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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by DST, Dec 22, 2009.


    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Wait until you make tater tots! Mix up some Mr. Yoshida's and sour cream for dipping - mmmmmm!


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    giggles26 Well-Known Member

    Ok 6 I need the hyrdo nerds help. I'm building a ebb n flow table out of my find from the other day and I need some help with deciding on what pump size and how big of reservoir to use.

    Jig, who, dez, any of you guys that can chime in and help would be great.
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    supchaka Well-Known Member

    That pan you found was kind of shallow for doing a ebb flow (if I remember) So I would use it for my preferred method anyway, which would be a drain to waste system. It takes so many variables out that can be a hassle. The RW unislabs would be ideal and you would only water once a day still. Pump wouldnt need to be much, you could even water by hand if you felt so inclined.

    Totally not what you were asking or the direction you were going but I'm that guy that usually goes the other direction :)
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    DoobieBrother Well-Known Member

    I tried a few times already but the camera was tilted bad, or pointed too far down.
    But I thnk I have it aimed properly.
    Doing another tuning session for the scooter tonight, but will have to wait for a dry-ish spell to test it, as it's raining frogs & fritters and blowing like things that metaphorically produce prodigious amounts of air movement.
    So, more later :-)
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    giggles26 Well-Known Member

    I'm open to all ideas really. It's about 5" deep so I wasn't quite sure if I could even make it work but I'll look into a drain to waste.

    TheGreenHornet Active Member

    Finally got em up and runnin boys!

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    TheGreenHornet Active Member

    err.. still trying to figure out this new uploader. cant even see the big ones when i click on it

    HydroGp Well-Known Member

    Nice! Tape pr0n from the morning! Looking good :)
    Im up a little early cause i had so much fever everything is soaked and i could not keep warm. So now im waiting for the bath tub to be full while enjoying the fire oven.. Still no wake n bake. Gotta have the lunges ready first :/

    Dezracer Well-Known Member

    Both of those things are dependent on the size of the tray. What are the dimensions of the tray?
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    jigfresh Well-Known Member

    I would listen to the guys who've done tables before. I just know the systems I've run.
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    DoobieBrother Well-Known Member

    *pulled the trigger on a VT Bass Deluxe fx pedal at Guitar Center!
    And I ordered two sets of Rotosound SM666 strings ($75, so don't complain, guitar guys ;-) )

    And the guy at guitar center actually asked me how to spell "rotosound"...

    And I bought a Planet Waves (Joe Satriani) 3" wide, padded guitar strap:
    IMG_6972.JPG IMG_6973.JPG

    The fx pedal & strings will arrive by Monday, and will be doing a before & after vid for my youtube channel, and will link to it here in the 6.

    Other than that, getting kitten supplies, and will get more tomorrow.
    Toking on some delicious Romulan, and going to eat, watch something, and veg out.
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    giggles26 Well-Known Member

    I'll get some for sure measurements tomorrow.

    I'm baked and going to bed.

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