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Checking Trichomes

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by bullwinkle60, Jul 30, 2011.


    bullwinkle60 Well-Known Member

    Just how do you use a little Radio Shack microscope to check your trichomes to see if your ready for harvest? Do you just look at a section of the plant while it's inatct and under it's lights lights or do you snip off a sample and do it that way.Thank you.

    ronno Active Member

    stick the lense on a bud and focus

    ronno Active Member

    still on the plant

    nigtronix Well-Known Member

    I was just trying this last night. In my case it was very hard to bend over and try to hold still enough and then try and focus while not moving. I ended up having to clip a small sugar leaf off one of the buds and sit down at a table to check it out. I think from what I have read, this is one of the more overlooked things that people make out to be so simple. Its a pain in the ass, and with the field of view on that little scope its even harder.
    ez profit

    ez profit Member

    I always take a clipping off set it on black paper or book and then focus on it!! I had the same problem focusing on it still on the plant!! Is it one of those 60-100x magnifier ??

    bullwinkle60 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the info I don't know the size of the scope I just know I need to get one and that Radio Shack has it. for 12 bucks.

    nigtronix Well-Known Member

    Yeah the Ratshack ones are the 60x-100x I got mine a couple months ago from them
    it works pretty good still think i want to order an half decent USB scope.

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Snip a piece off and put it on table and then look at it.

    heathaa Well-Known Member

    yeah if i have trouble seeing from wind or cant hold still or whatever i will clip a sugar leaf off and come inside and sit down and take a better look. what i did was i had an old telescope and i took the eye peice off it says 6mm on it but its around 100x focus and its kind of like a jewlery loupe but a little smaller and i can hold it to my eye and move around with it and check different areas of the plant it works well but can be difficult sometimes because i have to get very close

    Oldgrowth Active Member

    I look at trics on callaxs not leaves, have strains where trics turn amber on leaves but take much longer to turn amber in the buds themselves. What do you want mature? The leaves or the buds?

    Pravius Active Member

    I was actually just looking at a USB Micro as well. Never used one figured it would be cool. Checked out a few from Amazon, did not want to end up with crap... if you have one in mind you would recommend I would like to check it out, only catch is that the software has to work with Mac.
    brandon beri

    brandon beri New Member

    i spent 60 bucks for mine. i forget what power it is but i know a 10 radioshack one doesnt get the job done. spend the extra money and get a good small one. if your trying to figure out if the buds are ready check for cloudy pistils at the top of buds. If its an inside grow you should know how long it takes in the bud stage by the type of plant. 50 to 80 days usually depending on what the strain is. indicas are shorter and sativas are longer

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    I had always wondered about that. Where did ya read that if you don't mind? Appreciate it
    brandon beri

    brandon beri New Member

    Pretty much any growing book will explain the different types and how they have different life spans. Different life span meaning the bud stage. The vegative stage can go for as long as you want but the bud stage is usually 50 to 80 days. Like i said sativas are usually longer

    yesum Well-Known Member

    A 30x loupe is adequate to look at trichs, and holds pretty steady. Look at the trichs on the buds, not the sugar leaves. The leaves go amber real quick, so you will harvest too soon imo. I got the loupe for $4 or so on ebay.

    nigtronix Well-Known Member

    I just ordered one off ebay for about 50 bucks, I tried to avoid all the cheap ones you see listed from hong kong and got a cheap one out of Cali, a pen style endoscopy type with a focal mount and tripod. Says its a 2mp with up to 200x so we will see. Main reason I went with it was it looked easier to handle, had the snap shot button and led dimmer on the cord instead of the scope itself. Think that would be easier than trying to push a button on the scope and not move it. Auction claims it will be in before the 4th so I will let you know and post some actual pics with it to see if its worth the quality.
    brandon beri

    brandon beri New Member

    I dont think 30x is good enough. I mean i'm sure it works but you wanna get one thats at least 60x or higher to get the best results. The microscope is a good idea but then you have to snip buds off to look at them and if your lookin at several plants then your cutting off alot of pre-mature buds if they are not ready.

    sworth Well-Known Member

    I bought a 30x last week,not quite powerful enough, after a few daze I ended up getting a 60x.

    nigtronix Well-Known Member

    This is true, I figure with the one in the picture I could hook it to my laptop and go to the plants themselves instead of cutting off a bud. Should be able to hold it right on the bud while its still on the plant and maneuver around pretty easy and take still shots, that to me sounds like it will be best of all because I can look at a pic and determine if its ready or not, instead of trying to hold steady and take it all in. I dunno we will see I am pretty pumped about it, guy mailed it out today so we will know soon. The main reason I went with something like this was the focal length and field of view sucks on the radio shack microscope and I have a 40x loupe but its just not powerful enough and again the focal length sucks.

    goten Well-Known Member

    This is what i use and its really convenient and simple to use ,

    I can look at the trics without taking a piece of bud off to do so

    and it was under $10

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