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Clone Gel VS. Clone Powder

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by roseypanties, Jun 17, 2008.


    panhead Well-Known Member

    There is more to it than just root growth,i didnt do a large enough test crop to give real numbers but i did experience greatly increased yeild in the plant i fed a massive dose of Take Root in late flowering,i also experienced much new calyx growth on that plant while all other non treated plants finished up the plant got an explosion of calyx clusters.

    My participation in the experiment was pretty much trial & error with much of what went down being way over my head,i did alot of reading about plant growth hormones & Indol-3 durring that time,what i walked away with was that you can increase yeild using these things but there is no real way to tell with any kind of precision exactly what the results will be,or to what extent,the trick appears to be in giving the flowering plants the hormone at a precise time.

    I had planned on using the hormones again in my last grow but i switched over to SOG & the hormones kinda went the wayside while i was learning how to set up the SOG system.

    wackymack Well-Known Member

    i like powders,no complaints yet.got tough plants cloned by powder,and today had my first clone(was accidental,and can only do oneatatime) by powder

    roseypanties Well-Known Member

    Rule of thumb when to clone healthy mothers////// 1-2 foot tall or 2 months, whichever is first. . . good luck and love thy mother for she gives us endless buds.

    MisterMicro Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that the cloning powder can be used throughout the plants life for bigger buds?

    MisterMicro Well-Known Member

    I here all this hype about being supper careful no dirt and shit gets into the cloning hormone.

    Do i need some more Take Root rooting hormone?

    BluntManMikey Member

    hey im a newbie to growing and this caught my eye....r you saying you use the take root solution as a nutrient for the plant and not just for rooting??? if thats what your saying im gettin me sum TODAY lol :bigjoint:

    corners Well-Known Member

    I like powder better because its easier. Dip and go. With the gel, its really sticky. Doesn't always stay on once you do fish it out

    bigbud2012 Active Member

    Mr green thumb 101

    Mr green thumb 101 Member

    Hey every one... So I just got some powder ftom home depot. Now I wasn't going to use hormones I was going to do simple water cloning. Now the thing is while that is the easiest way to go it didn't exactly have the best success rate so I got powder. I planed on using the powder and soil but then I won't be able to see roots till they show on the side of the cup witch will take longer then be in water where u can see soon they root so could I use the powder in water? Any advice would be great this is my 3rd grow but first time cloning

    phishtank Well-Known Member

    The way i was taught to take clones in horticulture was to take your cutting...dip it into a cup of water...dip it into the cloning powder...stick into soil. Water them good...stick a humidity dome over it...and let it do its thing.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    I've used both and they all work the same, powder lasts longer though.

    Caregiver777 Member

    I use both, dip in the gel 1st, then into the powder, works great...... that way, the one doesn't get washed off so fast.....

    Got4m2e0 Well-Known Member

    I may catch a lot of flax for writing this post since I feel many people with disagree with my method. I run organic and reuse soil even. (unless I ever catch a diesease or bug then I toss it) Anyways...

    I like to take my old soil from my last run, less nutrients in it at that point and I like the idea of the live culture Mycorrhizae concept. For those that haven't heard of this, some people grow clover as a way to get mycorrhizae growing in the soil than get plant there plants so the Mycorrhizae will innoculate right away.

    So I use my old soil, I read on the DR.Earth newsletter some years ago and he mentioned using plan soil for cloning so that the plants get used to it right away or some such thing, thats my second reason for trying it. So been doing this for two years with powder and plain tap water, and I get 99% success with that method. I even use a large dish and cut the cuttings under the water. I read on another post that you don't need to do that but since cutting roses as a kid I feel its a force of habit.

    I know most people use steril soil or another medium, by from what I can tell, sometimes a little dirt never hurt anyone including my plants.

    I decided to switch to gel and give it a whirl, figured it seems a little less messy, and if you don't water enough the powder tends to dry out the buttom of my cuttings.

    Granted my method takes between one and two weeks, but I got all the time in the world and make more clones then I would need so its no problem for me. But I think I may try the soaking method mentioned at the begging of this thread, its only 9 dollars for a thing of powder at lowes anyways!! :)

    Happy growing to all.

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