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Cigarette's or Weed? which is worse for the lungs??

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by DrSooS, Oct 17, 2012.


    DrSooS Member

    Cigarettes or Weed ? Which is worse for your lungs?
    Well this question has been asked over and over again. Just do a quick Google search on it and you will see what I mean.
    And there seems to be just as many opinions. However it is very hard to find an unbiased opinion on the matter. Many people who do not use Marijuana, feel that since Tobacco is legal and Marijuana is not, then obviously Marijuana is worse for you,because if it werent then it would be legal. (Yes, I have read statements such as this before.)
    Then on the other hand you have the users stating that cigarette smoke is however many times worse for you because of all the chemicals in it, namely Tar and Nicotine. With no one really having any sources for their info.
    People also tend to get off topic and start rambling about all kinds of stuff, I am only interested about the effects on the lungs.

    I saw one post that caught my eye, It read "This is the stupidest topic ever. Why not just ask which is worse for you, eating rat poison or drinking bleach?"

    Well this is a perfect example of "blind opinion". This person obviously does not use either one, so their "opinion" means absolute squat to me. What I am trying to ascertain from this is, which one is worse for the lungs? We already know that neither of them are "good".
    We also know that neither cigarettes nor Marijuana will kill you as quickly as drinking bleach or eating rat poison, so lets keep the comments as "intelligent" and on topic as possible.

    So, of course anyone can chime in with their "opinion", but if you have some good resources to back your arguments then that would be great. I myself am going to go looking for info on the matter and see what I can dig up. Maybe together we can solve this mystery, or at the very least come up with multiple "opinions" and be no further than we are right now.
    Hope to here from Y'all .

    DrSooS Member


    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    weed is harmless nobody has ever goten lung cancer from smoking weed.

    lahadaextranjera Well-Known Member

    Blunts all the way!!! How's it goin? Everything running cool? :)
    The Milk

    The Milk Active Member

    just googling about the effect of marijuana on the lungs..

    "healthy men who have smoked the equivalent of one joint daily for seven years have a lung capacity that is 1.6 percent higher than that of otherwise healthy non-marijuana-smoking men"

    "If you smoke marijuana, you’re inhaling 20 times as much ammonia as you would inhale by smoking the same amount of tobacco"
    (sounds like BS to me)

    People who smoke marijuana three times a week are about half as likely as non-marijuana smokers to be obese.

    (I know this one isn't about the lungs as you wanted this conversation to stay on topic,but I had to post this,Just because it gives you the munchies,your gonna get fat?How about stop eating Mcdonalads every day.... Bullshit.)

    I am still doing research on this topic, it is one that is very interesting to me, I was a tobacco smoker for almost 9 years and I quit about 70-80 days ago using good ol' mary jane.
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    The Milk

    The Milk Active Member

    Weed still has negative effects on the lungs. you might not get cancer but you damn sure won't be running track either. just like drinking soda fucks up your teeth.
    The Milk

    The Milk Active Member

    Think about it, "Cigars" aren't suppose to be inhaled... You took a nice "cancer free" product(marijuana)and shit all over it when you put it inside a blunt. Have fun with your cancer.

    Saldaw Active Member

    weed has alot of tar because of all the oil on it. thats why your bongs and pipes get so dirty so fast
    tar from marijuana is said to have less chemicals in it than tobbaco smoke so it is easier for the body to break down. Either way smoking anything is harmful for your lungs, just being in traffic is harmful for your lungs.

    lahadaextranjera Well-Known Member

    The term blunt denotes to smoking weed sin tobacco, not necessarily using 'blunt' tobacco leaves. In this case smoked with paper only!!! Terminology can be confusing !!!
    Capt. Stickyfingers

    Capt. Stickyfingers Well-Known Member

    Cigarettes are way worse for your entire body than weed. If I don't smoke a cigarette for a long period of time, when I light one up I fucks me all up. Makes me light headed, tired, and nauseous. If I smoke a lot throughout the day, my chest hurts and I generally feel like shit at the end of the day. I cut down a lot on smoking the last few years and only smoke between 2-5 cigarettes a day now. Cigs are BAD. I couldn't smoke enough weed in a day to make me feel like that.

