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Christmas Tree Bud

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by bluetick, May 20, 2008.


    bluetick Well-Known Member

    Back in my deadhead days (80's - 90's for me) we had access to many types of bud and hashish from all over country and world. Afgan sense, opiated hash, hash oil and thai stick were very common among a tight circle of us, along with other fun things :). I remember (barely) being so high that I didn't remember if I washed my hair or not and probably more than once washed it many times while showering .. lol ( Too much information I know). Humbolt Co. Cali bud was some of my favorite ever due to the Christmas tree type taste and smell. Why aren't these seeds available in seed banks? I would love to have some of the beans from Humboldt or anything that gives off that smell, taste and high. Does anybody have a clue to which strains will give that same fluffy bud, taste and smell...and which banks would have them. Thanks for any help.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Nevils Haze from Mr Nice as tobe a brilliant sativa.
    As for a sativa grows like xmas tree, try a C99 hybrid. DTC99-Grapefruit
    Ive also ad good xmas tree phenos in Durban Skunk.

    sometimes a good Thai variety Mostly F1 or land races back in the 80's. Mongrels like the Indica species started being hybridised with the likes of Skunk#1. In 80's days best popular were Durban poisen, Haze-Skunk,Nevs haze.

    If your looking to find a good (fast) seed. Try one of the listed. Durban Skunk,Power African, Skunk haze. If you have patients for a 12-14 +weeker . Nevilles Haze ,OG haze

    bluetick Well-Known Member

    But do all of these also have the christmas tree aroma ?

    SARSIPPIOUS Active Member

    Mid 80's I had some of that real piney weed. In high school, there was a non sanctioned smoking area a half dozen people would go.
    Everyday this dude\student would walk through, didn't stop or chat.
    I asked him everytime if he had a joint, just to acknowledge him, always no. I never expected anything from it.
    Then this one time, he pulled out a stuffed 35mm film container with this pungent smelling weed, like ground up pine needles.
    I thought he was fucking with me. I'd never had anything like that before. Mind blowing & tasted incredible.
    First exposure to first class dope.
    To this day, I still think that was the best high I ever had!

    I want to know what it is too.

    Lacy New Member

    :O wow. Very impressive. :) tanks :mrgreen:

    budsandtits Active Member

    the weed you want is called freezland

    bluetick Well-Known Member

    Where do you find those seeds? I want some :mrgreen:

    budsandtits Active Member

    llok up canadian seed bank and freezland

    closetflowers Active Member

    From a European forum.

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