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Closet Grow, Blue Mystic Autoflower and White Widow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by MyLittleSecret, Jun 20, 2010.


    MyLittleSecret Member

    This is my first in many years, so comments are welcome. I've had 3 successful grows before, but since it's been so long and I'm using different potting medium and lighting, I'm totally open to suggestions.

    Last Sunday I started 5 seeds of each from Nirvana in paper towels, they cracked in two days and were planted in MG potting mix in 22 oz cups (I questioned whether they'd all come up, so temporary home). I used the MG mix because in the past I've been an over-fertilizer and want to avoid that for now, but was uncertain if that would be too much for the babies. They all came up within two more days, before my first light got here (400 W HPS), so they spent two days in the window until I got the light installed 36 hours ago, and they stretched a little in the window.

    I'll be repotting the Blue Mystic AF's into deep 12" pots next Sunday, which will be their permanent homes, and adding another 400 W HPS in about 2 weeks, repotting the White Widows at that time. Things are happening a lot faster than I had anticipated! The plan is to get the 5 pots under the lamp, then fit the remaining five cups between the tops of the pots until the other lamp arrives.

    My previous grows were under 2 - 250 W HPS lamps in a mixture of vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss (whatever proportions Mel Frank & Ed Rosenthal suggested), using good bag seed ($200/oz smoke 12 years ago). I notice that the heat of the 400 W lamps is going to be more of an issue, and that the quality of these seeds is much higher, so things are cranking along much faster than in the past.

    I've attached pictures of the 10 cups in a bin under the lamp and a close-up of one of each strain - both are starting the second set of leaves this morning. None of the plants have stretched since being under the lamp.

    That's what's happening now...

    Pictures are all, Blue Mystic, White Widow.

    All_20100610.JPG BM_20100620.JPG WW_20100620.JPG

    seedlingstartah Active Member

    cant wait to see how this turns out.. i been wondering what the blue mystic af's are like

    MyLittleSecret Member

    One week and one feeding with Miracle Grow later, they've blown up. I need to transplant the Blue Mystics tomorrow. Same plants, same order (all, Blue Mystic, White Widow).

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    seedlingstartah Active Member

    looking good.. i was wondering are those white widows fem seeds i know the blue mystics are.. so if if you get any males have out of it have you thought of seeding the bottom nugs of the blue mystic to get a cross strain

    justforspam24 Active Member

    Will be following this one for sure. I just popped some Northern Light Autos from Nirvana about 2 weeks ago. I germed them all in soil and once the seedlings got to a decent size I transplanted them to the pot they are going to finish in.

    Your plants look great too, bigger then mine and they are about a week ahead. I have mine in FFOF and am going to start nutes next week so hopefully I will see an explosion like you did.

    What light schedule are using with them? And do you plan on using the same schedule the whole way through?

    MyLittleSecret Member

    I have then 24 on now, will switch to 18/6 soon, then to 12/12 for the feminized White Widows.

    seedlingstartah Active Member

    how many days are the plants now, have the af blue mystics show flowering or even pistils yet
    roll it up smoke it up

    roll it up smoke it up Well-Known Member

    Do you have any updates on the WW

    MyLittleSecret Member

    They're just starting to flower.

    As for the White Widows, they got testy and have some heat stress.

    seedlingstartah Active Member

    update i wanna see how big these af bm's are.. any smell to the bm's yet heard neutral smell odor to them

    seedlingstartah Active Member

    any updates your one of the few that i seen actually get females from the af bm's i heard alot of them turned out males from other journals
    cant wait to see what yours look like
    roll it up smoke it up

    roll it up smoke it up Well-Known Member

    yea bro we need some updates!
    Bonker lights

    Bonker lights Member

    hey any chance of an update bro wanna see how ur BMs doing....hers a pic of my auto bluemystic 3 days ago its now day 20 shown sex after 15 days is that quick or wat.... notice the bottom leaves are turnin yellow wat do u think this could be its not nute lock i dont think because the hole leaves are turning pale yellow.... any comments

    Snapple235 Member

    I'm doing something really wrong with my blue mystic autoflower. I'm not getting anywhere near that level of bushiness. Good stuff.
  15. did u find the problem to your yellow leaves??? i have the same issue with 1 of my blue mystics

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