    Grojak Well-Known Member

    weed is not a miracle smoke, yes it has never been proven to cause lung cancer, but has it ever been proven to reduce lung ailments such as brochitis and other lung irritations, certainly not. Also smoking it does not boot your immune system I would think it would lessen it when it comes to the lungs.

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    i can tell there is sume kind of damage done
    smokin since 1965 here cillia not as respondent
    sumtimes bing up big clumps of flem

    maybe that means they are workin fine dont know
    sumtimes i caugh or sneeze an flying phlem -duck

    but lungs feel beat up used like an old whore

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    cigarettes are garbage my dad died at 40 years old from lung cancer smoking a pack and a half a day of marboro light 100's. I don't care about the minor shit that comes from weed but you watch a big guy shrivel down to nothing but skin and bone over 1 year and die fuck cigarettes cancer is the last way I want to go. weed has anti cancer shit in it just watch the rick simpson story on youtube guy cured his skin cancer and a few others cancer with just hash oil. theres also a lot of other studies and even the US goverment had proof of it killing cancer cells from the 70's.

    hydrosoil78 Active Member

    russ bellville talked about this yesterday, tobacco is designed to be addictive, so at least 15 percent who try it get hooked, maybe even 30 percent. it obvious it kills more people so, no offense it's kind of a stupid question at this point. A british study now compared weed smoking to a junk food habit and weed still isn't really even as bad. but also, each strain is different and usually grown differently than tobacco

    ebgood Well-Known Member

    smoking anything is bad for the lungs, isnt it?

    xKuroiTaimax Well-Known Member

    I used weed to quite cigarettes. First it was smoking straight and rollups, then just rollups, then when I wasn't having a spliff I didn't feel like a cigarette either, even though I used to chainsmoke rollups like a muthafucker.

    Since quitting I don't wake up coughing and my sinuses are less stuffy.

    I actually tested the theory by smoking two straights (can't remember the brand) from a friend at uni two days ago. The next day I woke up with a blocked nose and chest pain, so there you go. I have no desire to smoke cigarettes anymore.

    greenswag Well-Known Member

    Kind of going with what Kuroi said. Quitting smoking often makes people gain weight (hold the rage post and keep reading) because smoking causes a lack of smell. This lack of smell then reduces your ability to taste food, think of not being able to taste a damn thing when you have a stuffy nose from a cold. When you stop smoking, all that clears up and your sense of taste comes back. I've talked to a lot of people who have quit and gained like 20 pounds because food started to taste AMAZING again.

    Back on topic, I smoke cigarettes but not nearly as much as I always hear around here. I go through one pack in a week-two weeks, smoking one or two cigarettes a day. When I smoke I can feel my lungs hurt during a large in-hale, just air. It also can have a painful compression on the chest later on if I have a bad day and smoke quite a few. When I smoke weed I never have these issues unless you get stuck with the last beat hit in a pipe and its really hot, yuck! These kinds of pains especially go away when doing cold water smooth bong hits. And for arguments sake, when smoking a joint which is basically the marijuana cigarette, I still don't get the pains I sometimes get from cigs. No research to back it up but that's just my personal experiences.

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Both are bad for you.
    Put a filter on a Cig and see what shit you catch before the smoke hits your lungs.
    For Mj, just do a few bowl in your pipe or bong and see how much shit residue you get.
    Vap or eat your weed that be the way.
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    any type of smoke is bad for your lungs. if you turn your herb into edibles, then you don't have to worry about your lungs. but any kind of smoke is not healthy for the lungs
    Carne Seca

    Carne Seca Well-Known Member

    I compete locally in marathons, biathlons, mountain biking competitions and triathlons. I haven't seen any noticeable decrease in my stamina or lung capacity. Most of the time I vape but I break out the pipe on occasion.

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