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Clone Gel VS. Clone Powder

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by roseypanties, Jun 17, 2008.


    roseypanties Well-Known Member

    Ok, so ive tried both and the winner is///////??????

    The clone powder.....
    Less time to grow roots, less energy, less everything.
    Dont get me wrong, the gel works ok, BUT..

    It took me 2 weeks to root = Gel
    5 days = powder (in a bit of water of course)

    or for best results, soke your clippings in root powder and ph'd water over night and then make another 45degree cut the next day and put in ph'd rockwoll.....

    Any comments... :joint:

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    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    Good post... I have always used the gel but i think i am going to try and switch it up. I get a good result rate with my gel (sometimes 3 out of 4 make it, 4 out of 4 other times) but powder should be cleaner and less fuss. I will defiantly give it a try, any suggestions on brands you have good results with?

    erbium Well-Known Member

    You can buy the powder anywhere such as Walmart and Lowe's .

    I was bummed I couldn't find the gel as I used to use it religiously but I am going to stop looking and ignore all other tests and take your word as gospel to appease my ADD . I was sad every time I used the powder recently thinking I could be doing better and you have cured me !!!! Bless you .

    I have had 100% success rate with cloning since I started back up . I planted some seeds from a bag of kinda and it has turned out well - super short full plants with hybrid looking leaves !!!!

    100% rate with "Shultz TakeRoot" that was purchased at Walmart .

    erbium Well-Known Member

    I should add I root in Pro-Mix as a medium and use one of the plastic almost clear deep storage bins and sit a dual blue tube fixture on top . The Plastic keeps the light from being too intense so I can put it in a corner of the veg room . It works really well - they are inexpensive , readily available (can be found in dollar stores , Lowes , Wlamrt , even some grocery stores) and they are really tough so they don't get crushed like the thin plastic ones in the picture .

    KillerWeed420 Well-Known Member

    I've always used the powder. Its always worked so well for me I never tried anything else.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    I 2nd the Shultz Take Root,in a thread that FDD started a few of us did some experiments with different brands & makes of powders & gels,my part was that i was feeding Take Root powder to a few plants in the bud cycle,the pic in my avatar is the cola from one of the plants being fed Take Root,the bud ended up looking like a cavbeman club according to FDD,it was a monster.

    I have damm near 100% sucess rate with Take Root powder cloning & im going to use the shit out of it again durring bud cycle on my next grow.

    Take Root uses an agent called Indole-3 Butyric Acid as the growth hormone,Indole-3 is like steroids for plants.

    muyoso Well-Known Member

    The reason the powder is better, is that after the first watering, it forms a gel. So more of the rooting hormone stays on the clone for longer. The gel will wash off after the firts or second watering. The powder stays on for several.

    roseypanties Well-Known Member

    I agree with you Myoso. Right on brotha'.

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    I like powder its cheaper and easier to get a hold of too. Just my 2cents

    BobVila Active Member

    Yeah I like the powder better too, have both tho but always had better luck with the powder.

    fuffmucker Active Member

    interesting, how much powder do you use for budding? think i will give that a go, mmm monsters.

    MIKE JONES Well-Known Member

    im with u i use only the rooting powder too! its cheaper u can get it at wall-mart and most important it works just as good

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    budding? No its for cloning

    Fman Well-Known Member

    How old should your plant be before you take the cutting, to dip in the powder?

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    Plants should be mature this is indicated when the plant begins to develop alternating nodes.

    regrets Well-Known Member

    There is actually a very interesting thread in the advanced section about people experimenting with giving their plants cloning gel/powder as feed, with some very interesting results.

    fuffmucker Active Member

    sorry, thats what got my eye. gonna look for that thread.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Its a growth hormone & can be used for various stages of plant growth,the problem with using it for veg or bud is that there is no way to tell the exact outcome,We all found out in the process of that experiment that what we were doing was not new,botanists had done much the same things & experienced increased growth.

    So to answer your question (Budding?) yes it can be used durring budding.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Here is the thread that FDD started where we did the experiments with various cloning powders & gels,there is some damm good info in this thread pertaining to plant growth hormones,be sure to read ALL the links in posts in the thread, its a long read but has much uusefull information contained in the posts & links.


    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    Cool thanks for the info so the results are improved root growth?

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