5 gallon buckets with the holes in the bottom sides and them a fan fit in there so it makes a blower going up. I think it sai that guy VictorVicious (sp?) Look through his stuff. He is a smart man..

    emersonc Active Member

    Thanks man, tell me how that regulator works once you get it set up

    GrnMan Well-Known Member

    Yea, Co2 falls.


    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    fallin and i cant get up?

    emersonc Active Member

    Well it sounds like co2 is denser than air and will fall, well why not just make a tube that has a opening above the plant so the co2 falls like a waterfall over the plant? or is that waht you all do?

    Im still wondering if most people let the gas permiate out on its own or do you let the pressure build up then release it?:hump:

    Oh ya and a side note what the hell is IMO?

    edux10 Well-Known Member

    I think people only really "release" the gas when the room gets too hot and they have to use the exaust fan. If u use the a/c and a passive air cooled hood you can probably get the co2 to stay in the room most of the day and not waste a lot of the gas. Those things can probably get expensive (using all those bottles and having to refill at the store). That is how mine will be set up in the flowering stage so I l let ya know. I will probably run the exaust fan once every day or so to scrub the air so It dosen't smell like ganja on my block..

    emersonc Active Member

    Well im thinkin about using the simple method of yeast sugar and water, so I thinking is it better to close the top and let the gass build up then release it at night? I know that many plants wait till night time to do most of their gas exchange because if they open their stomata during the day they can lose too much water vavpor. DOes this sound familular to anyone?

    GrnMan Well-Known Member

    LOL! Those commercials ROCK!

    humble learner

    humble learner Well-Known Member

    I've wondered the same thing about the homemade co2

    IMO= In my opinion
    IMHO=In my honest opinion

    middlefingerhere Active Member

    I'm also planning on running Co2 in my growth area. My question is how can I keep it at the optimium levels around 1500 ppm without overloading the room to harmful levels to make sure I never fall below the optimum level. I'm tring to find a fool proof way without spending a boat load of money on a expensive monitioring and injection system.

    My second question is at what level does Co2 actually become harmful to humans?

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