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Checking Trichomes

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by bullwinkle60, Jul 30, 2011.


    BillyBobJoe Active Member

    Where'd you get that at?
    brandon beri

    brandon beri New Member

    Cool man let me know how it works.

    Pravius Active Member

    Keeping my eye on this thread in hopes of updates!!

    nigtronix Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was really expecting that to show today but no luck so hope its here tomorrow, I will keep you posted.

    goten Well-Known Member


    goten Well-Known Member

    Some things i dont mind spending a little money on if need be ,

    But when an $8 scope allows me to see my trichomes perfectly then hey , why not ?

    I can take mine out to my outdoor grow also and check the trics , i dont have to plug anything up to it either ,

    I cant take that big ass scope out to my grow , 200x is really just overkill ,

    If a 45x or a 60x scope lets you see your trics then its serving its purpose , as far as looking at trichomes anyway

    All that just to check out some trics , naw i dont need that

    By the time you get that all hooked up and done hacked off some of your bud , iv been long done checking my trics out with 100% of my bud in tacked , all with my little shitty $8 scope...

    If it works , it works ..;-)

    nigtronix Well-Known Member

    Ahhh...ok cool?

    BillyBobJoe Active Member

    I just bought that 60x. I can see where the other would be cool too though.

    Perforator Member


    goten Well-Known Member

    Thats fine if you want to keep cutting off your bud and bring it to your computer just to check trichomes

    And would you not have to bring your plant to your computer to take the pics ?

    I prefer to be able to look at my trics without have to take buds off to do so ,

    Every time you go to check your trics thats another piece of bud that your chopping off

    I can understand getting better scopes for other reason , but as far as getting scopes just to check trics those 45x and 60x work perfectly fine , and if you have an outdoor grow you can take it with you to check your trics

    Perforator Member

    No cutting necessary. I have a laptop.

    dukeanthony New Member

    I found a garbage projection tv today went bacvk and got the 3 lens out of it

    Nice very easy to use

    nigtronix Well-Known Member

    OK guys, I got the USB scope in and I snapped a couple pics of my blueberry that now looks as if its about a week away? just screwing around it takes a little practice but here they are check them out
    View attachment 1725702 View attachment 1725703

    goten Well-Known Member

    How long is the usb cord for it ?

    Depending on the length of the cord , it might be of some use for my plants , but my 60x works fine

    was your hand slightly moving when you took the pics ? 2nd pic the trics are blurry for sure

    But it looks like you got cloudy / clear going on , a bit more on the cloudy side though

    It wont be to much longer before you start seeing amber ...;-)

    nigtronix Well-Known Member

    3 feet, but I am using a laptop yeah it is a little blurry, I need to screw with it more settings wise to maybe get some better pictures. I think alot of the issue is it works but you only get so much for 45 bucks. Time will tell.

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