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CO2 during flowering

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by wbd, Jul 10, 2007.


    wbd Well-Known Member

    How important is CO2 during flowering? Can increased levels of CO2 affect bud development and/or potency during flowering?

    I have 3 bottles of yeast/sugar and was thinking -- since I have plenty of yeast and sugar -- that I could just put as many bottles as possible in the closet, and really strive for maximum CO2 supplements for the remainder of my grow (I'm at 26 days flower).

    Waddya think?
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    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Raising co2 levels can incrase yield by as much as 25%. Air movement will affect this. You will be able to raise the temps a little also. VV

    squish Active Member

    i also have a question on this subject, iam using clfs which are fixed onto a board which hangs flat above my plants, can i place my co2 yeast/sugar bottles on top of this board since co2 falls down been heavier than air or will it just fall on top of the board.

    1stymer Well-Known Member

    my plants stay outside in the sun during the day and go in the closet at night. they are in there first week of flowering. does co2 work at night?

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    wbd, co2 is very important. With proper levels of co2 you can easily double your yeild. You'll need alot of bottles of home made co2 to be effective though.

    Victor, you'll be able to raise your temps alot, in fact when utilizing co2, you almost have to raise your temps to about 90. I'm really not too sure what you meant by air movement, but obviously you need your exhaust shut off during the times when your adding additional co2. You'll also need a small fan to keep the co2 off the floor.
    squish, sorry to tell ya, but you can place anything you want on that board except your co2. Your money is better spent on ventilation, or better lighting. Additional co2 will do nothing for you while you are using cfl's.
    Adding supplemental CO2 will benefit the plants only if they are CO2-limited. Which means that, at ambient CO2 levels, the canopy is light-saturated. This is pretty difficult, if not impossible to achieve with CFLs.

    1stymer, co2 only works during the "lights on" cycle.

    sequento Well-Known Member

    how many bottles are alot of bottles ? i have ten green bottles sitting on a wall and if one green bottle should acidentaly falll?

    wbd Well-Known Member

    9 green bottles?

    smokie927 Active Member

    I am using co2 in my setup now,and getting more back on point of the question WBD asked. Just because your plants leaves and stems are growing vigorously doesn't mean your buds are doing the same, does co2 cause smaller bud development early then bigger buds later? Is temps around 60 F, bad when using co2 or is it just more benefitial to have higher temps?

    smokie927 Active Member

    sure the yeast sugar method works... but if you have enough space i'd implement a co2 burner they run around 300-400$ and burn propane,but then you'll have to measure the amount of co2 in the room and are going to need a co2 ppm controller to audimate things and to keep it safe. Best of luck.

    newbiebob Well-Known Member

    i was wondering the same thing.
    let me knwow if you get any good answers.,
    i was hopeing we could find someone with a co2 ppm reader that could measure how much 1 2 liter puts out so we can guestimate how many bottles we would need to reach 1500 ppm

    newbiebob Well-Known Member

    i ws thinking about takeing a 5 gallon bucket
    and filling it with the sugar yeast and water ratios and duct tapeing a trash bag over the top.
    once the trash bag is inflated, turn off your exhaust and empty the garbage bag.
    anyone think this would work

    streetlegal Well-Known Member

    Optimum co2 levels through early/late flowering? do we have a consensus?

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