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CO2 And Ventilation

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by cmccrack, Aug 11, 2008.


    cmccrack Active Member

    I have some questions about ventilation. Maybe you guys can clear things up.

    The reason ventilation is necessary is twofold, as far as I can tell. The first is to keep a constant supply of fresh CO2 to your plants and second to keep the heat from building up in the grow chamber. Are there any other reasons?

    Assuming no, how well would the following configuration work? An enclosed grow chamber, not airtight, but no explicit vent or fan. A moderate CO2 source, replenished daily (or every other day) and the entire chamber vented at CO2 change time. This would help keep the odor down and eliminate the need for some complexity in the design. The drawback, of course, being the need for constant CO2 replenishment.

    I'm looking at doing a micro grow, one or two plants tops, and it needs to be super stealthy. The rate of CO2 consumption for two plants couldn't more than the amount of CO2 produced from 2-4 liters of fresh sugar/yeast solution each day. If the box stays sealed the CO2 would accumulate early in the day and decrease as the plant used it up returning to a baseline atmospheric level some time later. Anyone have any experience with anything even remotely similar this? How'd it go?

    LUDACRIS New Member

    co2 is not a major issue just make sure you have a big oscillating fan and you can open a window and the door to vent your space every now and then.the best co2 you can supply your babies is fresh air.what do you think the big deal is on reducing co2 into the atmosphere.(global warming)the governments want to reduce co2 in the air well i say buck em its good for the plant but bad for them.(tough shit mr bush).

    cmccrack Active Member

    Some clarification:

    The grow chamber will be no larger than about 2'x2'x3'. I'm looking at generating CO2 instead of venting. I plan on a daily (or so) quick vent just to freshen up the chamber. My questions more directly pertain to the lack of ventilation; if supplied fresh CO2 via generator will that still allow a good grow environment (all other things being equal)?

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    You need air blowing on the plants, if you have no air you will see all sorts of problems appear. dust settling on leaves and choking them, fungus and molds can take root and wreak havoc with your pretty ladies, the stems will not get stressed and will fall over after the buds get heavy....on and on. Simply put...you need ventilation.

    LUDACRIS New Member

    no drama is the man in the know.

    mihalis9 Active Member

    screw co2 tanks, i go the cheap route and talk to my plants. lmao
    Ram Baba

    Ram Baba Active Member

    crack, its hard doing stealth. i have a 3x2x5'5 area in a closet and tried to vent and parents found my tent, fan ballast, plants the works. they said they didn't want to get in trouble so its not easy. + plants grow, 3' does not seem like enuf unless you're using CFL's and have lowryder or someother dwarf strain. + will you be able to keep temperaturs down? i am having problems with that too and i am happy when temps are below 86, which is still quite high. it should be 75 -82 preferably constant 78 F though. you need a base to grow in, lighting, air, and you need ventilation. you can't get a little PC fan in there to vent with hole at the bottom for air to be pulled in and exhausted to the top?

    cmccrack Active Member

    I'm starting with a LowRyder variant so I think 3' will be plenty of vertical space. I have a couple of ideas for managing temperature, but the most plausible I think is to grow in the attic starting in the fall and let the lamps heat up the chamber. I live in a warm climate, so even through Dec and Jan the heat from the lights should be enough to keep it warm, I think. Because it would be in the attic, I don't want to continuously vent the air because the attic fans will blow the odor out into the neighborbhood. I'm doing some more research and weighing some options before I start. To keep the buds from weighing down the stem in an unventilated area, I thought about doing LST early on. Then I don't need particularly strong stems and I can get wider light coverage to boot. I know that my yeast/CO2 generator puts out a good amount of CO2 over several days of fermentation. I think it'll definitely be enough to raise the CO2 levels appropriately in a sealed environment.

    I haven't seen anything from anyone who has tried such an arrangement, so despite the warnings to the contrary, I may try it anyway in the name of science. I still have a couple of months before the weather cools down, so I have some time to do more research. Any additional input anyone has would certainly be considered.

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